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Questions about the General Woodworking Machinery 50-SLT60P 62" Excalibur Sliding Table? Because we get such good deals, we must reserve the right to limit quantities from time to time. Questions about the General Woodworking Machinery 50-EXBC10 10" Excalibur Overarm Blade Guard?
Although introduced at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta in 2012, there has been relatively few published articles or blog posts written about the Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kit from General International since its release. One last feature, and this is without a doubt why router lifts have become so popular, is the ease in changing router bits. Is it just poor video quality, or did i see lots of wobble as the router was raised and lowered? Router tables are great when they are small and can be tucked under the tablesaw extension, or you are working out of a really small shop. What you are telling us is that General International is offering a router table for $1100 and it doesn’t even come with a router?!?! Just for comparison sake you could go out an get a General Woodworking Machinery 40-250 M1 3 HP Wood Spindle Shaper for $1600. Listed in a General International sales flyer and on sale until August 31, 2013, the 40-200C (cast iron top) is priced at $1099.99.
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. It’s time to address the most important issue related to any power tool and that is .
Hearing protection – power tools are very loud and can damage your hearing; muffs or plugs, it doesn’t matter just use something. Push sticks – invest in a couple of good plastic push sticks, bright orange or yellow so you can find them easily.
Splitter – the splitter is the thin metal piece behind the blade, usually with spring loaded wings on each side, it keeps the wood from binding behind the blade and kicking back at you at a velocity that will break your ribs. Feather board – A feather board sits on the left hand side of the table and pushes against the work piece to keep it snug to the fence. Dust Collector – in addition to keeping your work space cleaner and your lungs healthier a dust collector helps to keep saw dust from flying back up into your face and temporarily blinding you or causing you to be distracted as you try to blow it off.

A final note: There are a couple of new technologies to consider in your table saw purchase. Another company, Safe Stop has developed saw blade systems that can detect your finger, or other body part. For the past 30 years, Tools-Plus has committed itself to carrying the best hand tools, power tools, woodworking machinery, and accessories like the Excalibur 50-EXBC-CM10 10'' overarm blade cover ceiling mount above. You can insure a little more safety for both yourself and others by purchasing the General 50-EXBC 10'' Overarm Blade Guard, formerly produced by Sommerville Design. Huey is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking, and author of the books “Fine Furniture for a Lifetime,” “Building Fine Furniture,” “Illustrated Guide to Building Period Furniture” and "Building 18th-century American Furniture," plus he's recorded a number of instructional DVDs. If you consider that a 3hp variable speed router will set you back about $350 then the final price difference is only $150 more.
Why no power tool companies currently offer a fully integrated and outfitted router table is beyond me. The feathers, or fingers, are angled to allow the board to move easily forward but to stop it from coming back at you.
Many companies are now using a riving knife behind the blade instead of the traditional splitter. The blade’s angular momentum drives the blade beneath the table, removing the risk of subsequent contact. Please upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this site.
Rocking increased safety protection by providing optimum visibility of the work piece, adjustability of anywhere from 42'' to 66'' clearance (blade to right side of the table), and a 4'' dust connector to keep the area clean as you cut, the 50-EXBC is an amazing investment. Plus the shaper will give you a better overall motor, more spindle travel than a router adjustment plate, a full cabinet base instead of a cheap-o light gauge angle base, integrated dust collection, cast iron top, and better efficiency at 220v. You would surely laugh at the idea of a $1100 table saw kit yet for some reason you praise it as a router table kit. This knife rides up and down with the blade and does not have to be removed for non through cuts, as in grooves. And if you’ve had an MDF router table top for more than a few years, check the table flatness.
Anyway, I’m not sure where you got this information, but I checked with the company this morning and the 40-200 Deluxe Router Table Kit has NOT been discontinued.

When you are cutting laminate, having something over the blade to hold the laminate down is also very nice (if they called it a laminate hold down device, they would probly sell more of them!) BUT lately I have had a couple of jobs involving FRP (basically fiberglass panelling) That justified finally buying one of these no doubt about it. That box – and the adjustable vent which is dialed-in to work in conjunction with your dust collector’s size and abilities – also adds to the collection efficiency. It may have been out of stock – we had to wait for a few weeks before ours was delivered – but the router table is available. For the most part I could cut it on my Holzher panel saw, but some had to be done on the table saw and having overhead dust collection makes it MUCH more pleasant.
That’s right – there are four corner lift screws instead of the two posts (and single lift screw) found on many other lifts. All in all, if you properly set up this router table for dust collection, little dust is left in the box and even less shows up on the tabletop. I had to do somewhat of a "custom" installation of this item as I was mounting it over a "large" cabinet saw with permanent surrounding tables and a overlength fence, but even at that, it was a easy install and being able to remove the mast from the "mount" is a big plus. The design of how the "above the blade" part of this unit pivots works very smoothly, unlike some of the others I have used (the big name, you know who I'm talking about) This model is reasonably well made, does a good job, and easilly swings out of the way when neaded. Mine was missing one bolt what made up the "stop" for the boom pivot, but that was easilly cured. Other than that I added an acorn nut to the "boom clamp" that locks it into the operating position as it only had what amounted to the threaded end of a bolt to make contact at the pivot point and that just didn't work smooth enough for me.
Basically just a tiny bit of tweeking to get it all "just right" If your not capable of performing some of these type of adjustments (which are to be expected) then you probly shouldn't be using a tablesaw to begin with.
I did not find any issues with this item that I would consider "major" It's a descent setup and does what I need. Time and lots of use will tell, but I did quite a lot of research before purchasing this one and everyone else seemed to be happy with theirs (for the most part) They are all kind of expensive, but the time it would take to build the same thing myself would have cost me much, much more.

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