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Hand crafted latte macchiato in a brown cup, and brown saucer with a metal spoon on a wooden table.
Our S&H (shipping and handling) charges are what you will pay to have this item delivered to your home. The attention to detail in this Fancy Pants Coffee Table by Wendy Grossman of Studio 78 is simply stunning!
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We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. January 28, 2013 in controller, expensive, functional, god that would be the most beautiful looking thing in the apartment (except for when my friend brings his bird over -- he has a really pretty bird), gorgeous, i want that, nes, nintendo, that would look soooooo good covered in empty beer cans and pizza boxes, wii, wood is good (but rubber is where it's at), woodworking, yow yow! This is a fancy wooden NES controller coffee table built by the folks at the Bohemian Workbench (who previously built this one).

If $7,200 is a little out of your NES controller coffee table budget, they also sell a couple other more basic wooden models, as well as plastic ones for as low as $1,950. Thanks to Charles, the man behind the table, who I'm going to commission to make me a triforce coffee table just as soon as I rob a bank or win the lottery or get hit by a car and collect big on insurance. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. There are card tables, those flimsy cardboard things with folding legs that we use in our basements to play cards. All art (images and content) pieces featured on this blog are in the exclusive property of the designers and artists that created them.
This functional model is made from premium grade curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga, and mahogany and is compatible with the Nintendo Wii. And then, there is the Case Coffee Table, one made of birch wood and spring loaded locking hinges that can withstand up to 100lbs.
This table is handmade, has a nice, light finish, and folds up into a matching carrying case - making you the 'go to' person when someone has a potluck dinner.

Ships Within times indicate the timeframe in which the artist making your order will ship your order. Also included in a side mounted custom bison holster is a zapper, handmade from bubinga and maple. The zapper functions as a Wii controller while selecting the classic Nintendo on the Wii menu. Large items shipped via Blanket Wrap Delivery service may take up to 14 business days to be delivered. The zapper also vibrates and has a speaker to replicate the feel and sound of the original Wii controller.

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