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If you enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens when it came out in theaters last December, chances are good that you picked up either the Blu-ray or the Digital HD version of the film when it came out earlier this month. Walmart apparently sees no sense in touching your phone to a little sales terminal and having people on their way with groceries in hand. Continue reading »The post Walmart Pay launches using not NFC, but QR codes appeared first on Pocketnow.
Late Thursday, the lawyer representing a class-action of Uber drivers e-mailed members of the press to say that two pivotal labor cases have been settled. Uber announced tonight that it has settled a pair of class-action lawsuits from drivers in California and Massachusetts.
Correct the Record, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton's bid to become US president, has promised to invest more than $1 million to respond to users criticizing its candidate on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and other social media services. In a press release, Correct the Record said its new initiative was inspired by interactions with Bernie Sanders supporters.
While there's no denying that Tesla's vehicles are forward-thinking and beloved by multitudes of owners, there's also no denying that early production models of Tesla vehicles tend to have more than their fair share of kinks and usability issues.
Following up on a Consumer Reports piece which lambasted the Model X for having one too many usability issues, Fortune highlights an early Model X owner whose experience with Tesla's crossover SUV has been nothing short of an exercise in frustration. Continue reading »The post Samsung will take your 10nm chipsets and eat them appeared first on Pocketnow. Australia is spending AU$230 ($178) million over the next four years to beef up its cybersecurity measures. Lots of us have ridden on planes before, but how many of us could really explain how airplanes lift themselves off the ground and stay in the air? When Evernote announced it'd stop selling notebooks and socks earlier this year, the company said it was doing so to make its core note-taking app the best it could be.
Continue reading »The post Special Moto X Pure Edition phones get mad discount appeared first on Pocketnow. Players will be joining a school for witches and wizards, joining the students for friendship and rivalries. Early on, it was believed that the FBI paid upwards of $15,000 for a software hack that enabled them to access data housed on the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.
In addition to the hefty settlement, HHS added that it will monitor the hospital for two years to ensure that it is protecting its patients' privacy appropriately.
Inhabit the greatest warriors of your dynasty, battling with them until every spirit is lost. The unprecedented demand for Tesla's Model 3 is the automotive world's biggest story this year.
All of this has led many to compare the Model 3 to Apple's first iPhone -- that is, it's something that fundamentally changes people's expectations for what they want from a product.
Microsoft posted revenue of $20.5 billion in the third quarter of its 2016 financial year, down 6 percent from the same quarter a year ago. Over the past few quarters, Microsoft and other tech companies have reported significant impact from the high value of the US dollar, and have offered equivalent financial figures that show what their numbers would have been had the value of foreign earnings not been eroded by this conversion.

Continue reading »The post Some Google Local Guides getting invites to beta app appeared first on Pocketnow.
People searching for anti-immigrant YouTube videos in Germany are going to have an awkward time doing so thanks to a novel advertising campaign by Refugees Welcome. If you use an Android device and you aren’t happy with the phone's default notification system, you can either wait for Android N to further improve it or install Nevolution right now.
Honor and its parent company Huawei are keeping up the counter this season with the former bringing down the price on some hardcore mobile hardware. Use your randomly-generated available crew and starbase and then set out to the stars to battle in turn-based ship and character combat on April 21. Kentucky's tax-payer funded creationist amusement park is hiring, and all types of 'Christian' are welcome. In January, Answers in Genesis won a federal court ruling allowing it to hire workers based on religious beliefs. There was also a question on whether Answers in Genesis will allow Catholics to work at the Ark Encounter.
In response to Phelps' query, Ham said they will not make any distinctions between the different Christian denominations. Thanks to a new deal between Viacom and Dish, Sling TV users will soon have a handful of new channels. As Variety reports, the two companies have been in negotiations, and a contract between them expired midnight Wednesday.
T-Mobile loves to brand itself the "Un-carrier" but a new lawsuit alleges that it's doing something very carrier-esque by charging customers sneaky early termination fees despite the fact that they never signed onto any service agreements. The super PAC says its new "Barrier Breakers digital task force" will to respond "quickly and forcefully to negative attacks and false narratives found online, in addition to thanking major supporters and "committed superdelegates" directly.
We saw it previously with the Model S and now we're starting to see an increasing number of reports detailing problems with early production models of the Model X. The lawsuit, brought by Moshe Farhi, alleges that T-Mobile is deceiving its subscribers by advertising itself as having no contracts and no hidden fees, while it sends those customers a bill for the remaining balance on their devices when they try to leave T-Mo. A recent sale took them all the way down to $349.99, the same as a standard 16GB Pure Edition right now. However, recent remarks from FBI Director James Comey reveal that the FBI likely paid a whole lot more. The violations occurred after the hospital gave the ABC reality TV show, “NY Med,” starring Dr. In short, Tesla has now received 400,000 reservations for a car that most people won't be able to drive for at least another two years. In this clip from silvert0rch, a Reinhardt player valiantly takes one for the team by charging a self-destructing D.Va mech and shoving it away from his allies. Instead of our usual weekly featured playlist, we’ve gathered up a collection of Prince’s live performances to remember how fantastic a person and artist he truly was.Much of Prince’s music isn’t available on streaming services, but a few live performances are available on YouTube.
Currently in beta, Nevolution wants to improve notifications beyond what’s currently available from your average Android app by taking advantage of everything Google has to offer. Answers in Genesis, the park operator, plans to hire several hundred adherents who will be required to sign papers confirming they have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

Kentucky Paleontological Society president Dan Phelps said Catholics usually do not interpret things literally since they do not have the tendency to be fundamentalists Christians.
There was a real possibility that the standoff would lead to a blackout of Viacom channels for Dish subscribers, but instead, the two agreed to today's multi-year renewal, which applies to all of Viacom's channels.
The truck driver avoided almost certainly killing the two teenagers in the Buick by yanking at the wheel.
This has spooked other car companies that no longer see Tesla as a joke and that are now scrambling to get their own all-electric vehicles onto the market. In a place where 54 percent of the city commutes using public transit and about half of the residents don’t have cars at all, you’d think it would be pretty easy for anyone to give up cars for a single day. The company also reports that there was a $1.5 billion impact from a combination of revenue deferrals due to Windows 10 upgrades and restructuring charges. Which is perfect: Prince excelled at showmanship, so it’s fitting to revisit his work on stage, including the time he played Purple Rain at the Super Bowl during a downpour, which was absolutely legendary. Mayor Bill de Blasio said he’s going to try his best.According to de Blasio’s office, he’ll give it a go, but no promises, okay?Excuse me. District Judge Greg Van Tatenhove ruled that the group can impose a religious requirement for its employees under an exemption on the 1964 Civil Rights Act. You’re getting two!Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Universal and Fox both paid a shitload of money to get the wheels turning on two different Uber-themed movies. Nevertheless, Universal and Fox dedicated a lot of money to these projects, so I went ahead and made their lives a little easier.
According to Walkscore, New York City is the most walkable and transit-friendly city in the USNow I understand the specific demands of a mayor might require gallivanting across town to slice through ribbons using oversized scissors.
But there’s no reason he wouldn’t be able to take the subway to all of his appointments, and carve out enough time to walk from the station to his destination. At the end, her Uber rating dips down to a lowly 2.4, and she faces the prospect of reckoning with her life choices. For National Walk to Work Day, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti walked FIVE MILES to work—HE WALKED TO CITY HALL, he didn’t even TAKE THE SUBWAY—in Los Angeles, a place where it’s a known fact that sidewalks are covered in venomous snakes and molten lava. Like certain presidential candidates who are trying to prove their street cred by riding the subway, de Blasio should prove to that he, too, is a true New Yorker. He only has three scheduled events, in bold—two of them related to the Paris Climate Agreement, what better reason to not get in a car at all!—and afterwards let’s assume he will have to get back to City Hall.
Since it is supposed to be a car-free day, I say no cars—no taxis, no Ubers—and in my opinion, it would be fantastic if it included at least one Citi Bike segment (I included two). Get off at 2nd Avenue and 42nd Street and walk to UN Headquarters at 760 United Nations Plaza.
Walk from WNYC at 160 Varick Street to the 1 at Houston Street and switch to the 7 at Times Square. Why not grab that Citi Bike again outside UN Headquarters at 760 United Nations Plaza and ride the East River Bikeway all the way back to City Hall?

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