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As part of an ongoing series of contemporary wood tables, I crafted this coffee table from reclaimed oak wine barrels from Napa & Sonoma Valley wineries. As part of an ongoing series of contemporary wood tables, I built this table out of various species of hardwood reclaimed from used shipping palettes. This work to help install the work is a demonstration of how the Artists’ Coalition of Flagstaff has found a sturdy partnership with the Flagstaff Mall. Chandelier by Dennis Taylor This work to help install the work is a demonstration of how the Artists’ Coalition of Flagstaff has found a sturdy partnership with the Flagstaff Mall.
Kelsy Kruzich PHOTO “In the meantime, staff is researching demolition and feasibility of reclaiming any materials for use in future construction projects,” he said. In a bid to maintain the character of the old 1890’s cottage that stood on this Marrickville site, Drew Heath Architects constructed Nikki Maloney’s House by breaking up the original dwelling and recycling it to continue a dialogue with the history of the site and the memories of the client.
Determined to help, in 2012 Preston founded Lamon Luther, named in honor of his grandfather Lamon Luther Wilson, who taught him woodworking skills as a child.
When he can, Scotka tries to learn the story behind the materials he gathers for his projects. Michael Buck relied on pre-used, natural, reclaimed and mostly biodegradable materials, building his structure with earth, sand, clay, water and straw – a prehistoric method called Cob. Steve Shelton from the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh stands in front of paneling of reused woods built by his students. Project RE, is a social enterprise in which trainees and apprentices in the building trades work alongside budding architects making prototypes and products with reclaimed materials in the back of Construction Junction at 214 N.
Something is very satisfying when a person can complete a project from reused items so that they don’t end up in a landfill while saving money in the process. The Bilge Lounge is made from reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and leaf springs from New York City fire trucks. Justin Keyes • The Daily Beacon: The communal studio brings Knoxville together into a creative space. George Apfel, left, and Kevin Hayes arrange recycled art and furniture created by artisan Shawn Faulkner at the new ReUse Action store at 980 Northampton St. In addition to the reclaimed products, the store sells consignment antiques, as well as artwork, refinished furniture and home products made using reclaimed materials by local artists. Gainer expects to begin filling the second floor with inventory soon, and has plans to turn the third floor into an incubator of relevant workshops – affordable space where glazers, reupholsterers and other artisans can open up shop and offer compatible services to the store’s customers. Dan Pauly builds guest cottages, playhouses, garden sheds, and saunas all appearing to be perfectly suited for an enchanted forest.
Used in restaurants, bars, and homes, The storage system comes with 2-spikes,  2-rebar rails,  2- cast iron escutcheon washer2 ?” dia. We upcycle and repurpose common industrial artifacts transforming them into products that provide a historical accent to commercial or residential spaces. Bohten’s mission is to develop a compost management initiative that reuses environmental reclaimed material (barley, wheat, straw, stone) to design our contemporary eyeglasses. The seats are available in reclaimed oak, which is sourced from old barns in Pennsylvania, an eco-friendly concrete consisting of 50% recycled glass bottles, as well as recycled plastic, cork and aluminium in a matt or mirror finish. At the heart of this village sits the dome home designed by british furniture manufacturers timothy oulton, used as a creative space where people can interact and consequently innovate new design ideas.
Australian builder James Galletly, also known as The Upcyclist, teamed up with the Bower Reuse and Repair Center to design and build The Tiny, a small and cozy retreat constructed atop a box trailer and assembled with more than 95% recycled materials. According to Diedricksen, the cabin wasn’t even planned – it just came along as kind of an afterthought during one of his small home building workshops.
A group of University of Toledo students and a passionate professor took recycling to the next level this past summer by building a boat made entirely out of repurposed materials.Initially, this was a printmaking class, but Arturo Rodriguez, an associate professor of art and overseer of this project, said it also involved a lot of sculptural aspects as well. The larger picture of building material reuse encompasses policy, education, and awareness.
The first tab of my resources spreadsheet is organized by local type of business, inventory and cost. Finding Reclaimed Materials for Bar Tables – by Sara Badiali The larger picture of building material reuse encompasses policy, education, and awareness. Coil + Drift is committed to creating original objects without creating environmental waste. Having liberated this 1956 Commer Q4 from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent and wrestled it back to Inshriach House, he has quite literally raised the roof by a foot.
Utilizing local salvage yards, thrift stores, a handful of hardware stores and IKEA, the couple was able to build the home for much, much less than a new build or renovation project.
A simple wooden stick-frame approach made it possible to construct the building inexpensively, using largely local building techniques and upcycled materials. The couple also enlisted Marian to make a kitchen pantry featuring a 300-pound, vintage fire door hung upon hinges from 1910.
The 20-stall rounded stable and accompanying riding arena is built almost entirely of recycled and reclaimed building materials. With deep enough pockets a person might be able to duplicate such a structure by writing a large check to a talented builder,  but that would risk missing the point entirely. I like to think that each item carries someone’s life with it, including the care and time someone must have given it in order for it to arrive here. Manoteca is a wooden house in a garden, a laboratory where old abandoned things and salvaged materials are taken care of, thought-of a second time, and re-assembled.
Everything is one-of-a-kind and unique, hand-crafted and treated with natural, non-toxic paints. The architectural project is designed according to Functional the original spatial characteristics and it is supplied with furniture Entirely producted with waste materials.

The kitchen is the soul of the project: the guests can have access to it through a quick passage at the entrance and though a loophole in the main room Which Reveals the preparation of foods.
Our cuisine is oriented toward ethical values, attentive to the quality of food, the respect for the environment and the fairness of the production processes. ALEX PALMER It’s clear to visitors that they are entering wine country when arriving at the Dog and Oyster Vineyard. And just because these wineries are only a few years old doesn’t mean they lack history or expertise. Handsome large scale parson's square cocktail table crafted of burled walnut in a very organic natural wood finish.
Inspired by 1930s Parisian fashions, this reconceptualized Parsons table is an audacious homage to timeless style.
Parsons Edition Square Coffee Table with Shelf in CherryHigh-performing Parsons Edition Square Coffee Table with Shelf in Cherry is designed to mix and match, making it easy to create the perfect set-up for living space. Square Parsons Coffee TablesEven though the wood used is a century old, our talented craftsmen have brought back to life this beautiful wood and have built this custom sized square coffee table with straight parsons leg and shelf. We handcrafted a beautiful table for our Hemmingway Collection straight from Wyominga€™s reclaimed snow fences. Parson's Rectangular Coffee Table, Wrapped MetalThere is a parson's coffee table in the Matisse-inspired room by Billy Baldwin. Most of us like to enjoy a cup of coffee at and this site is a perfect place to buy a good looking and functional trunk coffee table. Perfectly square with the top opening from both sides, this is a beautiful piece of southwest furniture. Canoa Coffee Table There are some parts of a naturally fallen tree that are just too special and unique to alter. Heirloom Silver Coffee Trunks In the days of heirloom silver, families stored their prized flatware and serving pieces in wooden trunks such as these – heavyweight and fitted with interior organization.
A versatile addition to your decor, this trunk-style coffee table is perfect for keeping stacks of magazines, throws, and kids' toys stylishly out of sight.
Trunk Dollies Rehab LA Trunk dollies were used to transport travel trunks & luggage on steamships and the railroads. I wanted to show off the gentle arc of the barrel cross section, along with the dark gradient of the toasted inner portion. The palettes are a common sight around industrial areas and I wanted to transform their anonymous, utilitarian lives into something more exalted.
The Coalition’s gallery relocated to the mall as a tenant last year, and this is the first year the recycled art exhibit has taken place there. The grain storage buildings, which likely date to the late 1940s or early 1950s, are located on 2.6 acres of city-owned property. Located in Villa Rica, Georgia, the 20,000-square-foot facility has between eight to 12 employees, all of whom have been directly impacted by the housing crisis.
You can especially save a lot by finding second-hand finished components like cabinets, flooring materials or appliances. London architectural salvage and interior design group Retrouvius works on interiors projects with budgets ranging from ?150,000 to ?2m.
Project RE, is a social enterprise in which trainees and apprentices in the building trades work alongside budding architects making prototypes and products with reclaimed materials in the back of Construction Junction at 214 N…. Last year, we constructed a goat barn using mostly reused building materials and it cost us less than $1,000. To help offset costs and to promote further community outreach, the Salvage Shop shares their new space with several local artists. The small, asymmetrical buildings have a long slanted roof, crooked chimney, and charming front window with built-in flower box.
Combining the ruggedness of upcycled industrial steel and glass, our products add distinctive depth and texture to your decor without overwhelming. We are the representation not yet recognized that seeks to pay homage to a love of fashion without the loss of social responsibility.
The structure, as well as the supporting village created around it, were both built almost entirely of reclaimed material.
Being a long-time collector of salvaged and donated building materials, he had just about everything he needed on hand already.
In my practice, I can spend months not even looking at actual materials.  This week I’ve been overjoyed to get my hands dirty in the local marketplace for reclaimed materials.
This is my approach to finding reclaimed materials for a large project with a limited budget.
I spend time online looking at the type of business that sell salvaged materials to get a feel of their prices.
The more time to plan a project and scout for materials, the better the outcome and the more enjoyable the experience.  For the Basement Pub’s tables, we want to fall between semi raw and processed materials.
Since we are on a limited budget, I start with the reuse centers.  There are over 850 Habitat for Humanity Restores in the country (last time I checked) so this is an easy source along with local nonprofit reuse centers. For example, it took me three conversations about the tables to learn that they don’t want them created out of Douglas Fir.
Armed with the knowledge that I am not going for salvaged interiors, I am looking for unique supplies.  My first thought is reclaimed cedar fencing.
If none of the Craigslist items are suitable then I will widen my search by making phone calls and contacting my friends in the field. Our furniture and object collection utilizes only reclaimed and FSC certified sustainable wood.

The backing is made of the remnants of die-cut metal, and the effect is almost delicate — the huge piece of sculpture is a latticework of framing. The wood he has used in two of his most recent pieces, including Looking Glass Prairie, came from demolition sites around downtown Oklahoma City.
Then he laid an oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, salvaged snooker table slate to make a hearth and a fire escape to make a staircase.
It slides on a bracket to reveal shelves made of metal from cars and license plates…. Jewett says the idea originated from his wife Brenda Gallie’s love for horses and a mutual interest in sustainable architecture. Whose The convicts of the penitentiary not have been Able to benefit from the Art.21 Could participate on to the construction process. We can assure you that you won’t be the first customer who might find these designs, shapes and sizes interesting. When the Rotsen team comes across those rare pieces of wood, they are carefully selected and cut to become one-of-a-kind pieces. As one of the organization’s biggest shows, the mall has opened up its space to allow some of the larger pieces to display in the mall’s common areas. Find your local Habitat for Humanity Restore, a nonprofit home improvement store and donation center that sells new and gently used furniture, appliances and all kinds of building materials at an affordable price.
The floorboards came from a neighbor, the windows from an old van, the sheep wool used for insulation from a local farm, as did the cow dung. Each cabin designed by Pauly and his company The Rustic Way is built with reclaimed wood, each piece restored to reflect its natural weathered condition.
It can handle the job storing your products with an attractive rustic style, industrial old world charm and functionality. Join us on our quest as we seek to change the face of Africa with a vision that advocates education, employment both social and environmental awareness for the underprivileged.
Who, in this case, is the architect who will be designing and building the tables.  My feeling is she will also be managing those of us who show up as volunteer labor (the perks of volunteering for a pub are delicious). When the construction began for the extension of Interstate 40, quite a few buildings downtown had to be demolished.
With a coat of clear varnish and Bagley’s transformative powers, what was destined for disposal became art. The Beermoth now also sports a completely over the top Victorian double bed, the door from one of the now presumably a little drafty cottages at the farm, and the former back wall of the doghouse.
After this important experience, the restaurant will continue with diligence to be devoted to the reinstatement of disadvantaged groups.
Though they only launched in 2008, the winery itself is constructed from 80% reclaimed antique building material, including pre-Civil War brick and handmade nails.
Buy reused building materials at a fraction of the cost on Planet Reuse, an online marketplace for reclaimed materials. The straw was sourced from nearby fields and the clay from the building site in his garden itself. Orient them east or west bound either way they make a nice addition to your kitchen or bar station. The reclaimed building material market ranges from one-offs on Craigslist to boutique style specialty stores. I check for independent contractors that have a website with both reclaimed materials and urban tree removal.
There are entire old growth forests captured in the structures of Portland so it’s the easiest to find.  With this information, I am less likely to look for salvage from the interior of buildings. Tables made from cedar would be dazzling (but I would have to hurdle the milling issue).  For items like these, the only local resource is Craigslist. I find the top seven to ten items that I think would fit the project, wait for the sellers to confirm the inventory and send my list off to the client. Stay tuned for more adventures in finding and working with reclaimed building materials for the Basement Pub in Portland, Oregon!
The mahogany plinth has been replaced with a wood-burner, the inexplicable stuffed squirrel has vacated the premises, and the cutting edge of unusual places to stay has been delighting and slightly bemusing guests ever since. The prices for materials vary wildly in range.  My approach is to match the client’s style and budget, allotted time for the project, the resources available, to available materials in the marketplace. This project falls square in the middle of perfect for the available skill set and allotted amount of time.
Tree and stump removal business often overlap in milling street trees and reclaimed wood.  Larger and more expensive reclaimed material operations typically have a solid web presence with an extensive list of inventory.
In this case, we have a month to scout materials and people available with skills to turn raw materials into tables.  Our budget is small and the tables are only one part of a large remodel project. They tend to be pricey, along price lines of the upper echelon of the design goods stores.  I put off checking in with demolition companies because that usually means I have to make phone calls, but sometimes they have great leads.
Then of course there are deconstruction companies, if they sell their own salvage then they go on the resource list.

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