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Most shop floors will require you to individually adjust one or more of the feet to remove wobble and also level the stand with whatever machine you are using.
Before sawing a slot in the top of each leveling foot, it helps to use a trangular file to make a shallow pathway. Hold the adjustable foot up against the leg so you are sure you are chopping off enough of it to access the end of the bolt. We were about halfway through the photo shoot for Michael Fortune's awesome work-support stand in FWW #244 (Tools & Shops), when he said. Unfortunately, the project was too far along at that point, and we didn't end up having room in the article anyway.

Here it is: Simply by making a big bevel cut at each corner of the base, and hacksawing a small slot in the top of the bolt for each adjustable foot, you can make the feet adjustable from above with a screwdriver. JohnHancock_ writes: The method I use to slot screws is to use a find cutoff wheel on a Dremel. Lutro writes: I agree with RoBanJo on the advantages of keeping the foot's stem housed in a hole in the wood. Eliminating the bevel might mean that you have to vacuum sawdust out of the hole now and then, but that seems like the better option to me. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Drag the saw backward to get it started, and make the first few strokes light ones, to keep the saw on track. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

To learn how to build this rock-solid, smooth adjusting support stand, read the full article. Unless I miss something, it seems to me if you just drill a pilot hole for the stem of the screw such that your adjustment screw-driver will fit you don't have to futz around with keeping the screwdriver on the end of the screw.
Adjustment becomes - insert the screwdriver, turn gently till engaged in the slot, and turn to adjust.

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