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This fine stone will put a mirror polished finish on the the backs and bevels of your carving tools and leave a razor sharp edge. Shaped sections make this an easy and quick way to sharpen a variety of carving tools - can produce very sharp edges regardless of blades cross section. Fail-safe project finishing system that holds your project off the workbench with minimal surface contact, ensuring continued stability throughout the entire finishing process. Designed specifically for the accurate sharpening of profiled carving tools such as gouges and v-tools, these waterstones feature a number of both concave and convex profiles.
Allows finishing of both sides of the workpiece without slipping or sliding and protects Bench CookieA?a€zA? Work Gripper pads from paint and other finishing products.

The convex profiles for incannel honing and polishing comprise of three different radii suitable for gouges of all sweeps and a V profile for honing any degree of v-tool. The stone also has five different radii of concave channels for the accurate sharpening and honing of external bevels. Dimensions:155 x 60 x 15mm Man has been sharpening edge tools with stones for thousands of years. Until very recently, the stones used were mined or quarried in specific parts of the world where the local stone exhibited all the necessary qualities required of a good sharpening stone, including and most importantly a consistent grit size. With the introduction of new technologies, it was possible to create synthetic sharpening stones with specific grit sizes using a mixture of abrasive compounds suspended in a soft bonding material.

As the supply of the premium quality natural stone has become depleted and almost exhausted, man made sharpening stones have have become more popular.

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