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Pang Him (producer 2003) : When I was in Korea, my boss (Raymond Chow) called me and told me that he had hired a movie star from the USA, his name was Bruce Lee. South China Morning Post (December 1971) : Shooting begins next month with Bruce Lee starring and directing from his own script.
Sammo Hung (co-star 2002) : Before we shot Enter the Dragon, Bruce wanted me to be involved with the film, Game of Death. Nora Miao (co-star 2005) : Bruce told me that i had a role in The Game of Death but in the end i wasn't in it. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2001) : The plot to The Game of Death was that Bruce was trying to save someone, and he had to get to the top of this pagoda in order to do whatever he needed to do, and save someone. George Lazenby (actor 1994) : The movie he did with the basketball player - The Game of Death. Betty Ting Pei (1983) : On July 20th, 1973, Bruce visited my home to discuss the screenplay for The Game of Death which was to star us both. Dan Inosanto (2005) : I was supposed to play a Filipino from the South Philipinnes and that's the way he wanted it.
Carter Wong (actor) : Bruce Lee asked me to be in his movie The Game of Death but unfortunately he died. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2001) : After we saw the first days rushes, we had to slow everything down because we were moving too fast and it looked too jerky on film. Dan Inosanto (1975) : The Temple of Unknown sequence was finished before i got to Hong Kong (25th September, 1972 - Nick Clarke).
Taky Kimura (student 2001) : I think it was October of 1972 that he called me and said he wanted me to be in that movie. Li Kun (2003) : Someone invited Bruce to take this challenge but he could only fight one level after the other.
William Cheung (Bruce's Childhood Wing Chun friend) : Bruce had a lot of trouble with The Game of Death. Wong Shun Leung (Bruce's Wing Chun instructor 1978) : He called me up and wanted me to participate in the making of The Game of Death. Linda Lee (2001) : Bruce in his movies before The Game of Death had always worn a Chinese gung-fu outfit.
Henry Wong (2003) : I used to make documentary film when taking Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death. Li Kun (2003) : I didn't have to prepare much for the shooting and after that when they were ready they call me. George Tan (2003) : The ending for The Game of Death was from Silent Flute - the character goes to the top (after disposing of the Korean Gang) and sees a curtain. Wong Shun Leung (1986) : I was going to be Bruce Lee's final opponent at the top of the tower at the end of the film. When we were filming in the New Territories - that was to establish my character as a kind of disclipinarian who is very strict and harsh to his students.
Kung Fu Monthly Magazine (1975) : The island totally shuns the use of weapons such as guns and so to prevent any cheating, the place is littered with metal detectors. George Lazenby (1994) : Bruce said, 'I'm not going to kill you, you're going to be a good guy!' Because he killed practically everybody in these movies as they turned out to be bad.
Bey Logan (author 2003) : Madalena Chan who was the production manager on Enter the Dragon followed Bruce Lee around every day making notes on The Game of Death.
Dan Inosanto (1993) : The concept that he drew - there was a pagoda and there were 5 stories. Bey Logan (2002) : I think that there are additional scenes from 'Game Of Death' locked away in the Golden Harvest archive. Russell Cawthorne's planned 'Game Of Death' documentary expanded to become 'Bruce Lee, The Legend'. The film of Bruce filming Dan Inosanto & Wu Ngan is practice footage shot by Bruce at his house in Kowloon for The Game of Death.

According to Dan Inosanto, they did film more things and remembers Wong In Sik flying in to do work, but who really knows. Linda Lee (February 1975) : 'The Deadly Game' was nearly finished at Bruce's death and is now being completed by George Lazenby.
Chaplin Chang (assistant director 2002) : I do know that he liked the name Tang Lung (Bruce's character name in The Way of the Dragon) very much and that he wanted to use it in The Game of Death. Jon Benn (co-star 2002) : I don't think The Game of Death was meant to be a sequel to The Way of the Dragon. Dan Inosanto and Wu Ngan doing rehearsals for The Game of Death which were filmed by Bruce Lee at his house in Hong Kong. Linda Lee (2001) : I think it's evident in The Game of Death how Bruce planned to fight a person of a different style, a very precise style, on each floor of the pagoda and show how he could fit in with anybody else's style, having no style of his own - until he reached the top level, where Kareem also is a martial artist who, in the film, does not have any particular style. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1993) : Bruce and I had talked about doing a film, and he liked having to work against the problems i presented with my reach and my agility and my ability to move. Jhoon Rhee (Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster 2001) : Bruce didn't ask me to appear in The Game of Death. Equipped with hoodles holder, which can be installed in the bottom of the slingshot, and also can place flashlight in its bottom. Free ship Neck warmer mouth-muffle,ski face mask for skiing mountaineering bicycle riding outdoor game sport product in winter.
Betty Ting Pei told me that Bruce intended to have her as his wife in the film, but she wasn't the one being kidnapped.
Betty Ting Pei claims she was there at least one of the days they were shooting outside and saw camera's or camera. At the very least, there would be the now infamous log fight (and the outtakes therefrom), and the exterior scenes (and those outtakes). It was felt that a piece devoted to Bruce Lee as an icon would sell better than one focussing on a single film.
I still haven't really seen a complete, logical narrative for 'Game Of Death', so its hard to say where Bruce would have gone with the ending.
There is a search going on right now by a certain someone I know who is searching for other Game of Death footage. John Little never contacted Inosanto for certain reasons at that time to go through his notes to see what Bruce was doing Game of Death related, and for sure, I feel Inosanto has the most complete notes from Bruce on The Game of Death project. Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. 8 months went by without me hearing anything regarding Game of Death, so I took another project that filmed in Bangkok and then Korea. He showed us the first movie he made after he returned to Hong Kong in the private screening room at the studio (we hadn't seen any before), and he showed us still photos of the fight scenes with Kareem, etc. I went to visit Bruce when they were preparing the sets for Game of Death, but not when they were filming. I am speaking of what I know, but maybe there is more when he filmed when I was not around. I did not promise to act in the film, yet I still went to attend the screen test to please him. I personally have my doubts as to whether he would have used her at all, but this is from her mouth.
Also my conversations with Wu Ngan have also suggested they were filming as well, but with Wu Ngan, he says he is confused a bit, because there was a shoot he did outside with Bruce while Bruce was wearing a suit, posing with he and others while in karate uniforms and he says that footage was supposed to be for 'Enter the Dragon' and then there is the footage when Bruce is wearing no top, etc.
There may well have been tapes of some or all of the footage circulating earlier than that.
Some of the footage Russell shot was incorporated into the 'Game of Death' section of 'Legend'.

I thought the finished product is not what Bruce wanted to do as far as what he wanted to include in the fights. When you use bulk rates, a flat $1.70 registered air mail fee will automatically be added to your cart to ensure delivery of package. I had no knowledge of nor responsibility for the footage in the intervening years between when it was shot and when I found it.
Bruce also sent some really rare pictures to Taky and Inosanto from the filming of The Game of Death in where his is fighting Kareem, etc. While BulkRate's intention is to offer cheaper prices when you buy in bulk, because it is priced separately it on occassions show a higher than retail price. I have seen some footage, but not much, that Robert Lee has that shows Bruce outside swinging the chucks once at Sifu Dan along with some other stuff.
The reason for this was, Bruce wanted to show Inosanto and Taky what he was doing before they came and shot their own scenes. Be that Bruce's personal footage or something else, we are trying to put tobether the pieces. From what I'm given to understand, the latest 'lost' footage is actually rehearsal material shot on videotape. Let's face it though, I will not player hate, Little was the Bruce Lee man at that time, but to be honest, you can say all you want to about him, he still did the job to the best of his ability and I really feel he was sincere with his work. The production of Game of Death came to a stop because Bruce started work on Enter the Dragon. Wong Shun Leung told me Bruce wanted him for a tower level, but I believe Taky Kimura was to replace him. George Tan has obviously done the research, long before me or some others out there, but I feel that does not mean the footage does not exist. I don't think any more actual film footage from 'Game Of Death' has turned up since I hit the old mother lode back in 1996.
I am trying to piece it together, but I will say that a lot of those pix had some New Territories stuff going on.
I have to tell you though, George Tan probably has the most information out there on what happened that was Game of Death related. I received a call from Bruce and he told me that he wanted me to fight him in Enter the Dragon. I am not in any way trying to put George Tan as the man here, but he really did the leg work back in the day before anyone else did, and had he done the documentary, it would have been a different story all together in my opinion. At that time in my career I could not tell the director, producers, etc., that I had to leave to do something else.
Bruce kept on me for a while and eventually I was given permission to go shoot the scene with Bruce. I told Bruce I could only stay two days of shooting and I would have to come back to Bangkok on the second night. We worked out some moves and talked a lot and Bruce said to me, "We shoot tomorrow." The next thing that happened was kind of funny. I said to him, "How do you feel about me?" Bruce told me that he was very angry and he did not like me.
Bruce said, "You lied to me, you told me you would do the Game of Death." I told Bruce that I waited around for 8-to-9 months and did not hear from anyone. On the second day of shooting Bruce and I were in make-up and he came up to me and told me, "Yesterday I did not like you, but now I like you very much." We became good friends.

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