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CNC Applications -- Plasma Cutting -- Stained Glass -- Gourd Carving -- Egg Carving -- And Many Many More! When I began the drawing for this burning I marked the hair by defining those clumps and clusters of hair. My first stage of burning on the face is at a medium heat setting to establish the darkest areas of the fur clumps. In the second stage of burning I have strengthened the first stage by darkening the shadows were the clumps tuck under each other.
I have added the darkness to the eyes, nostrils, mouth line and the dark color spot on the right side of her neck.
Because I am working the fur clumps in stages each clump will eventually develop very dark areas, medium tone areas and pale highlights before the individual hairs are added to the wood burning. At this point the burning has definite shadows for each clump of hair, dramatically dark areas in the ears, eyes and nostrils, plus very pale areas along the nose ridge and left eye brow. In the shadow areas and medium color area I have begun to add individual hairs by burning thin fine lines that flow in the direction of that hair clump.
As you work the hair lines turn your project so that you are in a comfortable position to pull the stroke smoothly towards you. You can use a very fine v-gouge carving tool to cut fine white lines into the darkest areas of a burning. Caricature Carving Carving a Civil War BustNOW AVAILABLECarved from a block (not a roughout), Mark Akers shows you his award winning techniques for carving hair, eyes and noses. DVDs by GordonAvailable on Ebay.Carving a Better EyePower Carving a Native Amercian Indian. 6 – Dry off the pumpkin and place a light inside it for all to view your awesome jack o lantern design. Pumpkin Carving Templates, pumpkin templates, jack o lantern templates, halloween pumpkin templates  I don’t suggest tracing them or drawing on the pumpkin at all because the juice from inside the jack o lantern will make it messy and will wipe away the lines you drew anyhow.
Start your Halloween off right with easy pumpkin carving patterns to help you create the most amazing jack o lanterns.
Jack O Lanterns are one of the foundational decorations for Halloween so you’ll want to make sure to include them as part of your holiday decor. If you’ve always wanted to carve awesome pumpkins but weren’t sure how to do it, you’ve just discovered the secret.

About Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns: For a limited time, you can get free pumpkin carving patterns to you can try out carving your own jack o lantern.
Need some ideas for carved pumpkin patterns?  Look at these awesome jack o lantern designs!  I just love the variety of stencils you can use and carve into pumpkins for Halloween.  Ghosts and skeletons!  Witches and wolves!
Those areas are where the fur is tucked under another clump of hair or where you can see down to the skin area.
Mark also shows you how you can turn this carving into a bottle stopper.Carving your own Gouge HandlesNOW AVAILABLE In this DVD, Steve starts with a block of wood (or kits are available) and shows you how to carve it into great caricature faces that you make into gouge handles. If you would like to see the carvings I have available for sale please click the link to my ebay listings below. To request your free Halloween patterns that you can download and print from your computer right away, just fill out the email request form that you’ll find along the bottom of the page.
It will just be our little secret that you used a template to make the spooky carved pumpkin that is proudly being displayed on your front porch every night leading up to Halloween. If you’ve ever been intrigued by detailed pumpkin carvings and wondered how it was done, you can now learn the secret. Pick your perfect pumpkin and then grab some easy pumpkin carving patterns so you can start making amazing jack o lanterns for this Halloween. Once you see how easy it is, you can purchase a full package with hundreds of stencils that you can use over and over for many Halloween seasons.
Owls and trees!  Scary faces and funny faces!  There are SO many choices of pumpkin patterns you can carve into your pumpkins to make awesome jack o lantern designs from your templates.  These simple stencils are easy to use so you can be able to make amazing designs that will simply WOW your Halloween guests.
Steve demonstrates the carving of 2 different caricature faces and shows finished pictures of many more.
Steve also shows you how to put together your finished gouges.Carving a Wizard from a BlockNOW AVAILABLE  In this2 DVD set, Steve starts with a block of wood and shows you how to carve it into a great caricature wizard. These are pumpkin stencils you use to create jack o lanterns with all kinds of Halloween characters and items in your design. The best part is that no previous experience is necessary, so you don’t have to have even carved a pumpkin before. You can purchase pumpkin carving saws at most Halloween or party stores; I’ve even found them in grocery stores during October too.
With Steve's easy to understand techniques, you'll be carving this wizard in no time.Carving a Face Study StickNOW AVAILABLEIn this DVD, Steve teaches you a fantastic step-by-step process for creating a caricature face.

Now you’ll transfer the design onto the pumpkin and will be able to make the exact same pattern on your pumpkin.
By creating your own study stick, not only will you get a lot of practice making faces but you will have your own guide to help you on other carvings. Pumpkin carving patterns like this allow you to have a professional looking image on your jack o lantern. Steve's technique is not only very simple to learn, but also has great detail.Carving a Sleepy SantaNOW AVAILABLESee Wayne carve his Sleepy Santa that won the 2008 CCA National Championship. This is a 2 DVD set and comes with a pattern and color pictures of the finished carving.Carving Christmas OrnamentsNOW AVAILABLEWatch Wayne Shinlever carve 2 different Santa Ornaments. You can carve these from roughouts or one can be carved from a basswood egg and the other from a block of wood. You'll be an expert in no time following Wayne's award winning techniques.   Carving a Wood Spirit for a Walking StickNOW AVAILABLEIn this DVD, Allen demonstrates how to make a wood spirit.
He starts with a tree limb that he cut from his own back yard and turns it into a excellent cane topper.
You can carve a big nose or small, but your sure to have a lot of fun.  Carving a Civil War SoldierNOW AVAILABLE  Allen has made a roughout that he can turn in to about 15 different caricatures. Mark walks you through step by step instructions on how to achieve the look that he is so known for.      Carving "DUDE" the CowboyNOW AVAILABLESee Wayne demonstrate his techniques for detailing hair, faces and clothing, with this Cowboy. Starting from a roughout, Wayne takes you through the roughing out process to carving facial detail to clothing and everywhere in-between.  This video is so detailed that we have to make it a 2 DVD set.
Included with the DVD's is a cut out pattern with color pictures of a finished piece, and a slide show.Carving a Conventional SantaNOW AVAILABLE See Wanye Shinlever carve his most requested carving. He likes the wood grain to show through all his carvings and has developed a technique that allows that look to shine through.Power Carving a Black Bear with Keith DaltonNOW AVAILABLEKeith Dalton has a unique technique for carving little animals from basswood eggs.
Keith takes you through the steps of layout, roughing out, facial detail and even fur detail.

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