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Rick built a workshop for my husband, I wanted to surprise him with a space to have his tools all organized. Our 100% satisfaction and willingness to further use Rick’s services are the highest marking for this skillful tradesman.
We are very impressed with the outcome of our well organized and clean garage now that Nuvo Garage and Rick have completed the job both on time and on budget.
We found Rick to be both helpful and knowledgeable in design decisions and formulating an efficient plan for our garage space.
White Rabbit garage storage systems and home office cabinets are completely suited to meet each client's individual needs.
White Rabbit Garage Organizers carries only the finest quality garage cabinets, and every item comes with a lifetime guarantee.
White Rabbit is the leading garage organization company in Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area providing a wide selection of garage storage systems and solutions. Our garage storage systems are completely customizable to meet your needs, no off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solutions here. Garage floor coatings, garage floor paint, epoxy garage floors, and more—garage floor coatings are known by many names, but only one name is synonymous with the best in garage flooring in Chicago—White Rabbit. At White Rabbit we have been providing garage floor coatings in Chicago for nearly 30 years and we have thousands of happy customers throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Whether you have a freshly poured garage floor or a floor with years of use and abuse, our floor coating systems are guaranteed not to crack or peel.
Our polyurea floor coatings are not just for garage floors—they can be used on any concrete surface. Regardless of the setting, protecting your concrete surfaces with floor coatings is a great investment in your home or business. At White Rabbit, we understand that disruptions to your business can be costly and reduce productivity, so we can work around your schedule to minimize or eliminate interruptions to business operations. Whether your facility is 1,000 square feet or 100,000 square feet, our industrial floor coatings are the perfect solution for your floors.

White Rabbit has been helping Chicago home and business owners beautify their floors and organize their homes and offices for nearly 30 years. Schedule a no-hassle in-home consultation today and see what the White Rabbit magic is all about! December 6, 2011 by Rick Scully 4 Comments As Canadians, we’re a culture that places emphasis on value, and nobody wants to spend money they don’t have to.  Unfortunately, sometimes we cut corners and do something ourselves when it would make more sense to hire a professional. There are risks when undertaking a construction project of any magnitude and a garage renovation is no different.  There are many things to take into consideration including space planning, materials, aesthetics and, depending on the level of the renovation, building codes. To ensure you get the results you want, you need to do some research beforehand.  Using the wrong materials can result in not just substandard results but increased costs when the job has to be redone! If space is an issue, the shelf can be supported from above.  We have used airplane wire to hang shelves, which is just as strong as a ground support.
Knowing what you have done wrong will help you save time and money in the future if you decide to have repairs or improvement done in your property.
GFC of Atlanta can assemble and install high quality modular cabinets from two different suppliers.
I can park in the garage now, which is really nice after the nasty winter we’ve been through.
He has converted freshly built, relatively usable, three car parking garage into the high capacity, clean, versatile storage and two car & boat facility. Rick gave us a number of ideas that we had not considered and that worked well for our garage. Our experienced designers take the time to assess our customer's space and ask questions regarding usage and expectations. Whether you are looking for custom garage cabinetry, overhead racking systems, or shelves, White Rabbit has storage system to keep your garage clean and orderly. Our professional garage designers have years of experience providing the best garage storage solutions for each homeowner’s unique needs.
Our garage floor coating systems are designed with the latest advancements in concrete coating technology available on the market today.

With garage floor coatings from White Rabbit, your garage floors will look better than new for less than you ever thought possible. For exterior surfaces, we can even incorporate anti-skid features to create a surface that is not only beautiful, but safe. Polyurea floor coatings from White Rabbit are designed to not only keep your facility looking great, but to protect your floors from salt, oil, gas, and other harsh chemicals. With thousands of happy customers throughout the greater Chicagoland region, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with one of the area’s most respected home services contractor. The given tips in this post reminds us that getting to know more about construction such as this one is an advantage for us. Several homeowners are transforming their garages for purposes other than just to provide parking space and shade to vehicles. Rick transformed it within a week into a pleasant, well-lit and insulated space with attractive storage and quality finishes. Working together, the White Rabbit designer and the customer develop a garage storage solution that will beautifully suit the space.
Unlike typical epoxy floor coating systems, our polyuria garage floor coatings are four times stronger than epoxy floor coatings many other flooring contractors offer.
Thus, knowing such common mistakes will help individuals to come up with a more successfully remodeled garage. Storage of things are now where they should be and we can fit 2 cars in the garage which is fabulous particularly in the winter.

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