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Peaceful Landscapes Sydney are a northern beaches based landscape company offering all aspects of landscaping including – landscape design, landscape gardeners, landscapers, landscape construction, tropical gardens, balinese gardens, australian native gardens, modern gardens, japanese gardens, water features, paving, retaining walls, decking, ponds, irrigation, turf, drainage, mulching, feature gardens, planting. Through the use of a unique landscape design philosophy, Peaceful Landscapes create soft, tranquil garden designs that leave a lasting effect.
Natural Garden design incorporating a small creek through the front yard, recycled sleepers and crushed granite pathways. Sydney Landscaping Company Peaceful Landscapes offers landscape design, landscaping construction and specialty garden maintenance of landscaped gardens Sydney wide. TestimonialsPeaceful Landscapes have given us a special garden for our northern beaches home, we are very thankful and happy for the excellent landscaping work and creative garden design.TIM, MANLY, NORTHERN BEACHES SYDNEYThank you for redesigning a beautiful garden, your landscape gardeners did such a great job! Many gardens have drainage issues that cause areas to puddle or flood in the event of a heavy rain. The majority of Central Oregon’s precipitation falls in the form of snow between November and April.
A Rain Garden Guide designed by the Oregon State University Extension Service is available online and is a very helpful guide for designing a rain garden and plant selection. The Central Oregon Stormwater Manual is also available online and offers specific information and guidelines to designing various types of stormwater infiltration amenities and the design calculations needed to properly size them.
Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate with warm to hot and humid summers and dry moderately warm winters.
Brisbane Landscaping also often involves an informal relaxed layout with the use of curves and rounded garden beds and structures.
Australian gardens have a certain feel, a sense of place, there are several elements that help evoke this sense of place; Natural plant groupings, your plants should be clumped as they would be in nature, use random groupings, numbers and arrangements. Selecting native plants is generally wise for an Australian garden, however there are many exotic plant species that will grow well in Brisbane. Specialising in unique designs using oriental design principles to create stunning gardens. The pond we built here is large enough to be used as a plunge pool (and it often is by the kids!).
We highly recommend Peaceful Landscapes Sydney.ALLEN AND JANE, NORTHERN BEACHES SYDNEYPeaceful Landscapes are the best landscaping company Sydney! They transformed our back yard into a wonderfully creative, tropical landscape garden oasis. Even in dry climates, drainage can be a problem since water from a downpour might not have sufficient time to soak into dry soil.

The ribbon of stones and rocks can serve as a decorative edge to a planter area or divide a paved space from a lawn or other garden area. This will enhance the water theme and help naturalize your water feature into the overall look of your landscape.
Real riverbeds have scattered stones of all shapes and sizes and even have areas of gravel and sand. Hard angles and straight lines should be reserved for controlled, artificial or formal landscapes where there is no likelihood of heavy water flow. They can help use water efficiently and they also offer wonderful opportunities for creative design.
Our summers are typically dry with occasional thunderstorms accompanied by bursts of heavy rainfall in a very short time frame. Peterson Garden Design added this to 5 Gravel and Stone Types for a Rockin' LandscapeRiver Rock The basics: River rocks are larger than pea gravel, typically 1 inch and larger in diameter. This climate affects how you landscape for Brisbane gardens and especially what plants to grow.
From November to March, thunderstorms are common over Brisbane, with the more severe events accompanied by large damaging hail stones, torrential rain and destructive winds. There is generally a large outdoor area dedicated to entertaining and generally hanging out and enjoying the sun and outdoors.
The use of timber helps give a sense of Australiana, timber sleepers, timber steps, timber decking all help achieve an natural feel. Sandstone can be used in a number of ways, stepping stones, stone walls or simply as feature boulders in the garden to add strength to the layout and design. Professional landscape designers – Landscape design packages including landscape plans for council submission.
While full of admiration for her plants, I find the design of Beth Chatto’s Garden disappointing.
These brief storm events produce abundant stormwater runoff that can be challenging to manage.
They're available in a variety of colors, costs and sizes, and are used to create dry creek beds or to direct drainage through a property.
Crushed granite, or sandstone is another lovely garden element to include in a garden, it gives a soft appearance to garden pathways. Try and add contrasting clumps of foliage to create interest and excitement to the planting design. She explained that the two main influences on her garden had been her husband, who studied how plants grow in their natural habitats, and Sir Cederic Morris, an artist and gardener who lived at Benton End.

We were so excited and impressed from first garden design through to construction of our landscaping.ANDREW and MICHELLE, SEAFORTH, NORTHERN BEACHES SYDNEYYour team of landscapers were so professional and delivered a superb new garden, thank you. We love our newly landscaped garden and highly recommend your landscaping company to our friends.ALEX and JO, MOSMAN, NORTH SHORE SYDNEYThank you for our amazing garden. We love our newly landscaped garden and highly recommend your landscaping company to our friends.ALEX and JO, MOSMAN, NORTH SHORE SYDNEYThank you for redesigning a beautiful garden, your landscape gardeners did such a great job! Water is often used in a Brisbane garden design, a simple pond of water feature can transform a garden space. We can help you submit your development application (da) landscape plans to Brisbane councils. Indeed, one has to wonder if Christopher Lloyd’s approach to garden design was similar. It could well be that it was the work of his father, and of Lutyens, which give Great Dixter its charm. One of the most popular methods of managing stormwater in Central Oregon is to install a dry creek, mini dry canyon or long winding swale into the landscape.
Examples of Impervious Surfaces include: rooftops, concrete patios, sidewalks and asphalt driveways. Installing landscape fabric underneath river rock is a great way to keep this heavier rock from settling into the soil below. Pathways are often made up of natural stepping stones, or recycled sleepers to give an added rustic feel.
A dry river bed or creek is another interesting element that can add some interest to your garden layout. The area needed in your garden to capture and retain 3875 gallons of rainwater is about 500 cu. Now realize that the Rain Garden is designed for the 25 year storm event but that only happens on average once every 25 years. The following examples of local Rain Gardens used a wide variety of adaptable plants to soften the edges and create color and interest while the gravelly base provides a path suitable to walk on.

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