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Help Patriot Golf custom fit golf clubs for you!  Fill in all the information below and we can custom fit the clubs for you, the individual. But before we can address those issues, we first need to know how is golf club length measured in the first place? The method most used involves placing the club in the playing position with the center of the sole touching the ground.
While these methods have been used to measure golf club, it does not necessary illustrate the length we are most concerned with, which is the distance from the golfer’s wrists to the ball.
One way to understand how this would help determine the proper length is to look at the Odyssey hockey putter Adam Sandler used in the movie Happy Gilmore.
To measure wrist-to-floor length, wear comfortable low-sole-height shoes or golf shoes and stand erect with your arms hanging down close by your sides. Length – The ability of the golfer to strike the ball consistently on the sweet spot is the determining factor when deciding on the desired club length.
Lie Angle – influences both the set up position and how the ground affects the angle of the clubface thought impact. Grip – Small or Large hands and grip size are not the only determining factor for grip size. Mizuno’s Performance Fitting System is the only club-fitting method that fuses the expertise of professional Mizuno fitters with the state-of-the-art analysis of our exclusive Shaft Optimizer. Matching the right shaft to your swing is absolutely critical for just about every aspect of your shot – distance, control, ball flight, trajectory and feel. In just a few swings, Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer ends the guesswork by measuring five critical aspects of your swing to determine your unique Swing DNA™. Striking the ball in the sweet spot consistently starts with getting the club length right. You grab a custom golf club randomly out of your golf bag and then try to hit the ball with club. While one would think that measuring the length of the club would be simple and universal, you might be surprised it is not. If the club is placed with the toe raised higher off of the ground than the heel, then the measurement will less than measured with the center of the sole touching the ground. The USGA uses an apparatus that has a piece of angle iron as a stop that forms at a 60 angle from the horizontal. They measure club by placing the shaft flat against the wall with the toe of the driver positioned on the ground.
As mentioned before, the length on heel-shafted putters can be measured the same way as an iron or wood.
Because the shaft is ahead of the face of the putter, the ruler is not placed in-line with the shaft, rather along the back side of the shaft like an iron would be measured. After all, the end of the golf grip correlated with your wrists unless you choke down (or grip down lower) on the grip.

Because the blade length was so long, he would have to stand much further away from the ball at address. We factor in posture at address and swing style when we fit clubs, but here's a table that will give you a quick check on club length. Have someone measure the distance from the floor to the major wrist crease at the base of both hands.
As I said, you can see that the ranges are quite large, and represent short hitters, mid hitters and long hitters.
Because this used to mean a lot of trial-and-error and educated guesswork, many golfers simply selected a popular shaft that might be a mis-fit for their swing. Your information is entered into Mizuno’s patented Shaft Optimizer software, which then recommends a shaft with performance characteristics perfectly matched to your individual swing. The Mizuno Performance Fitting System starts with your knuckle-to-floor measurement using the Mizuno Length Chart. Lie angle is all about the angle between your club head and the ground around the moment of impact. These clubs may bear some resemblance to one or more pro-line clubs, however, these clubs are not advertised, represented, or sold to be clones, copies, or imitations of any club other than the original manufacturer's. A 48” golf club rule is placed along the backside of the club with the tip of the rule touching the ground by the club’s heel.
Conversely, if the heel is raise higher off the ground than the toe, then the measured length will be increased. The difference being that the ruler would touch the ground somewhere other than behind the heel of the club.
More importantly the target is the ball, which should be position in the center of the face. Thus the effective length of the putter was much longer than had it been a normal putter at the same length measured in the conventional manner.
If the numbers are different, then take the average of the two measurements and match it to your height using the chart above. Custom Fitting is designed to maximize the performance and enhance the enjoyment of your golf equipment. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or you just play occasionally, getting the most out of your swing means a better round of golf. You’ll feel the difference immediately, and you’ll see the results on your very next round. Getting the perfect angle means reduced ground interference for more consistent shots, solid contact, and fewer miss-hits. Then have someone measure from the point where your hand meets your wrist (your "wrist crease") to the floor. Plus it simply doesn’t matter if the golf club is 32” or 48” since you only intent is to hit the back of the ball with the front of the face.

Probably because this was the mid-way point of lies from years back when the driver was 56° and the wedges 64°, plus 60° is good even number. The Clublength Ruler Soleplate works in conjunction with a 48” aluminum ruler and can be laid flat on a table or workbench.
Perhaps a more accurate reading of the length of the club should be like the following diagram. In addition, this would also change the plane the lie reading of the club is measured as well.
If you are out of range by a half inch then definitely get club lengths -- and swingweights -- adjusted. Muscles don't have memory, but mid-brain regions certainly do and it persists throughout life. And nothing will improve your game more quickly than a set of clubs matched to the unique nuances of your swing.
Unique to Mizuno is our patented lie fit club, which allows the measurement of lie angle with the exact shaft the player is being recommended. Our Mizuno Custom Fitters will measure your hand to form a basic set of recommended grip sizes, and then adjust that recommendation based on your personal preferences, any physical limitations, etc. With this measurement and your height, we will be able to determine the correct club length for you. The first in a sequence of things you do is set the clubhead behind the ball and then stand far enough away from the ball that your arms feel comfortable, and then you alter your hand height. Measuring length is not referenced by the heel, rather the shaft axis so the 48” rule is placed alongside of the putter’s shaft at the point it intersects the ground up to the edge of the grip cap. And if you play competitively, then head straight to a professional clubfitter and get evaluated.
And if they're adult clubs, they will probably be too heavy -- think about potential wrist injury. It's part of the reason we suggest that junior golfers have their club specifications checked frequently, especially during the rapid growth years. This is a rather inexpensive item that can speed up and accurately measure club length on a consistent basis. The other reason is that other kids are getting it done and it gives them a competitive advantage. The USGA does have a limit of 48” for any club, besides the putter, which has no length limits. Length itself is very important as it helps control the distance you hit the ball as well as develop consistency is the length is fitted correctly.

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