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Based on his vast experience working with green wood--fresh, unseasoned wood harvested from local woodlands--Ray Tabor' has brought woodworkers a great sourcebook for creating items of beauty while using natural, unadulterated material.
The Green Woodworking Pattern book is a book for those looking to use green (or non-cured) wood in their projects. From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
Ray Tabor has worked for 20 years in a woodland nature reserve, producing and selling traditional products. We've headed south to do some fishing and take some family time before I take off to Atlanta for Haven Conference later this week. But needed something longer, and had to use 2x4s (because that's what was leftover from building the cabin). I drew up this design (and plans follow for it), but in our mad rush to build all the furniture for the cabin in two days, I forgot to add the cross supports.
You know the drill by now - no pun intended - I'm hooking you up with the free plans following (click read more below if this is the home page). It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.

Yeah, Jogge's DVD is pretty good, but when he gets to spoons he doesn't explain that it is often best to rough out the spoon and let it dry as well before trying to finish it. Each of the more than 300 patterns for traditional craft designs is fully annotated with a brief description, historical information, and details about which tools and materials are needed. Ray gives a great explanation at the beginning of the book and there are plenty of patterns to keep the green woodworker busy. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. He chairs the conservation activities of the UK’s largest LARGE NEELY HALL TOY PACKET WOODWORKING CRAFT PATTERNS BOOK NEVER USED .
Will Show You How Ray Tabor has worked for 20 years in a woodland nature reserve, producing and selling traditional products. With the other legs being canted, and that one vertical and centered, it just doesn't seem to jive. The collection covers a range of objects, from fences and gates to door stops, furniture, even walking sticks and wooden spoons. It's from Taunton Press, the same publisher that printed his father's book (now rare and sort after).

Simple instructions and diagrams make every project easy, and woodworkers of all levels will have fun exercising their skills while crafting a beautiful--and organic--keepsake.
He states in his introduction that this is not an intro book and not for beginning woodworkers. He has packed it full of sketches and diagrams of green wood tools and products that he The Encyclopedia of Green Woodworking (Paperback) by Raymond Tabor. But sooner or later you must take axe, knife, and hook (or gouge) in hand and actually go build a spoon, or a bowl. I bet you could get all of these books from your local library in the US (they built fantastic new libraries in Chicago & the various Seattle suburbs while I was there).
Nice cover though & interesting to see the photo that the line drawing was presumably based on (spot the differences). Jogge demonstrated numerous techniques to keep yourself safe from the sharp tools involved but he worked in Birkenstock-style sandals* and no safety glasses - but then I guess there were no power tools.The only thing I think they could have added is carving a kuksa.

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