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Thermistor NTC, which is in temperature contact with output power transistors, allows to separate AO LM391 power stage when it heats too much. The power transistors are placed on the same side of printed circuit board, so that it can be mounted on a heatsink jointly with the thermistor. This article was received from one of our visitors, please take into consideration that the presented information might not be correct. What I am after is a schematic for valve guitar amp that is capable of an output power somewhere in the range of 50W to 100W. I realize the tubes are suppose to give a slightly different sound, but I haven't heard the difference.

I've been thinking of going for something that has a real '80s feel, like a JCM 800 or similar. The Bass 30 uses a cathodyne PI followed by a driver stage on PI output, whereas the Bass 50 uses a standard, class A gain stage followed by a long-tailed pair phase inverter.
The amplifier is a combination between a simple integrated audio driver, LM391-80 and a stage of output power designed contratemps with bipolar transistors. It doesn't have to be the best amp in the world but something that at least has tone control. A valve amp puts out such a beautifully rich and warm tone that forever after, it makes using a solid state amp a bad experience.

Instead, contact the nearest service center!Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it,just use personally to repair defective appliance! It can happen that the protection can be too sensitive, in that case certain adjustments are admitted in the value of R4 or thermistor. As far as constructing one myself goes, I have found a company in the U.S that provided kits built to original schematics.

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