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We hauled the original fence boards back from Pennsylvania where they once lived at Handy Hubby’s family farm. To hold the door together and give it more of barn feel, Handy Hubby cut 2 wider support boards to attach to the top and bottom of the door.
Once all the boards were cut to size, they got a good sand job {I said sand job} from a palm sander.
With the necessary boards all cut to size and painted, Handy Hubby proceeded to assemble the door.
Handy Hubby pre-drilled holes for the wood screws into the horizontal boards, making sure not to drill all the way through the vertical boards below. He alternated the placement of the holes so that the screw heads would have a kind of zig zag pattern. So, that’s how Handy Hubby assembled the barn door with a teensy bit of help from me.
I LOVE that you created this in place of a bathroom door, it’s so innovative and the color choice is perfect!
This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen and so impressive that you guys did it yourselves!

Kathleen – The barn door was probably an unconscious idea resulting from the fact the I lived in a barn with my family for the majority of my childhood. I have been pushing this idea around for more than a year as a way to separate a large room from the rest of the house.
I also have planned on making my own doors from old lumber, so this tutorial came just in time! I am hoping to make a pair of smaller doors like this for storage in a master bedroom along a knee wall. Post Frame AccessoriesI am coming a little late to the party here (saw this as a related post).
I came because I loved the pic of your headboard and I am REALLY loving the rest of the room. My fiance and I have been trying to come up with a solution for our ensuite because of a sloped ceiling on one side and this is perfect!!!
I have been drooling over the idea of a big chunky sliding barn door for our very similar master bed to bath hole-in-the-wall since we moved in and your tutorial makes me think it just might be possible!
With any sliding door like the one above, the privacy level is almost entirely controlled by you and how you install it. For maximum privacy, using a fully solid door similar to the one you pictured is a good start.

More on that in Part II of this DIY post, but the thing to remember here is that you need to know what hanging hardware you’re using before you assemble the door. Just this week I had a decorator over to my house, and she suggested I look at the track from Tractor Supply Company. Since I am still in the planning phase I don’t have the exact dimensions to get a quote from the company.
Also, make sure the door overlaps the opening by at least 2 inches on each side when closed (you can do more if desired). They’re certainly not as pretty, but at $100, I think I might have the gumption to go for it!
Essentially, each vertical board ended up with 6 screws in it – 2 from each horizontal support board.
I even told Handy Hubby not to worry about fixing any damage that he’d done to the paint job while assembling the door.

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