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Designing or updating a kitchen can be a fun experience and exploring kitchen cabinet hardware ideas is one of the most exciting element of planning this process. First of all, when choosing knobs and pulls, keep in mind that your kitchen cabinet hardware should be functional. Shaker-style cabinets are so flexible in terms of style that they work really well with either modern or traditional hardware, depending on what you would like to achieve.
Recent artistic and eclectic approaches to kitchen cabinet hardware include nautical-themed rope pulls and handles, numerals, monograms and painted designs. No matter if you pick a more traditional look or opt for adding some art to your kitchen cabinets with not so common hardware solutions, make sure your own style ideas are expressed through these small but important design details.
We have a few of the commonly needed hardware items such as basic hand tools, duct tape, ropes, fasteners, padlocks, batteries, lightbulbs, flashlights, and extension cords.
September 13, 2014 by Ana Dziengel 9 Comments I have a bit of an obsession with hardware stores, in fact I frequent our Ace more than any of my local craft stores. Kraft paper is an great buy at the hardware store along with duct tape, flexible garden wire (excellent for sculpture projects) and tubing. Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 Please note: We will not ship to a freight forwarding company! Treehouse Supplies is proud to display the work of our DIY customers who use our hardware on their treehouses. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Use our Ladder Design Wizard to pick the ideal style for your application and to receive a full list of products suggested to build your Rolling Library Ladder!
Although seemingly minor fixtures, knobs and pulls can set the tone and add a style to your new, remodeled kitchen cabinets. No matter how much you like something, ask yourself if it’s gonna be practical enough for your cooking environment. So, you can complement traditional Shaker style cabinet with understated, simple brushed metal hardware and you won’t go wrong.

Also, you can find (and add to your kitchen cabinets) pulls and handles made from crystal, glass or antique buttons, which would by all means create a truly unique look.
And it’s not because I buy lots of extra light bulbs and picture hanging nails, I go there to buy art and craft supplies.
Granted I was making interactive projects sometimes involving electronics so I wasn’t shopping for the typical “art supplies,” but while I wandered the aisles of many a hardware store I discovered all kinds of goodies and loads of inspiration for off the beaten path projects.
PAINT BRUSHES: Rollers, foam, bristle There are so many brush options at the hardware store! ACRYLIC PAINT It’s not necessarily cheaper at the hardware store but in a pinch you can buy it here!
GLUE: white, wood, and mod podge I love buying glue at the hardware store because it comes in big chunky bottles, not the teeny tiny bottle you find at the craft store. WASHERS Washers have been all the rage since washer necklaces became the DIY jewelry project d’jour! SANDPAPER Sandpaper is not just for smoothing though it’s nice to have it handy for that too! WIRE Coated wire, thin wire, thick wire, just make sure you get wire that does not contain carcinogens, it will say that on the packaging. BIRDSEED An awesome addition to sensory play or a great ingredient when making diy bird feeders. PVC PIPE This is more of an adult material to be used to make stuff FOR kids but nonetheless the possibilities are endless. I would love to support both my husband and the kids however, their art supplies can get pretty expensive. The items in the picture include orange construction helmet, fabric gloves, two pieces of bricks, measuring steel tape and a metal tool.
It gives us great joy to see people building more intelligent treehouses that are less damaging to trees than other conventional methods.
Here are some useful tips on making the final decision when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware.

But, if you want your cabinet hardware to draw attention and be the jewelry of your kitchen, explore other options to express more of your own personal taste, aesthetics and preferences. The bonus is that since most of these supplies are not marketed as “Art Supplies” they are often a fraction of the cost of items purchased in art and craft stores.
If you’re worried that making art is going to leave a permanent mark on your home then spread out a tarp and fuhgeddaboutit! Project Ideas:  homemade pinball machine, pegboard water wall, giant pegboard cross stitch. I haven’t been able to find a significant difference between the type other than the price.
So the next time you are buying art and craft supplies for your kids get over to hardware store, get inspired, and stock up! You know it’s the bomb. And before there was washi tape there was electrical tape, colorful, rubbery and fun! Project Ideas: Sharpie tie dye,  flower art, erupting flour paint, yes I did say that ERUPTING! Always buy it big, smaller packages of Plaster of Paris are just a tiny bit less expensive than larger quantities. My little girl only uses Kraft paper for her projects, I love how inexpensive it is at the hardware store. Depending on how big and fancy your hardware store is you’ll see just how many patterns are available.
If you are a little confused as to what art and craft supplies I could possibly buy at the hardware store read on…. Project Ideas: DIY Sidewalk Chalk  Chalk Rocks, leaf casting, classic handprint art project.

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