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You’re all about discovering the new and unusual – and markets are the perfect place to do just that. You have an adventurous spirit and it’s important to you that any potential partner can keep up. Having fun with your date is important to you – and nothing’s more attractive than someone with a sharp mind. You’re looking for an intellectual partner and as far as you’re concerned, there’s no better judge of character than what someone likes to read. They call you ‘The Performer’ for a reason – you aren’t shy about getting up on stage and showing the audience what you’ve got! You’re deeply connected to your community and the ideal date for you starts at home – by checking out what’s happening locally and welcoming your date into your world. You’re all about progressing and learning new skills – and you want a partner who shares those values. Take your date kayaking, mountain biking or rock climbing to bring out their athletic side – you love new physical pursuits and you want a partner who feels the same way. You’re a natural when it comes to remembering facts – which is why Trivia night is your time to shine. Your creativity is your most attractive trait – and what better a way to highlight that than at an event specifically geared toward artistic expression? Your friendly, giving nature defines who you are – and what better a way to connect with a date than by giving back to the community that you care about together? You’re all about solving puzzles and your date shouldn’t be the only thing you’re picking apart for clues. ESFPs are all about the aesthetic – and is there anything more aesthetically pleasing than the fabulous color scheme of Autumn leaves? While your summertime walks to work leave you sweating and sluggish by the time you reach the office, the crisp Autumn air does the opposite – it wakes you up and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Warm, comforting and tranquil, coming home to a warm cup of tea is an experience that can only be topped by coming home to an ISFJ. Intricate, protective and sheltering, the INFJ and the fall sweater have a great deal in common. Dramatic, entertaining and always right on time, your favourite TV shows have a great deal in common the ESFJ personality. Practical, rugged and accidentally cool, the flannel shirt has a great deal in common with the ISTP.
The sweet mix of peace, relaxation and wild imagination can only truly be attributed to the INFP personality type. Though something about the effortlessly cool infinity scarf seems undeniably ISFP-esque, this really extends to all fall fashion. Every once in a while, a particular sensory experience is so intensely satisfying that we can’t even figure out why it feels so good.
INTPs remind us of No Shave November not just because they seem to LOVE participating in it (A socially acceptable reason to neglect personal hygiene?
You’re bubbly, colorful and unafraid of doing things a bit unconventionally – like breaking out some hair of the dog alongside brunch. Deep, complex and gripping, your personality pairs nicely with the grace and finesse of this classic wine. You don’t mess around when it comes to what you like – you’re a straightforward person who sticks to the best option available.
You’re sleek and sophisticated – and you see no reason to change up your drink order when you know what you like.
This drink may look simple to the untrained eye – but take one sip and you’ll realize how complex and intense it truly is. You’re bubbly, classy and always there to celebrate life’s biggest moments with loved ones. Warm, soothing and just a touch intoxicating, you have a great deal in common with this comforting beverage. Elegant, cool and composed, there is no drink that emulates the spirit of an INFJ quite like a fine white wine.
Classy and collected yet significantly more complex than it’s cousin the gin and tonic, the Tom Collins one-ups its competition – in standard ENTJ fashion.
You may have seen the MBTI chart that circulated after season one of Orange Is The New Black came out. I’ve seen some strong arguments for Piper as an ENFP but when it comes down to it, she is altogether too present and in-the-moment to qualify as an extroverted intuitive.
Compassionate, spiritual and soft-spoken, there is no truer representation of an INFP on OITNB than Yoga Jones.
Though he certainly highlights the negative traits of the personality over the positive ones, George Mendez is undeniably an ESTP. Kind, analytical and composed, Poussey is the best representation of an INFJ that OITNB is going to give us.
Unfortunately Orange Is The New Black doesn’t offer us much in the way of INTP characters. Sassy and confident yet nurturing, Sophia Burset is a wonderful depiction of a well-developed ESFJ character. Caring, patient and hopelessly devoted to his loved ones, Larry depicts a classic ISFJ personality.
Regardless of how charming, together and attractive you absolutely know yourself to be, it throws you for a loop when someone does not reciprocate your feelings. But turning to self-criticism and over-analysis is the last thing you need to do right now. Think of all the people you’ve rejected or been disinterested in throughout the course of your life. There are an infinite number of reasons why someone may choose to not be with you and many of them actually have very little to do with you at all. A cool thing to remember is that for every one person who is not interested in you, there are a plethora of others who probably are (or who could be, if you’d turn your attention their way). Running into someone else’s arms is not necessarily the healthiest method for overcoming unrequited love, but it never hurts to remember that dating other people is still an option. The thing about unrequited love is that, more often than not, it is an idealised version of love. Too often, we remain hung up on unavailable people because it’s easier than moving on and focusing our attention on people who could – and would – love us back properly. But if you actually want to find that healthy, nurturing, reciprocal kind of love, you have to first let go of the unhealthy, one-sided, idealistic love that you are holding onto.

And for many of the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types, dinner and a movie just isn’t their element.
You can hunt for undiscovered treasures with your date – you’ll learn quickly whether you love or hate their taste and you can share your own unique flare with them. Geocaching offers a fun challenge that plays up your outdoorsy nature and gives your natural strengths the chance to shine through. Visiting an improv comedy show will lighten both of you up and get you laughing – you’ll be able to see whether your senses of humor line up and who knows – maybe they’ll need a volunteer to go up on stage! You can peruse the shelves together and swap literary suggestions – you’ll walk away with a new appreciation of your date and a list of new things to read. Karaoke gives you the chance to get silly with your date and lets both of you show off a little.
Going wine tasting together gives you an opportunity to bond over a new experience – and it’s classy as hell.
You’re most confident when you’re discussing a topic you’re highly knowledgeable about and with a little bit of research, the galaxy above us can be exactly that. You can chat in a natural setting as you prepare food together and then try it out – your culinary skills and your people skills will shine through with ease as you create and experiment together.
Take your date to a local museum and impress them with your intricate knowledge of all that lies inside. Try a cooking class, an improv class or even a language class – you can bond with your date over your developing skill and learn something new while you’re at it!
There’s nothing sexier to you than an adventurous date and what better a way to gage someone’s spirit of adventure than by trying a new physical challenge together? You get to have fun with your date in a way that engages your competitive spirit and allows you to show off a little. You and your date can discuss your favorite readings, brainstorm new ideas and maybe even present your own work if one (or both) of you is feeling bold. You’ll quickly see if your date shares your philanthropic nature and if they do, they’ll only become that much more attractive in your eyes.
You’re all about learning new perspectives, which is why intellectual environments inspire you. By visiting a local escape room, you can showcase your ability to think under pressure and solve the seemingly unsolvable. The colors that emerge in the fall are as varied, cheerful and pleasing as the ESFP themselves. Just like the powerful ENTJ personality, Autumn mornings prime you for productivity and leave you feeling clear-headed and focused. Just like no two fall sweaters are exactly the same (even the mass-produced H&M cardigans must all have a stitch or two of difference if you look closely enough), no two INFJs are exactly alike either.
This type tends to know the exact history behind any given holiday and Thanksgiving allows them the chance to educate their friends and families on that history, without anyone being allowed to complain (too much). Spending time around an INFP is like spending time curled up next to a blazing fire – it warms your heart and puts your mind at ease. This type welcomes fall with all of the joy and enthusiasm of children – and they indulge in many of the same activities.
Fall kicks off the school season and while most students accept this with a mixture of disdain and apprehension, the INTJ could not be more pleased.
You know how to cheer people up and get the good times flowing – just like this bubbly beverage. This drink has a little bit of everything mixed into it – just like the insatiable mind of the INTP! Just like this celebratory drink, there’s always something to be happy about when you’re around. Just like this traditional beverage that boasts its reliability by definition, you provide consistency and quality to the people around you.
Like this dangerously energizing drink, you bring the life to the party – and you’re never the first to head home.
You’re always around to lend a hand or a listening ear to the people you love – something about you warms their hearts and keeps them coming back for more. This deeply analytical type values quality over quantity – and a simple glass of wine is the ideal accompaniment to a night of good conversation with a close friend or loved one. INTJs build their repertoire of knowledge through many years of analyzing, reconfiguring and reconsidering what they know.
Like this daredevil of a drink, you want to see just how far you can take almost everything. Piper reacts to whatever situation is immediately concerning her in a highly emotional way. Her natural exuberance and the passion she puts behind every new whacked-out idea resembles an entertaining exaggeration of the ENFP personality. He sees things exactly as they are and has no problem taking advantage of what is directly available to him. The correctional officer started off on the show resembling a classic ISTJ – principled and concerned, if not a touch corrupted. Though Janae isn’t quite developed enough to determine type, her straight-up attitude indicates that she leads with introverted thinking. This no-nonsense, straight-shooter of a character is an ideal depiction of the ISTP personality. She is kind and understanding, but she isn’t afraid to tell the other characters what she thinks is best. On the surface she is accommodating and agreeable but when it comes to what’s truly important to her, she calls all her own shots.
Whether or not this person likes you is not a reflection of whether or not you are a desirable human being.
One person (out of seven billion) not wanting to be with you is anything but a reflection on your character.
Now, think about how many of them were perfectly kind, attractive and wholly loveable people. There are (many, many) other people out there who would be absolutely thrilled to be with you. Chances are, you’re craving the feeling of being in love more than you’re craving the actual person. You are picturing the sunshine-and-roses honeymoon-esque kind of love that you would share with this person, not the nitty-gritty, down-in-the-trenches kind of love.
In order to find the love that’s right for you, you have to stop holding onto the love that’s wrong for you.

Someday, the person you’re much better suited for is going to be extremely glad that you did. Even if you were to fall in love with this person, marry the shit out of them, pop out twenty-five of their offspring (or vice versa) and live happily ever after, you’d get tired of them. Here are sixteen unique first date ideas that will highlight your natural strengths, based on your type. It’s a fun challenge that will set you apart from all the people they’ve been ‘grabbing a coffee’ with. You can impress your date with your own quick wit or better yet, give them a chance to showcase theirs. If they’re too inhibited to try it, chances are they aren’t the partner for you – you need someone who knows how to have fun and who can keep up with your free-spirited nature. They’ll be impressed by your diligence and the artifacts will provide plenty of go-to conversation pieces. Best case scenario you find love – worst case scenario you’ve picked up one more skill that puts you ahead of the game.
It’s a great way to get to know each other beyond the surface level – which is extremely important for INFPs. Something about the fall colors makes you feel warm and welcomed by the season – in classic ESFP fashion. They come in all shapes and patterns and you’ll be left marvelling at their complexity every time.
Their aesthetic is hopelessly on point at all times, and the rest of us only try to keep up. This type is incredibly in tune with the world around them and they live for those little moments of sensory pleasure. Which is more than we can say for all the bros who just want to show that they are, in fact, capable of growing a moustache.
This type enjoys the process of pumpkin-hunting almost as much as they enjoy finding the perfect one to garnish their doorstep. This full-bodied beverage is the perfect addition to a quiet night in with a good book or a loved one – the exact kind of night that the INFP loves most. It’s exactly what you need to get the night started –whatever happens next is the surprise. The ISFP is always one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to what’s cool and unconventional. Just like this 50 year old whisky drink, INTJs types take time to reach their full potential – but they do so with the utmost quality and class. She is adventurous and outgoing, but is more comfortable jumping on board with others’ ideas than formulating her own. She takes both her job and herself very seriously – upholding her sense of duty in the truest ESTJ fashion.
On the other hand, her quick wit and scheming attitude show glimpses of possible extroverted intuition. She is a mastermind in every sense of the word and possibly the only INTJ character we’ve ever seen on Orange Is The New Black. He is blatantly opportunistic and can talk his way in or out of any sleazy situation with ease.
Her contemplative, caring personality indicates introverted intuition and extroverted feeling in that beautiful combination that makes up the INFJ type. By the end of the first season we saw his dark side – allowing Pennsatucky to fight Piper mercilessly. She takes genuine pleasure in serving the other inmates as a hairdresser – fulfilling their practical needs seems to make bring her joy, which is incredibly characteristic of the ESFJ personality. Though his loyalties have changed since the beginning of the series, Larry displays tried and true ISFJ morals – he is a sucker for those in need of support and he strives to help them in absolutely any way possible. We remain hung up on someone we cannot be with and it sends us into a spiral of self-doubt and confusion.
And you are still every bit as attractive and desirable to them as you were before this one person didn’t love you back.
Sometimes you’re still hung up on an ex or a crush or a circumstance that makes dating other people seem insincere. You’ll learn more than the usual niceties about one another and even if the date goes badly, you’ll have learned something from the evening – which means it wasn’t a waste at all. After all, there’s nothing more attractive to you than a partner who can keep up with your fast-paced mind. They add an artistic twist to everything they do in life – just like the French 75 adds a twist to your tried-and-true Mimosa. In season two she is scattered, impulsive, unprincipled and reactive – resembling an ESTP character more so than a rational extroverted thinker. One of the most indisputably consistent characters on the show, Red is a stand-up example of the ESTJ personality type. Her extroverted feeling and introverted intuition work together to determine how she can manipulate those around her to she things from her point of view and follow her spiritual path. Healy represented both the good and dark sides of the ISTJ personality – fair and by the book at their best, harsh and unforgiving at worst.
You would not stay perfectly enamored with this person even if you got to be with them and you definitely won’t remain perfectly enamored with them from afar. She is an unfortunate leader throughout the first two seasons of OITNB, but a leader nonetheless.
Here are a few things you need to remember if you are stuck in the agonising process of loving someone who does not love you back. So the last thing you should feel is pathetic – you are going through the most basic of human experiences and as much as it sucks, you are very, very far from alone in it. And it’s all up to you to be conscious of the fact that the love you are picturing is not the love you would have, even if you actually did get together with this person. You’re colorful, lively and, okay, a wee bit indecisive – making this the perfect drink for you. I chose to go with ENTJ for argument’s sake, as her character from season one was much more defined and developed than it was in season two.

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