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Sometimes we really are too hard on ourselves.I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how I could make an easy and affordable tripod adapter for my iPod. When an Ex won't stop trying to connect with you online you need a checklist to quickly wall off unwanted contact.
If you ever had your cable and it started to frey around the tip of the charger from over use this will help you fix this problem. This is a fun project I did with my kids over the holidays.To house this game I decided to use an old iPhone 5c box. All those who have a macbook and a mac charger for your iPhone know the problem: the connecting piece for your socket-outlets *should* be interchangeable, but only the short, direct plug piece really is.
We are group of internet of things enthusiasts that love hacking together different devices. Do you ever get tired of looking at that mess of chargers and wires in the high traffic areas in your house ? Make christmas unforgettable by impressing your family with a home made futuristic christmas card!Augmented Reality (AR) is an upcoming and awesome technology. This project uses the iphone orientation sensors (magnetic compass and gyroscope) to work as a sextant for celestial navigation.
This project was made during the lamp design workshop directed by the Noah Norton from The University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie.
After some lenses arrived at the fablab (special thanks to iMoox) it was time to finally build my own google cardboard. DESCRIPTIONThis 3D-printable camera rig for smartphones is designed to create a repeatable way to photograph #3DBenchy models at fixed angle positions.
Hello, and welcome to my first Instructable.I don't know about you, but I can never find the remote for my TV.
This Instructable will show you how to set up a Raspberry Pi-based print server so you can control and monitor your 3D printer remotely (including remote slicing) from a phone, tablet, or computer. Whether you have broken 3 of your fingers attempting to run in stilts and need to call your mom or need to order some life saving pizza delivered to your shop, your phone is your most valuable tool. Bluetooth is a popular method to wirelessly play music from a phone through a car stereo system. Do you still try to take pictures with your phone really close but does not seam to get a god focus? This instructable describes in detail the steps required to create an Arduino-based ECG simulator. Every once in a while I come up with an idea for a circuit or device that has applications where a battery may not be the best or most convenient option for a power supply. From our build night sponsored by Jameco, this is a fairly basic and common 555 LED Flasher Circuit. In this instructable, I will show you how to make a very basic, simple, working flashlight! The main problem, in most cases, is that you don't know the pinout diagram of a flyback transformer.
Harnessing renewable energy sources is crucial for supporting the energy demands of modern society.
How to assemble a PCB by hand intro: Printed circuit boards or PCBs are at the heart of modern electronic equipment.
Build a Wireless Power Transmission system that can power a light bulb or charge a phone from up to 2 feet away!
Bone conduction is the ability to hear sounds by conducting the vibrations directly to your inner ear, bypassing the middle and outer ears.
Invisible Fence pet containment systems require a new battery in the dog's collar every 3 months. The objective of this Instructable is to show you one method of turning DC values, such as those from a thermometer, pH sensor, or pressure sensor into a frequency which can be used to send information over the microphone band of an audio jack to a smartphone.
In order to switch some floodlights by my Arduino, the small switch circuits I built around a 39mf22 were just not man enough to handle the current needed, so I decided to build a switch with discrete components around a TRIAC. For about $5-$10 you can have your own adjustable power supply to power various electronics!
Unlike Through hole resisors which use colored bands to determine the value, surface mount resistor have numbers and sometimes letters. As a kid I always wanted to have a special ability, like moving objects with thoughts or flying.
I will start out by noting that this instructable pertains only to TTL serial, and not RS232. The battery charger is originally designed by me to meet the need of some who want a 24V battery charger. Something that a project that I'm working on has me doing is using a serial to parallel IC (think 74HC595) to control leds. This radio system has according to the official Volkswagen car catalog no possibilities to have a connection with an AUX-In cable.
Disclaimer: The steps presented on this page need good DIY skills in order not to damage your car radio frame and the plastic frames of the center console.

Note: You won’t need to unplug your car radio from the battery, but if you plan to do it or accidentally unplug the Quadlock you will need the car’s radio anti-theft activation code (4 digit code) to turn your radio on again.
The RCD 210 is in reality a Technisat (yeap I didn’t even know that Technisat also builds car radio systems) one. The electrician has to block the CD-Charger input and activate the correct AUX entry in the car stereo. Paolo from Genoa – Italy was kind enough to share his experience concerning the plastic cover removal. Once released the bottom, one proceeds (carefully) with the two sides, and the frame can be extracted. I recommend you to start at the top where the buttons for the warning and the airbag lights are. Be very careful because depending on the quality of your plastic cards you may damage (ok, ok it’s not really damaging) but you will notice small traces around the frame.
Here I’ve completely removed the car radio in order to check the input at the back of it.
Here you can distinguish the Quadlock (big squared connector) and the small antenna cable (white). Once you have extracted carefully the radio block, you will need to open the Quadlock that has 4 blocks. This schema is sticked on the top of the extracted car radio and shows which pins are corresponding to which function or wire. You must remove the white block in order to plug it correctly and without having to disconnect the Quadlock. After having pushed the cable inside the middle console you will notice that it will be trapped between the right plastic cover and the passenger’s carpet.
And after a few minutes you will now have the audio cable nicely placed under the central console. According to the documentation you will need the VAS 5051B ODB2 Vehicle Diagnostic Volkswagen maintenance station to realize this step.
Once you have told your Volkswagen electrician to activate (about 15 minutes) the AUX input you will notice that the AUX and the radio system will produce a noisy sound (beeps …) Don’t be scared: while trying to solve the problem I’ve figured out that when the electrician closed his Bluetooth connection to the ODB-2 Interface, the noises are going away and the AUX-IN is really activated. This is another method, that I’ve found later (after having the AUX-IN activated by VW) so I cannot tell you if it really works. Launched in 2000, Collectool is one of the leading search engines for collectors in France. Custom overhead stereoThis is a discussion on Custom overhead stereo within the RZR XP 4 1000 forums, part of the General RZR category; Finally got time to post up some pics of the stereo top my wife and I built.
Check out our current project at our website and take a look at this guide in a different format at our blog. It allows you to add virtual visuals to reality through means of a screen and camera or a projection. Modern touchscreens use this technology to detect your finger by detecting electromagnetic fields.
In fact, you only need 3 things to complete this project!You can also use these instructions to place a handmade decal on ANY surface.
With this device, you can take altitudes of a couple stars and calculate your astronomical position.At first I tried to use the bare phone camera as pointing device. The alarm clock displays the time, can charge the phone and houses a mini amplifier and speaker. It always seems to disappear whenever I need it and then only turns up days later wedged inside the sofa by one of the kids. Tablet bot is a remote controllable tablet based robot built using zip ties and recycled DVD drive parts.
It’s a completely functional super-advanced mini-computer with a wonderful screen, speakers, microphones, and a ton of sensors built in. An ECG simulator replicates the cardiac waveform that can be measured by attaching three electrodes (RA, LA, RL) to the patient's chest. It went through many revisions, saw many rule changes, and made it pretty far in development. So, I shall try to give you a simple method to find the primary coil input pins and also the 0 V output pin of the HV secondary coil. The IEA calculated that global energy usage increased by 10% from 1990 to 2008, and the number is expected to rise in the coming decades. I accidentally overwritten the laptops linux OS with a new version and wiped all the working files I had for the machine. Through this process you can hear sounds underwater, with your ears closed, and while others are talking.
It should serve well for any 2 devices that you need to have serial communications between that have TTL serial capability.
However, rather than drive the leds directly from the pins, I opted for the use of transistors. If you don't see the specific product you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

The documentation states that you need the really expensive MEDIA-IN VW cable to enable this or to choose a more expensive car radio model.
I’m not responsible if you damage your car radio, scratch your frame or even corrupt your electronic system. Under the section “Schnittstelle“ you will read the mention “AUX (wenn freigeschaltet)” which means “if activated”. To extract the car stereo I’ve used some plastic cards (SIM holders, plastic coupons or old phone cards). Please don’t use any screwdrivers because you would scratch the frame and if you make a bad manipulation even the car radio itself. Please note that if you have disconnected the Quadlock from the car radio you will need the anti-theft activation code when you turn your radio on.
It has a white removable block that should be removed if you want to connect it on the RCD 210 without having to unplug the Quadlock (see next picture).
If you have good skills and access to the VAG-Com software (you will need to Google a little bit ?? ) you might be able to realize this activation at home, but I cannot guarantee the result. This site presents the car entertainment system I've built for my car and explains how you can install your own system in your car. This is the seventh version of my website since 2000 and I'm sharing interesting stuff about programming (e.g. With this projects you will be able to take some stunning close-ups and discover a whole new world! They pass their phone to you and want you to write down your name in to the LinkedIn search box. Well, now you can!**An interesting observation: The other day I was using this device to listen to mechanical movements inside a machine. In this instructable I will cover some of the main electronics components, their uses and what they look like in schematics.
Ihave already done several instructables about antennas, though it would be nice to something a little different. To connect it to the radio I needed a Balun.These are such simple things but yet they cost so much from some places. I play videogames rarely, but my favorites are car racing and open world games just like Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto series. This tutorial was only written for a DIY purpose and may not replace the official steps done by a professional.  If you are afraid of screwdrivers, wires and clips please stop here and let a friend or a professional realize these operations for you. The AUX-IN input activation can only be made by a VW garage through the special VW ODB-2 diagnostic plug (over the VAS 5051B station).
He found that it is just necessary to pull the frame towards the driver, and that the best place to start is from the bottom and not the top.
Now put carefully the other cards in the small holes and slowly press on the (marked on the picture) clips.
You can now carefully build your own cable by placing the three pins on the corresponding position.
You will then (with the Quadlock connected) need to place the 2×6 pin adapter on the AUX-CDExt part (left block).
I would highly advise you to drive to the next official Volkswagen garage in order to realize this step and to activate the AUX-In interface of the RCD 210. This platine will then fake a CD-Charger and instead sending signals of the non-existing CD-Charger it will take the input of the audio cable (3.5 mm Klinkenstecker on the picture). HTML5, Node, Actionscript for Flex & Flash, Unity, Android), new systems like Wizzmo or Swoozy, my hobbies (testing new devices, cars and designs), music reviews (new releases, soundtracks), some of my scientific publications and DIY articles. Depending on your garage and the skills of the electrician this operation might cost you a max of 80€ (!) Yes, I really had the feeling they did it for the first time. The guys at Volkswagen (I got this information from erWin) will take a removal Wedge (#3409) in order to unclips the whole frame. This solution might be interesting if you don’t have the possibility to go to a VW Garage and if you are looking for a cheap solution (about 30 Euros).
The whole operation should only take 15 minutes in total; in my case it took almost an  hour for them for this activation operation and to find out how the stuff works on the new Polo V!. I prefer the DIY method: with a little training you can detach the frame within 10 minutes, but depending on the strength of the clips you will really need to be careful. Of course if you have a friend working for a garage, he can easily activate the AUX-IN over the VW ODB-2 diagnostic interface (see Step3). You also have the possibility to use a AUX-IN Simulator (not tested – please read section 3).

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