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It was 6 feet long, which is actually too long to fit inside our trailer for storage, so we had to cut it in half and then bolt back together when we put it up.
The genius of this awning rests on the side-brace poles, which I stole from my Springbar tent. Since they are made of aluminum, I was able to easily drill holes in the pointy bit at the top and the base so I could attach various pieces to it. If I had to pay for the poles, plus all the parts, this awning would have cost a total of less than 85 bucks.
I am so glad I didn’t let my failure back in March of 2013 stop me and I kept trying to make this awning work. I have been looking for some good rod holders to mount on my boat, but I didnt really like any of the ones that I saw for sale in the stores. Our old Makerbot case sitting in the scrap parts bin has been resurrected as a grow case for my terrariums! We met on one Wednesday open house to figure out exactly what message we would write over our neighborhood. If you’re into music, making music, or making things that make music, you won’t want to miss this! This is a weekly open house for Hive 76, where folks drop by to work on software, hardware, or any other DIY projects that may be of interest. Three more things in my house require a remote control now, and one of them is the streetlight in front of my house. Just recently I revamped the process with a new, permanent laser and remote control system. It turns out that graphite is right up there at the tip-top of the Galvanic series, so it is about the most robust electrode material we could want.
A few years back I received a birthday card that, when opened, played a 15-second clip of The Final Countdown.
The pressure in your typical garden hose is nominally around 40 psi or so, so my first hydraulic cylinder should be able to develop about 125 pounds of force if it had really good seals. The workshops that we’ll be running cover Intro to soldering, Intro to Arduino, Build Your Own Flat Panel Speakers, and several workshops on Building Your Own Simple Square Wave Synthesizers.Several? The costs for these workshops will vary from $10-$30 to cover instruction and also cost of materials used.

Wish I had a better resolution picture but I did post another picture to try to show a better view of the score tower. Which means that I had to repeatedly fill their feeder multiple times a day and they were starting to become more high maintenance than my dog. I put in an additional grommet into the awning so that the wing nut holds the awning in three places instead of just two. I want to replace those with some tiny linchpins, but I haven’t found any small enough yet. That doesn’t include the cost of the material for the awning, which was about $20, so the whole thing is about $105. I like a rod holder that is sturdy, secures the rod, and is easy to get the rod out of when a biggun has it bowed over. All it took was an afternoon, some scrap plastic sheets, a few LED strips + power supply, and liberal use of a hot glue gun.
Weather permitting, you’ll see three wonderful messages written in vaporized canola oil over the Philadelphia skyline.
The open house gives people a chance to meet the members and to see what kind of projects Hive76 likes to work on. Let us share and explain some of our great projects while you view some of the Museum’s amazing collection for as little as a penny! Ever since I heard about a hacked streetlight at the Guerrilla Drive in for Back to the Future in 2009, I have been turning off the streetlight on Darien Street by carefully aiming a laser dot at the light sensor on top of the streetlight. Ultimately you would be able to take this kit, get some standard PVC pipe from the local hardware store, and very quickly build your own simple hydraulic devices. This is a proof of concept so I didn’t bother with o-rings or anything, so it leaks like crazy and thus is unable to develop quite those kinds of pressures, although it is quite strong. So I decided to make my own chicken feeder with a lot of inspiration from others homemade feeders. This works better and is more stable in the wind because the side support poles are resting on the trailer. I thought sewing the awning and installing the grommets were going to be the hardest part, but the support was definitely harder to figure out. None of the components are glued together, so I can take it apart and add to it at any time.

It was a pleasure brainstorming, discussing, and compromising to come up with what we think is the perfect sentiment to be written in the sky for a few minutes.
And on Thursday, we’ll have all our audio and music-centric projects out in what is sure to be the loudest night of PTW.
The light sensors on most streetlights face west to catch the last photons from the fading sunset before illuminating for the night—and this one faces right into the third floor of my house.
I knew nothing about electronics at the time, but I just thought it was worth keeping around.
Use it to learn about the principles of hydraulics while staying cool on a hot summer day, or use it to power your homemade tools like simple presses, lifts, or even an articulated digging arm. Moving from a 2″ to a 3″ hydraulic cylinder would bring this up to about 282 pounds of force, not too shabby for garden hose power! I had to turn down the spool on my lathe to the appropriate profile and also had to drill out the valve to fit it. If you’d like to financially support fosscon (you should, it’s awesome!), it will only cost you $25 and you get some nice swag!
The far left tube holds the chicken feed, the middle one grit, and the last one will hold oyster shells. What message is that?Ah, but ours and the two other collaborative groups’ messages are secret up until the actual writing. It is very important to me to be able to choose to sit in the cozy dark, save my city some money, and not contribute to light pollution for a minute. We’ve actually been given an entire ROOM for the conference, so be sure to stop by when you’re there! It is screwed into the aluminum rubrail using #8 stainless steel screws dipped in 3M 5200 marine caulk. Eventually I am hoping to be able to have all the custom parts injection molded to get the unit cost down cheap enough that it would make a good toy for DIY doodlers and budding engineers everywhere.

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