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This router table is inexpensive to build, easy to use and has the flexibility of those costing many times more.
With it’s wide flat top and plenty of overhang it has room to attach your shop jigs to perform just about any operation you would want to do. The unique and convenient hinged top makes it a breeze to change router bits and adjust the bit height. This article is designed to be a great starting point for your router table project, and to get you thinking about all the possible options out there. Some of the plans link directly to PDFs and those are indicated (surprise!) with the letters PDF. Quick and Easy Router Table – A little weak as far as plans go, but could help you round out your ideas. Benchtop Router Table – Good descriptions of how to, no drawings or materials though.

Minimalist Router Table (by Fine Woodworking) – FWW lowers the bar… how minimal can you go, seriously?
Are you ready to upgrade from your bench top model… or starting out on your very first full-size router table? Professional Router Table – good pictures, good descriptions, six pages but no actual detailed plans.
A Router Table for Woodworkers – Excellent design and plans, with complete MTO (material take off) and hook in to a dust collection unit.
Router Table and Lift – Designs and ideas for a smoothly functioning router workstation from WoodWeb. Hurry, before they’re sold out… See all our Free Woodworking Plans Collections! In designing your router table give some thought to supporting the router’s weight with something more than just the work surface.

Sure, I’ve got a 500 dollar piece of equipment that holds both the router and workpiece, but I have been fighting with the design of it ever since it arrived.
As a woodworker, I take great joy at the end of a project, and shouldn’t have cheated myself of both the experience and the joy of having it built my way. Let’s be honest, woodworking requires spending quality time with all of your machines. The price of buying a router table can go a long way for making one, and you get to decide what features it does and doesn’t have.
Given that some router tables you can buy cost more than my 500 dollar version, you can probably make one with a router lift, dust collection, miter slots, and a new router for the same price or less.

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