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I only have one of these girls and in my personal experience she has been the least consistent layer out of my hens. Make the door slide in a channel up and down connect a peice of 1x1 wood to the top of the door using eye hooks. Your first trap looks like the superior design in that I think it would be much harder for them to get out of.  Unless you are going to add some sort of latch to the design #2 to hold the door in place after it drops it would seem that they would push their way out no matter how heavy the door is. Blythe Wood Works is a family-owned and operated business in South Carolina that began in 1990, out of a need for a quality wood dog house that is good for your pet. Each house is handmade, signed by the craftsman, and most important, made in America by Americans. Shop for online, custom, premium dog houses, cat houses, pet accessories from a large selection of cedar dog houses and insulated cat houses including triplex cat house, heated, custom, outdoor, wooden, air conditioned, heated luxury dog houses and kits for giant and big dogs. I started to build up the sides with 3 foot pieces of 2X4s, and then used a second sheet of PT plywood cut in half for the sides.

I finished off the rear door with a galvanized steel handle..and the trailer project is now done! I will start by saying that mine are not laying yet so I have no idea if the eggs will be blue, green, or something else. One of the raccoons I caught bent up my metal trap, it was huge and felt like a dog when I picked up the trap. I just happened upon someone in the neighborhood selling an awesome antique trailer for only $50! So it is at least 26 years old, and I suspect much older.The frame appears to be the rear end of some kind of car or truck with angle iron welded on the top.
This will be a great addition to the farm in order to haul firewood, or get hay, or dump runs..
It's not uncommon for them to shred their "hands" bloody reaching through the wires trying to get out of the trap, so I have no idea what they would do to the wood.

I've often caught coons before 10pm, and I usually check on the birds after work around midnight.
The second 1x1 should hang down inside the hole be sure to notch it so that it rests slightly on the hole.
When the animal walks in to get the food it will nock the piece of wood off allowing the door to slide down.
Actually, on the drive home I went over a bump and the whole wooden structure pulled through the bolts and actually fell off.

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