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I have seen these many times but what everybody never includes is a pressure plate switch system instead of a button one.
Yay, been fiddling around with pistons trying to figure this out, you just saved me tonnes of time. Make sure you check the top repeater in the green circuit looks like it's slightly out; make sure its on TWO ticks!
I dont know if im right or anything but, it looks like you might have made the delay on a repeater wrong. Minecraft items - minecraft guides, Items allow you to perform specific tasks in minecraft, which can range from simply harvesting a block faster, to setting things on fire or changing the colour of wool..

Last episode we build a storage-cart track with call buttons, connecting the spider xp farm and the potions room. It was a fair while back when I uploaded my first circuit and since then things have changed!
I prefer to walk through a piston door asides to pressing a button, so if anyone can make ones of these using pressure that would be fantastic! Now we’ll build some nice piston doors that open each time the storage-cart passes through. This unit is only 7x3 in footprint compared to the 8x8 of my old door; It's also based on a flip-flop design that eliminates the need for an external toggle circuit meaning you can hook as many buttons up to it as you want!

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