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Zach, from Georgia, built this great looking wall mounted desk using a couple of LC58-6 Swivel Flanges and some aluminum pipe.
A note about pipe length - to get the length of pipe you need, figure out the length of the angle from the desktop to the wall.
It's great to see other people who have been inspired to pull together their own version of this desk. Brad from Oakland, CA - "We built this space-saving desk with LC58-7 swivel flanges, galvanized pipe, and a wood laminate surface. Lou from Chico, CA -" I wanted to build a "maker" table where my sons and I could work on projects. Dirk form NYC - "Our kitchen already has butcher block counters, and we wanted to add another on the opposite side for our children to do their homework. If you are interested in trying out a standing desk, but you're not sure that you want to make the long term commitment, this is definitely the desk for you. Why bother getting a desk to go with your new desktop machine when you can build a new computer inside a desk? Just like a real computer table, the pair features sturdy iron legs, a durable tabletop that can handle maximum loads of over 170 pounds, and a pull-out keyboard tray.
The Lian Li DK-01 can hold motherboards up to HPTX size, with built-in drive bays, expansion slots, seven system fans, and IO ports.
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The quest for the perfect workspace has been vexing for a great many geeks, but one man has taken things to a completely unheard of level.
Description: A neighbor showed me this site when I was looking to build a custom built in wardrobe for my daughter.
Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Building a wall mounted desk is a great way to add a stylish, yet low cost desk to any room in your house. Below are a few examples from customers who have built their own version of the wall mounted desk. Because of the step foundation of the building, a traditional desk would have resulted in wasted space.
This will allow chords to be fed down through the center of the desk and eliminate cords snaking around the outside of the desk. The aluminum trim looks great, but adding a wood trim would be another good looking option.
Zach left his desktop unfinished, but a coat of stain or paint could add another dimension of style to this desk. This adjustable height desk can adjust from standard sitting desk height to standing desk height with a few simple adjustments.
That's exactly the case with the Lian Li DK-01 and DK-02, a pair of desktop PC chassis both clad in the form of a computer table.
Heck, they even put storage pegs on the right side where you can hang headphones, backpacks, and other accessories.
The DK-02, on the other hand, can also take HPTX boards, but has enough space to add a second mini-ITX system, complete with two sets of drive bays, expansions slots, and IO ports, so you can have two PCs squared away inside the table. You can and should check out the forum thread linked below, not so you can replicate what he?s done, but so you can marvel at how much cooler his PC is than yours. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". My daughter has a small room and I’d love to create a space like that for her so she has the storage in the area that she needs.

Zach went the extra mile with his desk and added aluminum trim to give the desk some depth. Building a desk with Kee Lite will result in a desk that is rock solid and completely customized for your room! There's enough room in both setups to accommodate the longest graphics cards, the tallest GPU coolers, and even the biggest PSUs, so you can build a high-end gaming rig on this thing without a problem. Paslis started with some 3D renders of the finished product, then he got to fabricating the frame. Currently her room has no closet what so ever and I was looking to create something like this that would not take up that much room and look absolutely amazing. After years of showing jazzy and expensive Italian transformer beds that change from desks to beds, Graham Phakos built one of his own and put it up on Kickstarter last November. One disadvantage of the desk is that it cannot be moved about like a free-standing desk, but what you lose in flexibility you save in cost. Connecting the desk to the wall and the flanges to the desk is as simple as adding a couple of screws. When I got the table top from IKEA, I had my doubts about the ability of the structure to support the weight. He didn't get to his target, but promised to make plans available "in the next month or two." It's now five months later, so perhaps this post will act as a kickstarter. Without a dedicated work space, the prospect of hauling materials to the kitchen table everyday makes working at home far less appealing. Whether you are a student, an artist, or a telecommuter, having a permanent desk is hugely beneficial.© Desk ModeThis is where the UrbanDesk comes in!

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