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You can add YouTuber Jug’s Tower of Eden, at Abernathy Farms, to the long list of awesome Fallout 4 creations (via GamesRadar). Remember, this structure was built on PS4, which means Jug couldn’t use console commands or mods to help him build the tower. Since people have gotten hold of the settlement system, many seem to have forgotten the fantastic character creation screen at the beginning of the game, which spawned some of these great creations.
The official Fallout Twitter account has said that details on console mods are coming soon. The secret behind Fallout 4 Railway Rifle is out, read below to find out everything about this cool weapon in the game.
Enter the house and look for a terminal on the first floor: it will provide you some clues about Big John shelter's position (specifically, where you will find the rifle).
At the back of the house you will find Big John's shelter, it' a blue carriage in the middle. Big John's Railway rifle is in the shelter, grab it and don't forget to loot everything you find in there, since there's some precious stuff you might not want to miss at all.

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This settlement will become an allied settlement after completing the quest a€?Troubled Watersa€?. The territory reaches the overpass nearby so you can build stairs to connect and set up additional Beds for your human settlers.
The Junk Fence is a tall fence that can be used to secure settlements against Raiders and other outside threats.
It’s inspired post-nuclear town planning in many a Sole Survivor, and produced some awesome creations, especially from our own Managing Editor Holly Green.
Jug describes it as a “massive self sufficient structure.” In the video, he explains that building the tower only makes sense at Abernathy Farms, due to the settlement having the tallest height limit in the game. The Railway Rifle is a weapon you will find really useful while traveling across Fallout 4's Boston.

The robots don't need beds so you only have to worry about your human settler's bed requirements.
This section of wall has some rubber to add to its durability as well as some barbed wire on top. This section of wall has some rubber to add to its durability and looks as though it has barbed wire across its top. The grand hall is so big, he had to rebuild the entire back wall and expand it to make room.

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