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This exterior sliding pocket doors has a special advantage which can allow you to save your house space especially for a small house.
The function of this wooden sliding door is also the same like the previous glass sliding door. When you want to display the warehouse door that has a lot of benefits, ease of use, the display is beautiful as well as provide the power that remained in the long periods of time. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I built a couple of wooden sheds (okay, glorified yard barns) and wanted to equip one of them with sliding type barn doors. To hang the railing, first place a temporary spacer about ?" thick under your door opening.
I have done a similar type door on a bedroom (single door) using the rail from an actual garage door. Save interior space and showcase your DIY skills by building a sliding door from reclaimed building materials and bubble-glass panels. DIY Network's Blog Cabin 2013 is a circa-1892 coastal cottage located along the Crystal Coast in North Carolina. A sliding door can be a great space-saving design choice, especially when covering a larger opening.
If adding a door opening, be sure to consult a licensed contractor or structural engineer to confirm requirements for load-bearing walls and structural headers.
With the outline of the tenon transferred to the side of the stile for the mortise, drill a series of 1" holes to remove the bulk of the material. Commonly, this kind of door is applied in back part of the house to connect the house to the pool or the garden. With double glass doors will give your house additional light and it is simple to open in a direction.
Exterior glass sliding doors is perfect choice for a house with wonderful scenery in the outside. Sliding Barn Door Hardwere has rollers that are useful to place the wheel bearings door open or currently in the lid. Set your door on top of this spacer and mark the height of the top edge of your door (I have not covered the door or door construction in this Instructable). To me, it seems if you bumped maybe one of the doors from inside--especially the one without bottom metal piece--it could pop off top track and fall.

The home has been remodeled, based on online voters' selections, and will be given away to one lucky winner in a home sweepstakes in Fall 2013. Utilizing time-honored woodworking techniques, the door can be built at home from a variety of materials. The door size for a ceiling-mounted track should be the width of the opening to the outside of trim by the height of the wall minus the track and wheel depth, blocking and a half inch. Cut the vertical center stile to the height of the door minus the height of the upper and lower rails.
Some of exterior glass siding doors are set to open in a direction or two directions-right and left. But the effect by installing this wooden exterior sliding door is it does not allow you to see the scenery outside of the house.
Sliding Barn Door Hardwere has a traditional look, but with slide styles in use make these doors also provide a modern look. For ceiling installations, also ask what blocking may be needed overhead to support the weight of the door. Next cut two more pieces for the top and bottom rails to 1 inch longer than the total width of the door.
Using chisels and an orbital sander with 60-grit pads, slowly fit the mortise and tenon together.
Glass sliding doors can come with frame surround the door, other doors come without frame but only with thick glass and knobs on it. I plans to redecorating the front with French style like the first picture you’ve provided here. With a carpenter’s level, use this upper marker to draw a line extending 6' to either side of the center of the door opening. It could increase fresh atmosphere in the house to help recharge the power when the owner feel exhausted. This exterior sliding door has doubled paned of glass so you will not hear any annoy sound from the outside.
Numerous materials can be found in this sliding door type, such as wood, glass, metal, plywood, etc.
With glass material on the half part and others material in any color on the lower part of the doors give this sliding barn door modern touch. You can also add display door by providing a window on the top of the door, thus giving the benefit as an exchange of air inside the warehouse.

I was kicking myself because I tore down an old shed and didn't save the sliding door hardware, this will be perfect! Other materials and styles of sliding door also interesting to be selected; it is based on the house need of this exterior door. Remove the bulk of the material around the tenon using crosscuts from a circular saw set to the proper depth for each cut.
Waterproof sliding door is important when the storm comes, and this feature also available on this sliding French door.
It is up to you to select them; they have benefits which allow you to have natural scenery, additional light, good air circulation, and other features in your house. Once the rough tenon has been formed for all four corners, mock up the rails on the stiles and transfer the tenon outline to the ends of the stiles. Any color can be chosen based on your desire such as: white, dark brown, and black for the door frame. But they also have effect which will need more space on the wall, easy to be scratched and smashed. AND, I did a little tweaking to this idea because the hangers and wheels,for a similar PRO MFG. Then with an assistant holding the Superstrut in place just above the line you drew earlier, mark and drill holes in the building for the lag screws. If there is no stud directly behind this hole, you will need to cut and nail a 2x4 support between the existing studs directly behind the hole.
Then assemble the Superstrut and angle iron and screw them to the wall as shown in the photo.Set the right hand door in the door opening and temporarily clamp it or have someone hold it in place so that it is centered in the door opening. I mounted a slider using your idea behind one of the book case units that had a closet handy on the otherside of the wall(in the office.
You will note that the outer most lag bolt will act as a stop, preventing the wheels from ever running off the end of the rail. This made a retention plate, (spaced from the wall)mandatory to allow the door to stay from pushing into the wall making it hard to move. I used a piece of thick styrofoam, protruding slightly more than what's called for and this keeps the opening(secret doorway)snug and unnoticeable to the eye.

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