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In this post, I present my choice for Low-power HTPC build 2014, which can function as a HTPC NAS combo. Update (Dec 11, 2015): Here is my updated low-power energy efficient HTPC NAS combo build for 2016. AMD hit a home run with the AMD 5350 2.05Ghz Quad-Core Kabini Processor and this APU is currently one of the best HTPC processors available. While there are many AM1 motherboards, and some of them very inexpensive (like this MSI motherboard for just $30), I went with a slightly more expensive motherboard from ASRock. To remind again, this HTPC build 2014 was primarily for acting as media center and network attached storage device for both media and personal files.
About AnandAnand is a self-learned computer enthusiast, a part-time blogger, and a Food Scientist by career.
STOP: If you need support to troubleshoot a problem please post it in our Support Forum instead. With 2 HDDs (2×10 Watts), 2 SSD (5 Watts), Processor (25 Watts), and extras (20 Watts).
The Searles' characterful self build is inspired by Scandinavian low-energy design but bursting with traditional style When a house with land came up for sale in their Cambridgeshire village, Rob and Sandra Searles jumped at the chance to purchase it, with the intent of knocking it down and building their dream home in its place. Furthermore, it was too small for the Searles’ needs and sited on the corner of the plot, next to a lane that had a popular veterinary surgery. Although the plot had been part of the village for hundreds of years, it was outside the boundary and deemed to be in the countryside. The Searles modified a Scandia-Hus design for a chalet bungalow to get the maximum floor area for the volume available and submitted drawings for approval. Once consent was granted, the Searles sent Ian’s drawings to Scandia-Hus for its designers to convert the plans for factory production of their timber frame. The Searles resubmitted plans with a full basement and it only took a week to receive approval for the revised design. The couple project managed the build, with Rob taking control of the contractors and the day-to-day management on site and Sandra overseeing the finances. Construction commenced in May 2007 with groundworkers arriving on site to dig a 3.5m-deep hole for the basement. The only big problem the Searles came across was water leaking into the basement before they fitted it out. The Searles chose a fully sarked roof so that when the Scandia-Hus team left, the house would be completely weathertight. Rob and Sandra added 17 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to their garage roof a couple of years after they completed the project.
The Searles wanted a low-maintenance home, so all the flooring downstairs is ceramic tiles or engineered oak boards. The Searles' home was one of six nominated for Best Self Build or Renovation Project in the Build It Awards 2014. Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores.
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Imagine constructing a sturdy brand new home from start to finish in just 10 days – a process that would normally take at least six months and involve significant manpower.
Far from being a gimmick, it’s already a reality thanks to the rise of 3D printing which is making waves across the world.
Asia has also been swept up by the trend, particularly because of its potential to shrink construction budgets and timelines. This idea has struck a chord with the Philippines government – after Lewis Yakich, a material science engineer from California, who owns the Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles City unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed hotel suite. His 130-square-meter, two-bedroom villa took about 100 non-consecutive hours to print (including a 3D-printed jacuzzi) – and he has big plans to scale up his 3D printed buildings to include low income homes in the Philippines. The former architect also says it could prove valuable in the aftermath of natural disasters, building existing technology was employed after Typhoon Haiyan.
3D printing addresses the issues of speed of delivery and immediate occupancy and “none of the occupants [disaster victims] would really care about defects” that would likely occur in a project during the experimentation stage, Abarquez explains.
However, he believes 3D printing is still received with much skepticism within the industry. “After all, it is being introduced in an industry that has been used to labor-intensive projects and traditional approaches that have been tested with time,” he says. Abarquez adds that he can “see a lot of opportunities to have this technology adapted specifically on off-site fabrication of common elements and external building cladding elements”. But, ultimately, given the huge upfront investment, the decision would come down to “how quick the return on investment would be”. 3D print designer Andrey Ruchenko, who worked with Yakick on the hotel project believes that while the large scale 3D printing of buildings is still a work in progress, it has huge potential.
It may be early days for 3D printing but with high interest levels and competition in the industry, the next few years could herald big changes in the way homes are constructed both in the Philippines and elsewhere. He said the affordable houses to be built by SPNB would not be restricted to Bumiputera buyers alone but more towards achieving objectives of the National Housing Policy. The primary objective is to provide adequate, quality and affordable homes to low-income earners.
SPNB, wholly-owned by the Finance Ministry Incorporated, has been tasked with providing adequate and affordable homes for people in the low-income group and to revive abandoned housing projects. The company’s key resource areas are to strengthen its finances, reduce liabilities and risk in every housing project carried out, boost housing sales and explore new business opportunities to expand the scope of the construction industry. The objective will be to make this home theater PC build function as a media center PC attached to the TV as well as be ON 24×7 working as a network attached storage device. This media center PC will have enough horse power to play HD and ultra HD (4K) videos or decode videos on the fly for a Plex media server.
For just about $60, it is a best value processor that offers great graphics and CPU performance while only drawing 25 Watts of power or less.
I needed at least 2 (for SSD and Storage Drive) and preferably more (possibly a Bluray drive or RAID in future?). Having the option to supply power through a laptop brick power adapter takes out the need to have PSU inside the case – less heat generation and less noise).
If not possible I suppose I have to use a bigger case with bigger slow moving fans- cooler master elite 110 or else.

If you just want to stream media, why don’t you just get a roku or something like that for under $100. They also kept architect Ian Abrams on board to check each phase and ensure those involved stayed true to his design. It's topped with mix of tiles in various colours reminiscent of East Anglia to complete the roof. They’ve installed extra insulation in the roof, a mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system and wet underfloor heating. Timber finishes are a recurring feature throughout the dwelling, with Swedish oak used for the skirting boards and architraves.
Since the first houses were printed in China in 2014, many other engineers have been experimenting with the technology from the world’s first 3D office in Dubai to the world’s first 3D printed canal house in Amsterdam. Since this will be an always-on machine, it was important to have low energy consumption to keep electricity costs low.
Let me remind you that I wanted to stay within the 29 Watts that my previous HTPC build was drawing. This may even be enough for a Windows 8 HTPC but I would recommend going for 8 GB RAM for Windows builds. I think that most people that are going to spend $400+ on an htpc expect there to be live tv capablity, which ususally means Windows and maybe a network tuner.
Glatthaar solved it by injecting waterproof self-sealing foam into the basement and thankfully the problem hasn’t reoccurred,” says Rob. All the ground and first floor doors are in engineered or veneered oak, while pine doors are installed in the basement. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. The Philippines is in such need of low income housing that this technology is perfect for it.” He estimates 3D printing could save around 60 percent on traditional building costs.
My current HTPC NAS combo is a MSI Wind Nettop PC with Atom 330 dual core, 2 GB or RAM, and 1.5 TB Samsung EcoGreen drive.
But in my case, I wanted a HTPC NAS combo and the Mini has option for only one mSATA drive. I am not so sure about its HTPC, gaming, and 4K playback (applies to amd as well to a certain extent). Another key point is that this will not be a Gaming PC even though it can handle some moderately graphics intensive games. This will also allow the OS to spindown the HDD during low activity thereby reducing power consumption. This home theatre PC may not blow a hardcore gamer or a pro HTPC builder out of their mind but for an average home user this HTPC build 2014 is great and may even be good for 2015 and later. With Kodi 14.0 Helix stopping support for CrystalHD cards, I had to find way to upgrade my 4-year old system with a good low budget HTPC build 2014. If you choose to do a RAID, don’t worry the ASRock board has enough SATA ports to allow that.

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