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Easy metal whirligig, use a soda can, you can cut strips of the can to make the blades of the whirligig.
Now for the best solution, making metal whirligigs could be fulfilling work if you have a sheet metal business. Posted on June 3, 2013 at 6:17 pm by Shin Densetsu under Gundam Toy News Amiblo has posted a new article giving us a behind the scenes look at the upcoming Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair figure. There haven’t been many figures of the Exia in its 1st Repair mode, and the same goes for plamo.
For those that have this in hand, does this have any improvements over the metal build 00 gundam? The professional tools are expensive, but after you learn to measure, cut and weld, you can just make them.
Remove one end, and cut the marks down to the bottom of the can leaving about an half inch of can.
They’ve posted several images, including a comparitive look at previous releases in addition to 1st shots of the prototype. I think Turn A Gundam would be an interesting choice for the next metal build.As for the next metal fix series, I'd rather have the Sinanju rather then the Banshee, but I guess the Banshee has a higher chance of happening since it's a retool of the Unicorn.
BTW, The OO Riser discussed previously is an exclusive, which will be released this August.

What is up in the air it the fact that we do not know if the 7-swords parts will be included.
I have the first issue of the metal build seven swords gundam and found that the joints have a tendency to loosen over time (just like any Bandai toy, I suppose).
Some C-Channel, rollers, bearings and a bottle jack — You have yourself a useful tool for you metal workshop. If you want designer then go to any of the many garden deco websites and look for your style.
When we posted news of this figure last week we had only seen a few images, but now we have way more!
The only flaw I am noticing is some paint bleeding on the right side of the vents on the chest.
The waist joint has become sickeningly wobly and one of the ankle joints is loose enough to not be able to hold a pose. I've swapped out the fist only once , plugging in the sword holding right hand instead of the close fist.
Another way is to use the propeller blade to a model airplane for a pattern, or just use the already made prop. Place this blade set onto the end of a can that is not cut, but threaded onto a coathanger that has one side removed.

I can understand if you constantly change out the fist that it would loosen the ball socket. I am not into cutting out metal and I am sure it would cost more in time and tools to do it than the project would be worth. It was transformed into the destroy mode, has weapons attached and is in a regular stationary position, joints are still all strong.
Use the top of the hanger to hold the whirligig wherever you want it to hung where wind will catch the blades. The blades must be separated so they don't bump into each other if you use more than one blade. All they really needed to do is take some of the parts from the existing model kits and assemble them and cast the interframe in yellow and change the armor to black. I get it to the pose I like and it stay like so until I run out of space and needs to reposition them.
I cannot wait to receive it, so I can place it next to my GFFMC 0 Gundam mimicking the final battle from the last episode.

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