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The Premium model is larger (see dimensions below) and has a long vertical handle (see images) Wood on the inside - Metal on exterior . The heavy wooden frame is built from laminated sections for strength and stability, and is fitted with a rubber seal to all four sides. Glass Sauna Doors give a modern, clean feel to the Sauna, and are usually best in any commercial service. The impression of spaciousness provided by a Glass Sauna Door also makes this type particularly suitable for smaller sauna cabins. Vintage Doors is your premier source for handcrafted, solid wood doors that set you and your home apart from everyone else. Endless handcrafted styles complete with sidelights, transom and energy efficient low e glass. We can produce 'Polytec' (Thermo laminated) vinyl door frames which will give your kitchen cabinetry an open, spacious feel and provide a unique display area to show off much loved ornaments or kitchen accessories. Download and print your very handy DIY kitchen sketch pad to start determining the space you have and the dream kitchen that could fit in it.
There is no doubt that Sing Core is responsible for the best doors in the world that can be built in any size for any functional purpose that can be guaranteed to not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full fifty years of regular use, even though Sing Core does not build doors. Some individuals can be confused when they visit Sing Core and expect to just buy a pre-hung door that is the best door in the world, only to find that Sing Core does not actually make the door. In the real world, an architect, engineer, designer or the client conceives of the concept of their desired door. The first step is the idea of the door, that beyond conceptual design is reduced to its most simplest form: The height, width, thickness of the door and the exterior material that is to be featured on the exposed surface(s) of the door. The idea is then submitted via trade professional (possessing wholesale privileges) via our online quote request. If the client’s expectations include trouble-free high performance over a long life, the resulting design will be given special treatment resulting in a professional door base.

The resulting specifications are sent to Sing Core’s factory to custom assemble all the substructure components and composite materials necessary to achieve the results sought by the client. This includes interior framing, insertion of Sing’s patented torsion box core material, solid inserts, lock blocks, fusion of other inner and surface materials plus any specified lite cutouts for installation of glass windows. After the Sing Core factory has created the base door (door blank) it is sent to the door finisher; this could be a door manufacturer, custom millwork, industrial engineers or high end craftsperson specializing in ornate doors for elite consumers. The door finisher applies the final finish to the door (trimming, edge routing, painting or other finish treatment), drilling, preparing the finished door for hardware and will likely install the glass (if specified, though sometimes this is done on site depending on the project). The door finisher may (or may not) pre-hang the door (install all hardware and attach frame).
Then the door is packed up and sent to the job site, where the attending licensed contractor installs the final door. In this sense, each and every Sing Door is a crowd manufactured project; it is a cooperative effort of many individuals from concept-to-installation, without whom no Sing Door would ever be made. The process is simple; if you are a door company or qualify for a wholesale account, you deal directly with us, otherwise, you must seek out a professional anywhere within the Sing chain who will contact us and deal with us directly and they will partner with us by submitting your request to make sure you get the best door in the world custom-designed for the high performance that you demand.
If you are seeking out a Sing Door, we know who you are; you desire only the very best and will not settle for less and we are proud to be the only door partner in the world who can help to make you a door of any size using any material and meeting or exceeding your expectations, guaranteed. You could be one of the best door builders by outsourcing your OEM guaranteed non warping door blanks.
Sing Core has served the building industry by providing the only Eco-friendly, insulated non-warp high-strength, lightweight door. Even the very challenging doors, large doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, all can be warp-free guaranteed for 50 years.
Using our design and build system, to create a unique traditional sauna, is simple and low cost.
Please submit any quotes or orders and we will respond to them when we return on December 1st.

Sing Doors are made of Sing Core, although we only supply the pre-configured base door material to achieve the results sought by the most demanding clients in the world.
In many cases the high concept doors are problematic; some of them are large doors, which tend to fail due to their enormous size, while others may feature exotic materials that are susceptible to warp.
The doors’ specifications are reviewed by our Non-warp True Flat Specialists, who can help determine what materials will be used inside the door to achieve the results expected by the end user. Contractors who build Sing Homes (entire homes built of Sing products) want the added strength, stability, insulation and non-warping doors in all egress points for added safety and security. The secret of the best door makers in the world is that they can use the Sing solution as their door’s base material to create a warp-free door, which is the best solution to the problem of warping doors, especially large doors which would otherwise be extremely prone to warp.
This revolutionary Eco-friendly building material is based on patented technology that is the best of old wood craftsmen’s technology (torsion box) and new composite technology (recycled rigid foam insulation) fused with advanced adhesives and enhanced with patent pending non-warp stiffeners.
These are available in many colours and combinations either to match your project or contrast. Sing Core has the technology to create a lightweight substructure that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound and can be structurally guaranteed for 50 years under normal designed and manufactured use. The result is an extremely lightweight panel that can span distances without deflection that has not been accomplished before in any affordable manner. Solid wood interior doors also add a touch of class and charm to your home that you will appreciate for years to come.

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