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The contractor who installed these double French doors leading to the patio did an awful job installing the simple door trim around it.
These doors lead to the lush, flowery shaded patio, and deserved far better moldings to mark the transition. It was such an easy style to install that I didn’t bother taking installation pictures of it.
In the near future I’ll have to build another one so I can show those of you who are new to decorating with moldings all the steps. Below  The gap in that miter joint is big enough to throw a cat through it.  This blog does not in any way endorse the practice of cat-throwing, however poking them to make them yap in indignation is encouraged. Below  At what point in your growth as a craftsman —  let alone a businessman — does the below carnage become acceptable? This should serve as a warning to those of you who are going to hire a finish carpenter to install your moldings — not all finish carpenters have the standards of finish.
There’s a whole set of diy installation instructions at DOOR TRIM-133 if you need some tips on how to build this door trim pattern at home.
It would help a bunch if you could email me a few pictures so I can see what you’ve already got. All of my pictures are linked to the posts they appear on, yet people find them like you did all the time — not attached to the content page. I discovered this simple fireplace mantel in the hospital and doctors’ quarters in old Fort Mackinac. And now that I’ve played around on Instagram for a few days, I think I see how it might be fun.
The other day I was riding my bike down the gravel farm roads of Michigan’s thumb area, when I found this elegant front door surround in the charming town of Lexington. Lexington sits on the shore of Lake Huron, and has been a popular summer vacation destination for a very long time, even as far back as when this home was built. In its understated simplicity, this door surround sends the powerful message that the visitors who enter by way of the front door are important. This year I want to take you inside a series of historic homes that I find on my travels, either by car or by bicycle, hence the molding safaris. But this being mid-winter in Michigan, I could not find a soul to take me inside any of the homes I found this weekend.
I was digging around in my photo files and looking for something short and sweet to write about, when I found this MDF frame I built around this wall plug.
When laying out wall frame moldings in a room (I used PM-014 to make these wall frames), you will more than likely have to make the pattern take priority over what limiting factors the moldings are going to run into, like electrical outlets and air return vents.
The room turned out even nicer than I had imagined, and is still one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done.
Charlie, your attention to detail is to be commended, both from a design as well as an installation standpoint. 2015 has been the best year I’ve ever had for the number of readers who shared their molding projects with me, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Some of your projects were simple while others were complex, but all were beautiful; their creators should be justifiably proud. And it gives me great pleasure to present Linda’s bathroom renovation as my last post for 2015. I have done some small projects in the past but my bathroom was my first complete remodeling attempt.
As I was getting closer to finishing the project, I wanted to skip some steps but I didn’t.

Obviously, due to our modern lifestyles and material availability, we simplified a lot of the trim without compromising quality. We are very hands on during the entire process, and we do some of the work when knowledgeable craftsmen are not available. Farmhouses built around 1900 are usually one of three period styles: Greek Revival, Victorian or Craftsman. I’m a big fan of window valance boxes, and Howard cleverly figured out a way to transition his right into his flying crown molding. A chair rail like this one is just the thing to help give Howard’s dining room the detail it deserves. So far you’ve done an excellent job, and I look forward to posting more of your beautiful work! Last week I drove through the historic farming community of Yale, Michigan, and stopped into the Red Dog Cafe (Google Map) for a bite to eat.
I was married when I bought my first home, but I could only just afford it as is; there was no money to hire a craftsman to upgrade the moldings. So as you approach your 2016 molding projects, don’t think about how your upgrades will increase the value of your home, think about how what you do increases the happiness of your family. Merry Christmas to you, dear reader, and thank you for sharing your 2015 molding projects with me. I just finished painting it because we have upcoming Christmas party that forced me to put in the time and get it wrapped up. You’ve done a fantastic job installing and painting this ornate, eight-piece crown molding.
And hosting a Christmas party is the perfect reason to find the motivation to finish all kinds of home improvement projects, I’ve done it myself a number of times.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The inside of the closet can either be flat-stock casing or the same as what you have as your subordinate door trim in the rest of the house. And let’s face it, as a small business owner, something like this has got to be either neccesary or fun, or else it will sit forgotten in some dusty, digital corner of my office. To build one like this would be a very easy thing to do, which makes me scratch my head and wonder why more people don’t replicate them. But at least I was lucky enough to find one open pub in Lexington where I was served a tasty hot lunch.
Linda is a self-proclaimed molding newbie, and yet her project turned out as if she were a seasoned professional.
For a long time, I wanted a room in my home that had character like the pictures in the decorating magazines I have seen. Nothing worth keeping except the cabinets because the style of everything was from the seventies. As you already know, doing trim work takes a lot of time and is hard work but I”m already thinking about the next room to do.
Working many years at a commercial architecture firm in Houston, I have a drive for details in their proper context. Had I passed your beautiful farmhouse on my own, I would have never guessed it was a new build. And while one of these themes will dominate the structural design, the decorative elements may be a mix of one or even two of the others. This room is a 12 X 12 box with 9 ft vertical walls and a two sided vault sloping up to 12 ft.

Inside the restaurant I found this charming Christmas display carefully tucked inside a righteously red wall niche. But I wanted to surround my family with the sense of place that I felt classical moldings gave a home. I had waited so long for a post on CROWN MOLDING-102, and was so excited but didn’t get started on it until last April. My guess is that you’d find very few finish carpenters willing to take on a crown molding like this, and yet you’ve done a superb job all by yourself!
Crafted from solid bronze, this door knocker includes a strike plate and mounting hardware. Crafted from cast iron, this front door ornament includes necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.
Crafted from solid brass, this front door ornament includes necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.
After 10 years, & still not through yet we will be trying to move there this summer when school is out from our home in Colorado City, Tx. But not a single motel was open, so I had to zoom north to Port Sanilac to snag the one available motel room in the area. I also replaced the builder-grade casings and baseboard with moldings more befitting the new crown. I hope reading her story and seeing her beautiful bathroom inspires you to tackle more projects in 2016!
I didn’t want a detailed baseboard taking the eye away from the beautiful tile but I needed a wide board to balance the crown molding.
I’ve enjoyed past published articles of trim and referred to a few while constructing our house. My husband had dabbled into architecture during college, but ultimately ventured into programming. You and your husband did an outstanding job and I can’t wait to see more of your home!
And so I slowly began to teach myself the craft of designing and installing historically inspired door and window surrounds, crown molding and large baseboards.
What we need to know about the breakdown of the pieces and how they go together, yet not spoon fed every little step or measurement. Our exterior doors are far from being energy efficient & we would like to put storm doors, but something that looks fitting for the house.
It really makes the crown moldings stand out (Fundamental White by Sherwin Williams & HGTV). But the moldings in these simpler homes are usually the details we want emulated in our own homes. I used the simple flat-stock for the Plinth Block so they would blend well with the baseboards. For example, by far the most popular molding pattern in my Pattern Book is DOOR TRIM-133, a simple Victorian door surround. We would love to see a picture of any of your victorian houses with storm doors to give us some ideas. I figured the crown molding was going to be the hardest part to do so I started at the ceiling.

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