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Anonymous asked: I am torn between the HP Envy 17, the AlienWare M17x R3 and the MacBook Pro 17".
I know a lot about computers so I can fix any problems i get with Windows 7 so the OS is not a factor in buying a computer for me. Hi Seena, I’m a Mac guy and the Mac laptops are exceptional, so they are easy to recommend.
WISE mapped the entire sky in the infrared and found a treasure trove of fantastic objects (see Related Posts at the bottom of this post).
Betelgeuse puts out a lot of light in what we think of as red, but to WISE that’s actually a short wavelength, so the star looks blue in the picture. Superluminous news & images here – although a blue Betelguese for the archetypal red supergiant just seems wrong! Question from a non-astronomer – and forgive me if this was brought up previously – but is WISE actually finding more dust than what we knew existed, or is it just imaging what we already know exists? And that big Orion mosaic from top 2010 – I got it printed out as a big poster that now hangs on my door.
If I squint at it just right, I can just about make out the NCC-1701 towards the top (a ways above Lambda Orionis) and a Romulan Warbird near the bottom (a bit to the left of center).
One thing that I wonder about, as a political scientist, is whether data releases like this are used by other researchers to do more science. Question from a non-astronomer – and forgive me if this was brought up previously – but is WISE actually finding more dust than what we knew existed, or is it just imaging what we already know exists? IIUC, most of the dust we see in the WISE images is stuff we already knew existed, because of the way it occludes our view of more distant stars. What WISE is showing us that’s really new is just how much structure there is in these dust clouds. The requirement was to release at least 50% of the sky in the first release, and so some margin was added to allow for problems with data processing. Not the 2MASS survey – wasn’t that IR or am I getting it mixed up with something else? Is it really so hard for the reporters to use the correct names and not confuse constellations (& parts thereof) and stars?

And what do we know about gravity from our experiences, plenty, but relatively boring events.
But electromagnetism and particularly the complex electromagnetic interactions which compose living systems is where the action is at for us humans. The price of $2,199 won’t make everyone happy, but considering what you are getting, this price is competitive. Design World Online provides the latest design engineering news, articles, tutorials, videos, and products. I guess I would be moving my laptop around but I don't think power would be a problem, I can probably find a plug anywhere. The GPU is different, in the M17x there is the GTX 460m, the Envy has the 6850m and the Mac has the 6750m. It has the looks and the feel of a MacBook and it has some of the power and the features of Alienware (3D). At the center is the star Lambda Orionis (the red one in the middle of the ring), a supergiant that, along with other massive stars, is warming up this vast cloud of material about 130 light years across.
This shot here is from the supremely talented astrophotographer Rogelio Andreo, and is part of an enormous mosaic of Orion that is so tremendous I chose it as my top astronomy picture of 2010. Lurking in its data are millions of galaxies, untold nebulae, asteroids, comets, and much more. Betelgeuse (contrasted with the blue Rigel and Bellatrix) is my go-to star for showing people stars have color. In other words, does this change the amount of matter we thought previously existed in the universe? That’s common in the social sciences, and is really expanding the scope of who can do research. PLA is a popular build material in 3D printing because of its strength and ability to make large prints without cracking or warping. According to MakerBot, this new slicing engine is up to 20 times faster than the previous technology. When it comes time to choose print settings, it simplifies the process while still leaving the control in the user’s hands.

The 3D printer comes equipped with an updated dual-extruder tool and an updated heated build platform. Now the envy and the M17x have 3D SC which is kind off a plus, I can make 3D SC Animation's. Also the Evny 17 has Eyefinity with lets me run three screens together, Photoshop on a screen, Maya on the other and Google on the 3rd. I cropped it to roughly the same field of view, and you can see Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, and the nebula. If you have a favorite object (I have hundreds) then take a look at the archive and see if they’re in there.
Professional engineers, many who are printing experts, might not be that impressed with these features. Also the Envy and Alienware have numb-pad which the MacBook Pro doesn't have even though it has the space for it.
Marking Orion’s shoulder, Betelgeuse is a red supergiant, destined one day to go supernova. But this development is an indication of things to come in the industry—a convergence of size, capabilities and features, and price at the lower end of the 3D printing market. Probably the most fun you ca have is when you highlight a bunch of icons and then drag them into another group of icons and watch them scatter like bowling pins.There are two version of Real Desktop software, Real Desktop Standard and Real Desktop Professional version. The dust ring in the WISE picture is on the outside of the hydrogen, where temperatures are somewhat cooler. Real Desktop Standard release as freeware and price of professional version is 27.95 Dollars. This program is good and it has a certain aesthetically pleasing quality about it, but it lacks the real customizational power that Bumptop has.

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