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Luckily I had a copy of Blurb’s book How to Make a Gorgeous Photo Book to advise me and I think the printed end result looks great.
Designing the book on my PC using Booksmart was much faster and easier than some other photo book services like Snapfish which make you design the book in your web browser. PS it’s a little known fact that the National Library of Australia wants to keep a copy of every book created by an Australian or about Australia. My wife and I think there is room in the coffee table book industry for a book that shows off the cool food truck art that is navigating the country. What type of finish is applied to the surface of the wood?The product is sold as unfinished. Can the furniture be used outdoors or in a covered patio area?It’s hardwood so it can be used outside, but please be aware that the colour will change to light grey. What is the production time of the furniture?The production time is up to 16 weeks, if not in stock.
Colour disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the colour displayed on this site is accurate, however actual colour may vary.

I’ll try it myself and make a photobook of my family for this coming christmas get together. It seems massive yet because the design incorporates many open spaces, in the end, the look and feeling is light and easy to live with.
During the treatment of the wood it is put in a bath which evens out the colours of the different types of pieces that are used and makes it a bit darker, but there is no special finish.What happens when I spill something on the surface, is it stain resistant?Teakwood is hardwood so the liquid will not penetrate but will show on the surface. In the winter time, when the house is heated, please put some water in a cup in the room to enhance the humidity.
What looks like useless scrap wood is taken from old disused houses, bridges and railroads and transformed into beautiful furnishings and decor for your home. Each year 7,200 tons of recycled iron pipe fittings are exported to Europe, Asia and South America, along with producing an 80% share of the domestic market.The amazing part is watching all these steps done by hand from 1,000 workers cutting, pouring, sandblasting and finishing each pipe. To avoid stains wipe the whole surface of the furniture equally (not just the spill) with a wet cloth.
You only need some skills for this project, like the ability to stack and occasionally re-stack of hard books to your temporary creation.

The idea of stacked book coffee table is better than just storing your books on shelves, put them to work.The coffee table will act as the centerpiece of the room, so you have to make sure you can make the great one using those books. By creating a coffee table, it will make a great showcase for books of all sizes, ages and styles. And it will just show to the guests who visit your house, the intelligence side of you.There are some steps that you can carry out actually. You can measure the size between your coffee table that you would make and the length of your couch. Last, for the flat surface, you can use either the beveled glass or woods board that specially designed for table surfaces. But you should think more about the size of your stacked book coffee table, since it needs good calculation to prevent the tables fell off or destroyed.

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