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You may recall that about this time last year, I brought home a TON of antique windows, and among them were a bunch of the tall ones seen here behind our barn loft stairs. When my husband woke up on Saturday morning, I told him I wanted to go buy  lumber to build the cabinet (with the implication that he’d go with me to help me figure out what to buy). I printed out a photo of Maria’s cupboard, and he made notes of what the measurements of our cabinet would need to be to fit the glass windows that we would be using.
The next day, he added the crown moulding at the top, and the shelves inside, then I stained the outer edges, in preparation for the paint that would go over it. The milk paint did resist the Vaseline, but it only crackled in just a few small areas and NONE of that crackled paint came off – even with light scraping. The other problem was, this slate color of milk paint is really pretty (Old Fashioned Milk Paint brand), but it has a blue undertone, and that blue tone just wasn’t wanted I wanted for this cupboard.
I didn’t take photos of all the painting that transpired after that point, but I layered more of the light gray paint over the milk paint. Then I got a darker shade of gray paint, and added Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder to it, and did another sloppy coat over the light gray, being careful to ease up on the paintbrush to allow some of the lighter gray to show through where it had settled into the grain of the wood and the brush strokes. From the numbered tacks to the slightly wavy glass, the windows-turned-doors make the whole cupboard look like an antique. I wanted lots of texture and subtle tone-on tone inside the cabinet, so I used a few ironstone pitchers, and a stack of flour sack towels, along with an antique magazine and book, and a pair of spectacles.
I love the bright white taper candles in a crock sitting next to the rolled, aged book pages in bowl.
I love, love, love drippy wax on candles, and I believe there is a fine art to getting the perfect drippy candle. If I could curl up and sit on this shelf with this little beauty of an ironstone pitcher filled with baby’s breath, and the assortment of cotton thread spools, you can bet I would. A wire basket full of antique shoe forms and a stack of grain sack fabric, add a little industrial element to the cupboard.
I photographed it in my living room, but I’ll be moving it to a back bedroom, which will eventually (hopefully, soon) get remodeled as our bedroom. I’ve had the photo from Dreamy Whites on my Pinterest board for a while, but I would never have dreamed of trying to build one like it.

Angie, Tell your husband that was so awesome of him to just build that for you and then your team work in finishing it .
After seeing this post on Hometalk and then reading about the cabinet on your blog, I have signed up for your blog. The next step is to use a stack dado blade on the table saw and to groove the hardwood pieces for the center panel.
Using a miter saw or chop saw the forty five degree angles are cut on the kitchen cabinet door stiles and rails.
The first method that is used for gluing the mitered pieces together is known as a biscuit joint. Once all of the grooves have been cut into the stiles and rails, the wooden wafers that will create the bond between the two pieces need to be cut off. Kitchen cupboard doors are additional element for kitchen cupboards that seem important touch to decorations. Painting kitchen cupboard doors is the best options if you are planning not to replace your old cupboards door. If you are looking to replace them, you should make sure you know the right step by step in kitchen cupboard doors replacement.
Thank you Pinterest and your ceiling tin cabinet doors (which I LOVE) for bringing me here!
The machine that makes the groove for the wooden biscuit to fit into is called a Lamello machine. The author of the video suggest that before fastening the parts together with screws, the wood frame should be clamped and the glue should be allowed to thoroughly dry. Now let’s explore a few details on the second option for fabricating a miter kitchen cabinet door. It appears that this method may take a little longer to complete, but the creator of this instructional suggests that this is the preferred method of making these five-piece beveled doors.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Actually you can choose the best furniture for kitchen and should match your kitchen theme.

Replacement kitchen cupboard doors actually important when you are so boring with your current kitchen design. Don’t worried, there are many online source and form there you can learn in the right way to replace cupboard doors kitchen. These are hand-held power tools that can be purchased from any major hardware supply store. So you need to take some initiative to replace new doors for your cupboards.Some home owners might choose white kitchen cupboard doors as it looks more elegant and modern as well as clean. What you need to do is to make some research prior to painting your cupboard’s door.We all know that color and pattern will influence beautiful of your kitchen designs. I’ve been looking for an armoire to house my blankets and linens but this would be just as wonderful.
Just curious, since the depth of the cabinet is really narrow, would it be necessary to secure it to the wall? The developer also touches on how a stick and cope door or a full mortise and tenon style is made. In the movie he starts with a two and an eight wide piece because he will be adding cock bead molding on the outside of the door to make it the correct size after he attaches screws through the rails.
Not only for decoration and beauty purpose but to make your routine easier with kitchen cabinets. So you need to take some time to decide what color to choose in order to match with your kitchen wall theme or other kitchen furniture.. If you are short of budget, finding second hand kitchen cupboard doors is the right solution for you. Kitchen cupboard doors are something that important to take into account in order to enhance the beauty of your kitchen interior design. Glass door applied in kitchen cupboard eases you to see beautiful glassware stored inside kitchen cupboards.

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