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Since we are using Facebook in our day to day life and it's becoming so popular these days. Let me explain you today how you can create Facebook Desktop Icon and make a Facebook Shortcut with simple step by step print screen.
Finally your Facebook desktop icon created with few simple steps, share this tutorial on making shortcut for your Facebook with other friends. A desktop shortcut, usually represented by an icon, is a small file that points to a program, folder, document, or Internet location. Click the link in your browser window (usually underlined text) and drag it to the desktop. Select the wallpaper you want from the ones that appear or click the down-arrow in the picture location field to select another wallpaper category. Specify the drive and folder where the font you want to install is currently located. Select Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder (this puts a copy of the font you are installing in the Fonts folder). You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback.
Another feature worth mentioning regarding Desktop shortcuts is Desktop Icon Settings, which is an old Windows feature. And for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember, Microsoft used to allow a massive number of right-click functions.
The trick is to LEFT click on the app and drag it to the desk top unlike previous Windows where you right clicked to drag. Mac OS X: Users coming from Windows PCs are accustomed to desktop shortcuts, but it's not something that's seen often on a Mac. If you want to access frequently used folders, files and apps on a Windows PC, creating a desktop shortcut can be a huge timer.

Website bookmarks are great to have, but what’s even better are desktop shortcuts right on the desktop. If you’ve got an Apple Watch the lower left icon on that Glance — it looks like an iPhone with sound lines on either side of it.
As far as we can see, there is no way to make a group call from the Facebook browser on a computer (though you may be able to You can check for updates or download the app in the Apple and Google Play store. To file a bug report, click the New icon at the top and information pertaining to your Mac. In the early days of home computing, if you wanted to access a program, you had to know how to speak your computer’s You essentially can make Nova Launcher look however you want.
So to keep hunters happy, the Product Hunt team introduced a new Mac icon to view the day’s most upvoted products, games, podcasts, and books on the platform. I’ve got a new installation of Outlook on Windows 10 and I’d like to place a shortcut for Outlook on my Desktop. Creating a Desktop shortcut for Outlook in Windows 8 or Windows 10 is indeed not that straightforward. Maybe the easiest way to go, would be to right click Outlook in the Start Menu and from the context menu that pops up choose: Open File Location. To pin Outlook to your Taskbar, right click on Outlook in the Start Menu and choose: Pin to Taskbar. As mentioned before, this will also work for every other application of course and you don’t actually have to pin it to your Taskbar first if you have the application running already. A final approach would be to simply browse to the OUTLOOK.EXE file in its installation directory and use the right click option there to create a Desktop shortcut. I have already teach you about Facebook Shortcuts and gave you lots of user friendly Facebook Tips & Tricks. Clicking on a shortcut icon takes you directly to the object to which the shortcut points.

For example, if you create a shortcut to the program Microsoft Word, the name Microsoft Word displays below the icon.
If you do not see the Change Icon button or if the change icon button is dimmed, the icon cannot be changed. If the icon you delete does not have an arrow in the lower-left corner, it is not a shortcut and deleting the icon deletes the object. Note: If you would like to display an image you created, you can click Browse to find the image.
Now you just need to open the Start Menu (click on the Start button in the lower left corner), find the item you want to create a shortcut to and simply drag it and drop on the Desktop. His specialty are Windows-based mobile PCs, from tablets and ultraportables to full blown gaming laptops.
Fact is, you can make a shortcut for just about anything in OS X with just a couple of mouse clicks. The number of points assigned to a font is based on the distance from the top to the bottom of its longest character. It works for almost all items displayed on the Start Menu, including programs and features you can find on the main list (left part of the Start Menu) and tiles (right part of the Menu). Click it, and you’ll be presented with a Themes window with a link to Desktop icon settings. Shortcuts are merely pointers; deleting a shortcut does not delete the item to which the shortcut points.
From there you can put and remove This PC, User’s Files, Network, Recycle Bin, and Control Panel icons.

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