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A lusher grass, more textured dirt, and richer tilled soil are all available through Painterly. If green grass isn't your thing, there's also three grim versions of grass included - withered yellow grass, a dying fading sickly green, and a fully dead brown grass, for fulfilling all your modern day bloom-filled gaming experiences, or just making an accurate autumn look. A biome-compliant grass texture is of course an option, should you not wish to have static grass in a colour of your choosing. Tilled crops likewise come in styles to roughly match each of the dirt types, as well as variants for the wet tilled soil in drought and rainforest varieties, which contain tiny plants and sprouts.
Of course, as with Painterly grass, you can pick from long or short sides on your mushroom grass, and can match it with all 4 Painterly dirt styles. The sand and silt of shorelines are more colourful, and the glass features wood trim to create dazzling windows, or for use as a faux construction scaffolding.
Also available are a light monochromatic gravel, a higher-contrast medium-dark gravel, and a darker gravel to match the flint graphic and stand out better against light stone. Furthermore, there's a smoother sand, as well as a lovely rippled sand texture provided by internet sensation vexxy, 'Mirrodin' style base and metal 'sand' in normal and tarnished textures, and as well, there's a gazillion alternate glass tiles: alternate borders to match light wood, stone, silt, red clay bricks and bluegrey clay bricks, mesh screen, dungeon-style ornamental metal grates, prison cell bars, two types of grates, a metal cage, a thick metal frame, a pure glass-border window, and three 'classic' style windows - plain with shimmering corners, 'original style' bordered glass with streaks, and a borderless, streak-only pane that will make your fortress dapper. For winter worlds, 'wavy' shore-swept snowy sand and snow-frosted glass are now supplied, totally free of charge, with the glass available in a few common varieties.
A product of the ever popular "Mystic Ores" mod, Reinforced Glass is created with glass and obsidian shards, and functions similar to regular glass, but with the explosive resistance of obsidian.
Reinforced Glass comes in various metal, purple obsidian and black obsidian textures, including normal paitnerly glass style, classic glass, glass panes, thick-bordered glass, fine, thin and thick meshes, dungeon-style ornate grates, and prison bars.
Use your mighty tree-punching fists to blast sand into these amazing spider-resistant bricks!
By default, sandstone comes in a worn and aged pattern for that special 'ancient desert' look, but if you want, you can customize it to instead look like smooth-topped cobblesand, smooth-topped brick sand, sand bricks, sand cobblestone, sand pillars, smooth-topped sand pillars, realistic-styled impacted sand with and without smooth tops, or even egyptian-style blocks covered in heiroglyphs.
For those who want something a little out of the ordinary for their sandstone, a few options exist. Snow worlds get a slightly modified snow texture that's a bit easier on the eyes, and ice flows that have a bit of substance to them. Available for variety's sake for all your winter biomes and the like, is a lighter-coloured ice, a 'Mirrodin' style hexagonal icy ground cover, a wavy windswept snow cover, and a 'crunchy' snow layer, too. Perhaps one of the more drastic materials changes, the clay is now an earthy red clay in all its forms, to match the bricks and brick walls that are forged from it.
If this change is too drastic for you, alternate clay is included that much more closely matches the blue-grey of the original, as well as matching blue-grey bricks and brick textures. If the traditional brick options aren't your thing, there's also a few alternate brick types - a large brick option by Mug of Bro, worn mortarless bricks, and rough hewn stone with mortar. If a holiday flair is what you're after, a more whimiscal option that replaces the clay with dough, the bricks with gingerbread and the brick icons with cookies, is also an option. Three different brick icons are included - the default large brick, a smaller brick, and a stack. Smooth stone and cobblestone alike got an overhaul to fit the Painterly theme, and half-blocks of stone are now made from worked marble, to give a bit of class and variety to stoneworks across Painterly worlds. Nine alternate cobblestone options are available: a 'brick' cobblestone, a small brick cobblestone, two types of french tile patterns, aged bricks, a version with larger stone pieces, a Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired Marble Garden pattern, quarter- and sixteenth-tile panelling, and a marble 'marker' tile, useful for accenting smooth stone walls or marking your way in dungeons.
If that's not enough to tickle your fancy, then you will be pleased to know a lighter stone variant is also included, with all the normal variants for cobblestone included to match. Included by popular demand, is also a pair of 'realistic' stone textures - one in each stone colour! For those who want cobblestone that is wildly different from their smooth stone, but still immediately recognizable as stone, a medium-grey 'dungeon' brick texture can be selected for cobblestone, which goes great with both light and dark stone. Since there is only a single custom-texture half-block in the entire game, it seems like a cruel waste to have it only available as marble. For those who want to use the lighter stone, of course alternate light stone ores have been included. By popular demand, a variety of 'Doku-style' ores have also been added, changing up the usual veins of material for hearty chunks embedded in the stone.
For winterland explorers, glacial ice ore blocks and deep-earth garland lichens are included for a variety of winter-themed mining options.
A popular request in the past has been for more easily visible ores - and they have been added! Several additional ore textures were also added thanks to the Painterly Telethon - a uniform 'chunk' graphic set for iron, gold and diamond blocks, smiley creeper face iron and gold decorative ores, a chaos emerald-style diamond ore, bismuth, a 'tri gem' redstone, and a redstone geode.
The namesake of the wildly popular Mystic Ores mod, mystic ores come in four fantastic variations: verdite, mithril, adamantite and iridium.
Verdite, a common ore between stone and iron in strength, frees up your iron for more useful projects at the expense of slightly worse tool stats.
Adamantite is an extremely rare orange-red ore used for making the strongest of the standard tools.
Finally, Iridium is the most powerful of all ores - it pulses with a glowing energy and just might sterilize your cat if you swing the tools around too often. Another hallmark of the Mystic Ores mod, the Mystic gems come in amethyst, sapphire, emerald and topaz varieties, and are available in Painterly as both gem shards, and more fantastic gem orbs. For those who want a slight variation on their Topaz, a bug-studded amber variant is available, in the ever popular bee theme.
Sulphur and Niter are key components, along with Charcoal (not regular coal!) of creating gunpowder, and several other items, thanks to the magic of HogofWar's PeacefulPack.
Sulphur and Niter ore blocks are always found together, and come in 3 basic styles available in light or dark stone - classic Painterly ore style, fancy painterly ore style, and RPG style - as well as an ice version for all your Very Painterly Christmas users.
The mined ores themselves also have a few options - sulphur powder, large and small crystals, or a spiny burst of crystallized ore for sulphur blocks, and powder, powder collected in a bowl, raw crystals, and broken shards of niter vein for niter blocks.
HogofWar's PeacefulPack introduces Fossils to the game - mined normally, an alternate way to get bones, and mined with a softer golden pick to create snazzy decorative blocks. Fossils come in a rather large variety of options, and can be set in your choice of dark or light stone, or embedded in glacial ice.
For those wanting a more traditional fossil set, there's dinosaur and coelacanth fossils to use. Finally, there's a trilobite option, because let's face it - trilobites are pretty freakin' awesome. Often found dotting various ancient ruins and dungeons, these metal bars can be used for a variety of uses, from cells and cages to fences or windows. For those who want additional options in setting up gardens and the like, the various wood trellis options have also been added as iron cage textures, increasing the amount of options you have, at the cost of a little bit of recipe logic.
Iron blocks are available in many varieties - a mechanical gearbox perfect for booster stations or clock towers, a more traditional solid iron cube that better matches the original iron texture, an iron panel, iron plating with and without rivets, an industrial vent, a grate, large and small ingots, small ingots stacked in a 'brick' style for truly opulent palaces, ornate iron cubes, 'zelda'-style iron cubes, crates filled with ingots in both wood colours, blocks ornamented with a crescent moon, blocks ornamented with a smiling creeper face, and an iron-inset obsidian stone for decoration in black and purple.
If you just want spoils for your treasure chamber, then a stack of minecraft currency (I'm calling them "mojangs") are available in the iron denomination, as well as a coin stack texture.
Like iron, gold is available in several varieties - a slightly stylized block with a decorative cartouche, the traditional solid gold cube for more 'vanilla' opulence, gold panels, the same varieties of ingots in and out of crates, the stacked 'brick' ingots, plating with and without rivets, ornate gold cubes, zelda-style gold cubes, an ornamental star block, a gold star inset obsidian, a decorative smiling creeper face block, and a larger denominational mojang coin. When it comes down to it, forging diamonds into blocks doesn't really make sense, which is why I handwaved it with the awesome power of redstone - used to, I dunno, reassemble and grow diamonds organically into blocks from their consituent components, or something. If that's too far-fetched for you, rest assured that there's still the solid diamond block alternate, as with gold and iron, in 'block', cube, ornamental cube, zelda cube, gemstone, a piece of bismuth, and cut gemstone varieties, a pile of loose diamond slag, diamond shards in crates of both wood colours, and ornamental star insets in a piece of obsidian. This gorgeous blue rock can of course be condensed into blocks like most other ores, and makes a beautiful blue marbled tile for you to play with.
For those who want a little variety, there are panel-edged blocks available for checkerboarding with marble in three styles, zelda-type blocks to match the iron, gold and diamond ones, gold-trimmed ornate blocks for opulenting up your palaces, and some planetary blocks in obsidian to match the other obsidian decorative styles. These handly little tools are all the rage with budding redwire enthusiasts, sperglords, and music men everywhere. Marble panel delay circuits can be taken in plain, arrow, or ornate versions, or as a science-laden panel with an attached resistor (in two colour choices). Add a little terror to discovering dungeons with these new textures - a 'creeper larvae'-infested monster spawner block, and a mossy cobblestone replacement made of creeper larvae still in the process of corrupting their particular piece of stone. A myriad of options are available here: a more classic 'cold iron cage' version of the monster spawner, various ornate monster cages with or without different creeper insignias, a 'mass of eyes' creeper spawner, and a chinese style box, as well as traditional, actually-mossy mossy cobblestone available in the normal, brick, large and marker cobblestone varieties - in both stone colours, of course.
Should you want to shy away from the moss, but still want a ruinous dungeon atmosphere, there are two creeper-faced 'dungeon' cobblestone blocks, aged bricks in dark and light stone, and also shattered versions of both colours of large and small tile patterns for the cobblestone.
In the case of cobblestone brick options, the 4-tile, brick, aligned brick and fancy brick options have cracked variants are available for your atmospheric stronghold needs. For those who have changed their stone to glacier, matching mossy 'cobblestone' is of course included to keep things consistent. There are creeper face, creeper brick, various panel, screaming mouth, marker block, updated marker block, small smashed tile, and large smashed tile blocks in light and dark stone, as well as several panel and slab options for marble. The marble garden stone makes a reappearance here, as well, and if none of those options tickle your fancy, you can also choose from raw marble, basalt, or roof shingle options. With the advent of the special ornamental blocks, we here at Painterly sought fit to give you some outside-the-box options for them - namely, the ability to create stately marble pillars. Choose from simple, wide, or greek-style columns for your pillars, and plain, fancy, or greek-style bases and tops.
Enjoy a more richly-coloured, perhaps psychotropic indestructible black heart of the earth. Choose from a whopping six options for bedrock, depending on which particular version of the Painterly world creation myth you ascribe to.
Also to be had, are a more Nether-ly coloured hellish bedrock, a more mundane and traditional plain stone bedrock created by BARONS DEF CHARGER specifically for this pack, a lighter stone bedrock inspired by the original game texture bedrock which blends more nicely with stone and ore (available in both stone texture colours), dark heavy-packed ice in sheet and panel form, delicious candy cane (seriously!), caution strips, endless fields of ancient, earthy bones (with and without glowing skulls), and even a rather fantastical Kurmaraja turtleshell texture, on whose cosmic back the world rests. A plain white cloth texture suitable for not just cloth, but whitewashed walls or even carpeted floors, as well as a snuggly warm quilt texture for those cold autumn and winter nights, a frequently-requested stitched-edge cloth piece, a quilt pattern inspired by the grass design of ZekeySpaceyLizard in both plain, and a variety of unique dyed block patterns, and a more tweedy, textured cloth created by BARONS DEF CHARGER specifically for this pack. For those who want a change of pace, a rather whimsical pirate flag pattern is an option, as well as a mixed black and white checkerboard pattern - perfect for flooring. Based on a marvellous idea sent to me by one Sketch of the internet, a set of cloth blocks have been added to create a chess board, as well.
For those who want to experience the amazing world of stone pillars, and are willing to sacrifice dyed cloth instead of decorative blocks, a 'pillars' option is here, with two types of pillars represented in all 3 top and bottom options, as well as some marble and marble slabs to round the set out.
Another, more dramatic option for cloth is also available, which takes advantage of the multitude of new texture slots the cloth dyeing system enables. There's now more definition on the trees, and a richer, more layered leaf texture for the foliage. There are eleven options for bark - light and dark oak, young and aged pine, classic and dark palm, two varieties of red tibetan cherry bark, 'monster bark' in creeper pine variants and zombie-face, rough bark in two tones, jungle tree bark in two tones, and light and dark birch both with and without black spots.
A wide variety of jungle-themed leaves are yours for the picking - two shades of green exist for both classic-style jungle leaves and mangrove-style leaves, and each version can be taken in a traditional green leaves and pods option, classic minecraft-emulating leaves with fruit, or as leafy blocks with embedded cocoa pods.
Should even THOSE new leaf textures not be to your liking, then a third leaf texture is available too! Of course, a pine needle leaf texture is also included, to complete the pine tree look, with a matching sapling to boot, available in pine, spruce and cedar. Of course, a biome-compliant leaf texture is also included, in regular, broad leaf, darker broad leaf, mangrove, jungle, and pine, for those who wish to use biome-type leaves instead of leaves of their chosen colours. A few new crafting table variants have at long last appeared - a 'modern' dresser type table, and an 'ancient' rough wood version can be found, in light, dark, raw, aged, chestnut or pecan wood styles.
Lighter-coloured wood plank and crafting table variants are also available, which more closely match the wood plank style and colours of the original game textures, as well as raw, aged, chestnut or pecan versions if either of those aren't your style. Should the short planks not do it for you, rest assured knowing there's an option for more 'classic styled' wood planks as well - in all colours, as well as thick, heavy-nailed boards, wide wooden slats, whitewashed siding, and modern shingles.
Enchanting tables come in not only classic-style obsidian (in black, magma-streaked, and purple obsidian varieties of course), but also in light and dark wood to match your other crafting tables!
Featuring a painterly-style spellbook in brown or black for your enchanting needs, as well as your choice of either a diamond-trimmed or crafting-table style cloth top, you'll be the envy of all your sorcerous friends as you enchant in style!
Updated in the 1.8 Minecraft patch, chests have been transformed into a new animated box, with the large and small chests separated from each other. In the traditional light and dark wood colours, you have plain and fancy chests, for down-to-earth storage, or fancy stuff-holding action. For those wanting something a bit stranger, Cheapshot has forced me, at gunpoint no less, to make him a few types of special recursive safes for the small chest options.
Enjoy all of your chests in any combination you choose, but remember - store items responsibly and away from sources of lava.
The prize and pride of the Mystic Dungeons mod, treasure boxes can be found underneath ruins or within twisting dungeons, and come in both iron and gold varieties. Should the red bed not do it for you, a blue sheet bed can also be chosen, as can a patterned beige one, as well as a creepy creep-comfortor bed, a ghostly ghast bed, and a quilted bed using the same quilt found in the infamous Painterly Halloween Pack. A substantial upgrade, this record player not only has a gold-plated record slot, but volume knobs and cross-faders. A few different takes on the normal record player are included for good measure if the defaults aren't your thing - round speakers and turntables in various combinations - the latter of which, provided generously by all-around internet official person FuzzballFox. The wooden door is available in the style of the wooden chests and crafting table, in both wood colours, and features a large plate glass window for scouting outside to see if any creepers are lurking about. For a more medieval take on things, three heavy-clad doors have been brought to you by the wonderful Slye_Fox. For a more modern style of door, a few nice options are here as well - 'wardrobe' style doors in both wood colours with and without windows, and an almost wholly glass door to maximize your viewing angles. Should you not like these doors, two additional doors have been supplied by internet superstar Stragelet Wave - an alternate wood door with smaller windows and an engraved panel, and an alternate iron door in a style suitable for posh pagodas and dastardly dojos. Three of the more popular doors - the classic door, the windowed door, and the solid door, are also available in the decorative wood colours - raw wood, aged wood, chestnut and pecan - just the thing for jungle treehouses! For the sneaky and devious, alternate versions of iron doors have been added that allow you to create secret passages for adventure maps and the like. Introduced in Beta 1.6, Trap Doors are begging to be used in all manner of nefarious devices and structures. Should none of these doors suit your fancy, screen doors are an option, taken from a suggestion by Extranoise of Quandary Pack fame. Created by the impressive Nandonalt, the Beekeeping mod ads a very fleshed out, wonderful beekeeping system to the minecraft game, and so we here at painterly have tried to give you options beefitting (get it?) the brilliance of it all.

Included are a new hive texture, and apiary (bee box) options in dark, light, or modern whitewashed wood. More fun items which are part of Nandonalt's Beekeeping mod, these here are the various placable blocks you can craft with his mod, available in a small ton of styles and choices. The whimsical Honey blocks can be set to a smooth honey cube, or a dripping-sided honey block, or made up as waxy or plain honeycomb, or as light or dark honey-filled comb.
The forge is crafted from cobblestone and a marble half-block, with a marbled crafting area and thick-walled fireplace to better work the coals. Long overdue, a sturdy stone furnace option for the forge is now also included, in both stone colours, to give a more industrial, powerful feel to your forges. For those who want a modern option, a fancy oven is included, complete with a delicious mutton roast cooking inside.
Dispensers are all the rage these days, and they're not just the tool of engineers and junk food addicts, either! Depending on what dispensery you're after, you can select from a standard ornamental dispenser spigot, a simple hole or slot design, a winged gold ornamented expunger, or two variants of redstone interface panel designs - with the panel above, or below the dispensing nozzle. For those of you in the mood for something different, a nether aperature is also available, with a screaming ghast mouth (deflamed of course) bordered by a metal gate. Of course, to compliment your forges and dispensers, are a variety of toppers for both - plain stone, cobble stone, marker blocks, stone panels, industrial panels, vents, industrial vents, and industrial grates.
Pfaeff's amazing Allocator mods and the accompanying other blocks that go with it add several simple, yet extremely powerful tools for enhancing your game.
Allocators and Fans are available in five styles - classic-style brown stone, as well as a more ornate version of brown stone, light and dark stone versions, and a neutral gray stone that matches the neutral gray stone forge, dispenser and cobblestone. Jumppads have a ton of options too - use a classic style jump pad or a shiny, slimy version of the same, or make your jump pads solid slime blocks. Of course, in order to use these items, you must either download Pfaeff's Allocator mod, or the Amazopack.
A part of the ever-popular Peaceful Pack by HogofWar, Slime pools allow you to harvest slimeballs more safely, and raise captive slimes in a controlled environment, to suit your various diabolical needs. The slime on your sticky pistons automatically matches to the slime you've chosen, so no worries there! You can get your plungers in metal-gripped wood planks, a metal-gripped wood panel, a plain wood panel (all three available in light or dark wood styles), a plain metal face, a ridged edge metal face, or an industrial-style grate. For those with stairs in their houses, Pusherbot and Shoverbot faces have also been added as plunger heads for anyone wanting a little Pak Chooie Unf with their protection from the Terrible Secret of Space. As with the plungers, the sheer number of wood + stone combinations for pistons balloons out their numbers greatly, but hey, I threw in a few extras to make my life more difficult, as a bonus to you, the viewer at home. Piston bodies can be set to marble, dark stone, light stone, neutral dungeon stone, or industrial steel, as you desire. Marble pistons can be given plain marble sides, indented faces, and your choice of plain, indented, light or dark creeper face, gearbox, panel, vent, or grate backs.
Stone pistons can be given plain, plain with marble, or ornate decorated sides, embossed or indented faces, and your choice of plain stone, indented, creeper face, gearbox, four-panel, embossed, panel, vent, grate, or markerblock backs. Dungeoness stone pistons can be give dungeon-style or ornate sides, a dungeon-style faces, and your choice of dungeon-style, vented dungeon-style, panel or plain stone backs. Last but not least, industrial pistons can be given industrial-style sides, indented, light intented, or ornate faces, and your choice of gearbox, grate, panel, mojang panel, riveted panel, or 'Zelda style' backs. The basic blockstuff of the Nether, 'Netherrack' is terrifying, everburning, and possibly alive. Since we here at Painterly are dedicated to giving you the maximal options for your alternate realities, a metroid-inspired 'Brinstarium' base cover is also included should you wish to wildly change the apperance of your Nether. It seems that on rare occasions, such as a Very Painterly Christmas, hell can, in fact, freeze over.
Forged from Netherrack by some horrifying unknown power, this stone is sturdy stuff found in the ruins of ancient nether fortresses.
Bloodstone is a nether material introduced in the Mystic Ores mod, which can be combined with obsidian rods to craft powerful, but fragile tools suitable for the quick work and fast action often required in the Nether. Represented in Painterly by a heart-shaped blood-red crystal embedded into the netherrack, a bloodstone variant of course exists for every single one of the netherrack textures available to Painterly Pack users, for seamless and stylish transitions.
For those who want something a little closer to the original Mystic Ores bloodstone, four red bloodstone blocks are also options - broken stone, flat stone, crystal and heart crystal, as well as a bonus bloody hive texture for those stuck in bee hell. The other of the two nether ore types introduced in the Mystic Ores mod, Soulstone comes in three varieties - red, black and blue.
As elemental forces of chaos, soulstone is represented in painterly by crystal shards taking the form of hearts, spades and gaming pips (or exclaimation marks, if you will), as suggested by the wonderful folks at Gooncraft 2. The block of endless screaming faces, the Soul Sand drags you into itself and tries not to let you go. The 'traditional' screaming Soul Sand faces are available in original colour, zombie skin colour, meat-red, light stone, and dark stone, both with and without glowing eyes. Another take on the whole sucking you in idea, also included are a few colour versions of a block honeycombed with grisly holes and pits.
Finally, an option exists to set your soul sand to horrifying skeletal fields, in case horrifying zombie fields wasn't enough. Glowstone, also known as 'nether gold', 'lightstone', and various other terms, is an interesting little ore found in the Nether, which can be broken down and reformed to and from block and powder states.
Shale and rocky glowstone options round out basic glowstone texture types, glowstone chunks embedded in both shades of smooth stone can be found, and some interesting glowstone formations are also included, that suggest perhaps, that someone - or something - once terraformed or thrived in the Nether long before you. For those of you into interior decorating, alternate 'lantern' Glowstone blocks are now included as well, in both wood colours, in a few different styles. Anyone who wants to enter BEE HELL, or who just wants some awesome scenic gold moonlighting can choose from a honey cube texture for glowstone as well - also great as a pretend amber or topaz block for you recorator types. Able to be turned on and off via redstone circuitry, lamps are the next step up in lighting technology after the magic amd convenience of glowstone. A huge number of options are yours for the taking - there's embedded glowstone chunks and glowstone shale, framed in dark stone, light stone, marble, dark wood or light wood, or ornate glowing slabs in the same. For those wanting something redstone based, large redstone ore blocks, and redstone blocks framed in various stone types are options, too, and for a more fantasy-style light, there's variations on the glassy and golden glowstone textures. Lastly, several of the lantern-based glowstone options have been updated and ported over as well - you can pick from light and dark wood versions of the basic and weave lanterns, candle lanterns, and SMP-style column lamps. The covers of the altars can similarly be set in a variety of ways, from a classic gold trim and blue cloth, to a diamond enchanting-table style cloth altar array, to a crafting-table type cloth, to your choice of marble slabs, keyhole marble slabs, or egyptian-style heiroglyph tablets. Finally, your keyed Eye of the Ender seals for these blocks can be made into your choice of teal or purple ender eyes, rune slabs, marble slabs, or enchanted star-blocks.
The ultimate reward for beating the ultimate boss of minecraft, these dragon eggs could be said to be the final reward in Minecraft. Choose from a variety of obsidian or obsidian-like classic style eggs, an organic miasma-covered egg, a spackled egg, a chicken-like egg, or a blue robin-style egg.
A tool of the mighty Ender Dragon, the Crystal is housed in a special seal and is used to empower the dragon while you fight.
Should simply shattering a block not be enough for you, a whopping 5 alternate options can be chosen from - a crushing animation, a splitting animation, a countdown from 9 to 0 in the Painterly font, an industrial-style pressure dial, and a Tronic texture pack inspired destruction meter.
Aug 22nd update: It's been a while, but the second wave up updates for Minecraft 1.8 is here, finalizing the updates for this long-awaited patch! Mar 17th update: A new update to bring Painterly up to 1.8 14w11b prerelease compatibility! As always, thank you to everyone who uses Painterly and continues to support the site - your contributions keep the site running and keep it feasable to continue to update with the same volume and quality you've come to expect. July 1st update: A big update to roll in Minecraft 1.6, this update adds over 330 new texture files, and includes support for the new resource pack system, the horse system, and more! If you’ve built a secret passage in your home that you intend to keep hidden, it can be tricky to hide the opening levers, buttons or switches. Have you ever wanted to simply build in Minecraft without all the hastle of mining for materials?
The Animals+ Mod adds a ton of new animals to the game especially in the practically barren oceans. Also for the autumn feel is two leaf-cover ground textures, in yellow and red, plus a bonus silvermarsh-type pale swamp grass colour. Biome-compliant grass is available in normal, RPG, light smooth, and dark smooth grass patterns. Included in normal and biome variants are both a striped golf-course style grass, as well as a textured 'carpet' grass that was created by the amazingly talented ZekeySpaceyLizard and adapted for painterly. Through no small feat of engineering, players can now select from four dirt types - dry and parched drought dirt, the original basic dirt, a wet rainforest soil, and a ruddy Oklahoma red. Mushroom Grass, Mycelium is found on the terra firma of the elusive mushroom biomes, and here at Painterly we've pulled out all the stops!
If course, each glass texture has a matching pane side texture, selected automatically when you choose your glass on the customizer. A chinese style painted wood window and a modern whitewashed windowframe are options, as are 4 styles of wooden trellises in both wood colours. Zen garden-like rocky sand, concrete, concrete blocks, sidewalk slabs, and weathered pavement blocks are all options, to mix things up a bit, as well as some decorative vases for those playing in creative (we don't reccomend them for normal play, but hey, whatever floats your boat).
The basic ornamental sandstone block set includes the default sandstone faces, as well as square, creeper, sigil and line glyph blocks, a square inset sandstone block, and a faded ancient rhodox glyph. They're available in all thre colour options, with multcoloured options for the aged and hewn bricks, should you want them. Should you want a more subtle variation, a multicoloured brick wall option has been provided by internet brick baron Bailey Matutine.
Cobblestone comes in two varieties in game (cobble and brick), and you can set any texture you like to either! It should be noted that the marker blocks look pretty terrible as stairs, but the others look just fine. These lovely stone surfaces have a loose rock surface that blends with ore and dirt alike, and of course, matching detailed cobblestone and brick to keep things looking sharp. Glacial ice is now an optional replacement for stone to complete any winter theme, allowing intrepid adventurers to brave deadly ice caverns in search of treasures encased in the cavern walls. Therefore, even though it breaks continuity and immersion somewhat with crafting table conflicts, I've taken the liberty of setting up many commonly-used tile variants for the half-block, to create half blocks of just about any normal material you could want: smooth stone, concrete, dungeon-style bricks, hazard blocks, vents, checkerboard floors, and all the various cobblestones in both colours, marble garden stone in both base colours and with and without moss, red and bluegrey bricks, wood, finished wood in both colour and plank style options, iron, decorative iron, gold, decorative gold, a warm quilt, christmas presents, snow and ice, candy cane, dungeon bricks, and even bookcase options for truly impressive library creation. No longer be content to find a few colour-coded dots of ore, but rather manly, meaty chunks of precious materials, fit for the most epic and discerning of projects.
Furthermore, those using the deadbone alternate for redstone will find the redstone also has a matching, fossilized replacement to keep things consistent, and those using the candy redstone will find a similarly-matched jellybean ore. Find ancient treasures entombed in the ice, or craft mysterious cthonic vegetation into diabolical machines. In addition to the traditional ores on light and dark stone, large, high-visibility ores have been added as options, in the endearing square style of the Minecraft world. To make it easier to spot on rock surfaces, mithril nuggets embedded in obsidian seams are options for this wonderful alternative to diamond and iron tools.
Adamantite comes in normal metal and 'living metal' options - indeed, a mysterious ore that does not seem to belong on this realm. These gems can be found high in mountaintops, and can be surrounded by various resources to transmute them into new forms. There's 3 types of fossils added to the game (all functionally identical) and you never know where they're gonna turn up! In addition to the festive Hallowe'en style 'deadbone' option, there is also an option for skulls, and an ancient fossilized creeper. Painterly offers many types of bars to pick from, including classic and compact styles, cell bars, chain-link fences, grates, mesh, and even a spooky graveyard fence. Painterly gives players a range of delay blocks, which run the gamut from ancient to modern. The various dungeon-styled cobblestones, and Sonic-inspired Marble Garden blocks are found here both with and without moss, as well. You can find frozen creepers, ice-encased moss in brick and cobble varieties, and flowers flash-frozen, trapped and preserved under ice. Painterly adds a plethora of decorative stone styles to pick from, designed to mesh with your existing cobblestone and mossy cobblestone options.
You can also pick from gearboxes, and light and dark stone mossy brick and cobble, with the option of large or small, red or yellow flowers, if desired. Mix and match to your heart's content, though you should probably keep the column type the same so they all line up. If that's too far out for you, there are three alternates to choose from - a monochromatic version of the Painterly obsidian, a second version created by BARONS DEF CHARGER specifically for this pack, snowflake obisian, and lava-streaked black stone, perfect for hellish nethergates. The default bedrock is a 'doom' inspired living internal organ 'hell' bedrock, though a petrified 'the gods are dead' version of the same is also included.
You can even get the checkerboard in black and colour, or two-tone colour for dyes - just keep the lava and fire away! Lineblocks feature a variety of line combinations painted on white cloth blocks, allowing you to use cloth blocks to spell out messages, make maps or diagrams, and more.
Included in the set are the basic board squares, a board trim, and markers to represent every piece in both colours. This alternative option allows you to convert your cloth blocks into a variety of signs or markers, for just about any minecraft occasion or development. Saplings are now vaguely reminiscent of bonsai trees, cedar saplings and baby birches, great for planting mighty forests, or just kept small as decorations in your home. An updated leaf texture which blends more smoothly when viewed at a distance has been created, and is available in the original olive, a rich green, and a darker, pine-like green, for creating the look you most desire.
This third leaf texture is available in a variety of natural hues and matches well with both the original and the smooth grass types. Leaf textures for autumn graphic setups can be found in a dying leaf pattern, as well as yellow, orange, and red tree leaves. Should you find yourself in the holiday season, an option to string up decorations on those pine trees is here as well.

If you're going to build massive structurally-unsound firetraps, might as well do it in style. Also included are four lovely variants on the wood texture provided by internet man of the hour, Wrongway Feldman: wood furniture-style planking, and wood crates, in both wood tones. In addition to being able to pick from all existing plank types in the normal light or mahogany tones, you can also select them in four additional colours: chestnut stain, exotic pecan, raw untreated wood, or faded aged lumber. Now, for each option of large and small chest, you have several fabulous options to pick from! You can also pick from 'basic' style wardrobe-type chests, and reinforced chests with metal bars and a heavy lock. Going one step further, as we here at Painterly are wont to do, we've also included the option to mod your bed into a table instead, for interior decorating purposes. A chinese-style door to match Strangelet Wave's theme has been added as well, as have a pair of white modern-style doors - one with windows, and one without. These lock-and-key affairs come in thick dark and light wood planks, as well as heavy textured metal. All basic wooden doors come with a wreath option for the holiday season, should you wish it. These doors come in two shades of 'library' false bookcase facade, as well as in every type of smooth stone texture.
Furthermore, medieval hatches are provided by Slye_Fox to match his standard door designs, and several iron trap doors are also included, allowing you to choose from iron screens, bars, two types of grats, or ornamental caging. The tops of your apiaries can be set to the classic-style metal pane, a weathered metal pane, or a simpler wood pane. Wax and Pressed Wax blocks can be made your choice of beegrub white, honeycomb ecru, or hive cluster gold, and set as solid wax blocks, dripping side blocks, giant candles, indented face blocks, smooth wax blocks, pressed honeycomb, or flat or rounded wax blocks emblazoned with a honeycomb cell insignia.
It still faces west when you drop it in a dungeon, so it's not only a functional forge, but also a compass! It also comes in an utterly nonsensical ice version for those using the glacier stone textures! Not content with one design, I give you six - five in every combination of forge face and stone colour, and two special ones for special occasions. These are of course all found in glacial, light and dark stone, and plain and industrial dispensers. Store and retrieve at your own risk, as well as a rather modern vending panel with stone trim. Alternately, create checkerboard jumpppads or note-block jumppads, or have wood-edged slime reservoirs, in your choice of light, dark, or ornate dark wood. As you would expect with Painterly, the slime pools match the colour of your chosen slimes automatically.
Your plunger heads can be set to a variety of styles, and of course the sides and the plunger pole itself will automatically be set to match. Slimes come in splattered and reservoir varieties, and depending on the slime you've chosen, will appear in dark green, light green, red, halloween costume blue or icy pale blue. A wet, dullish meat is available as the default option, however, various other interpretations of your Nether are also to be found: a lighter, red Meat, bloody cobblestone, blood-soaked stone in vivid and dull tones, bloody shale, guts in Meat and original hellish bedrock colours, and, for those who want a meat-free Nether, magma-stone in obsidian, green, brown, and dark and light stone colour variants. It is offered in cobblestone, shale, and magmatic forms, as well as a 'war of the worlds' themed version covered in red alien organic veins. As you would expect, versions of nether brick to match all netherrack options are included.
Smash them for a variety of goodies similar to the Randomite ore of the regular world, except that the prizes are more varied and change depending on each ore type you break. As with bloodstone, soulstone is available in every variant of netherrack, in all three soulstone colours.
Many, many Soul Sand options are available, however most are simple variants on a few themes.
Furthermore, a more 'normal' Mud option is included for those who find the Soul Sand a little too 'out there', in original colour, dirt, and wet dirt colours, as well slushy ice and snow, and a morass of writhing maggots.
Like it's zombie companion, this skeletal soul sand comes both with and without glowing eyes, in normal bone tone, sun-bleached bones, and dark, earthy bones, blackened by your choice of intense heat or exposure to soil. By default, there is a cobblestone-like glowstone option, however, many other varieties also abound. These 'worked' glowstone blocks come in tile, corroded tile, ornate tile, and glassy tile options. There are 'x' lanterns created by the talented Liselle, as well as woven hatch lanterns and candle boxes based on Liselle's original design. Wtih painterly, you can set these markers and the stone of this mysterious place to natural white, light stone, dungeon stone, dark stone, or ice. Painterly gives you two options for the crystal's appearance, a classic style violet rune block, or a Hellraiser-style Lament Configuration. By default, the Painterly Pack of course uses the block breaking animation that we've all come to know and love. There's a ton of stuff here - hundreds of new sprites to both add functionality and options for the new materials, as well as a few updates for older blocks. In addition to a handful of textures for primarily gem-related blocks and hardened clay, this patch also adds a ton of new options for both the new slime blocks and the three types of decorative stone. This prerelease pack is compatible with your 1.6 version of Minecraft, but also has a ton of new options and features for those already using the prereleases. Unfortunately, several of the mods are broken at the moment due to the new Resource Pack system changing things, but they'll be put back online as options as it becomes feasable. It gives you the ability to turn torches into levers or buttons as well as hiding buttons in book shelves and brick walls. But with this mod now you can have that hidden fireplace door that only opens by pulling your torch lantern.
I've taken you fine folks into consideration, and a series of 'smooth' grasses has been released as well. You've also got a lighter and darker dirt option, based on the original minecraft graphics dirt! Pick from a whopping 11 types of Mycelium surface - a type to match each of the 7 giant mushroom colours, a mushroom 'stem' option, spotted white and spotted purple 'classic' options, a 'Mirrodin' style hexagonal mycelium, and twisting mushroom roots.
These gravel shades are available in both traditional-style gravel, as well as layered shale, for all your gravelling needs. Of course, there's rough hewn stone brick icons to choose from, if you go with these non-traditional brick styles. For those of you wanting a more modern look, or just something a little different, a concrete-style stone option is included as well, in both stone colours, of course. Similarly, those using the 'realistic' stone texture can pick from matching options, although the old ore is still compatable with the new stone, as well as the new ore with the old stone. What we do know here at Painterly Pack labs, is that refining it with adamantite creates the most powerful tools imaginable, though, you can always just use the glowing nuggets as furnace fuel, too! Inventory icons for delay circuits are available in classic, iconic, and circuit board styles.
You can use the two sandstone ornamental blocks, as well as the stone ornamental block, to set up your pillars as desired.
Experience modern minecraft living with the modern patterns, which allow you to create faux structural elements to modern up your minecraft homes, including several wood and brick textures, red, blue and green carpets and wallpaper, and tiled flooring. These signs are available in light and dark wood trim, and can be chosen either as a uniform white cloth background, or with varied cloth backgrounds and styles. Each of these new leaf textures also has a corresponding sapling graphic, if you don't care to use the default bonsai. This broad leafy texture comes in light, medium, dark and deep greens, as well as a mossy yellow-green and a dark moss tone. Included with these is an autumntime sapling, and a sad, dead little twig, for the authentic experience.
Crafting tables now feature a variety of handy tools, and a reworked, more stylish 3x3 grid tablecloth. Inspired by Feldman's crate and plank designs are another pair of 'fancy' planks and crates in both colours, for those who want to jazz up their wooden constructs. There's also a modern-style packing box for you minecraftians on the move, and, just in time for the festive holiday season, green and red wrapped christmas presents. Three styles are available for them - traditional style sealed boxes, crafty lockboxes, and redstone-rigged puzzle boxes. It might be a bit rough to sleep on, but it looks great in your living room or dilapidated cavern ruins. The iron door matches the industrial style of the iron block, however if you're looking for security rather than industry, both a 'bank vault' door variant, and a jail cell door variant (which matches the alternate monster spawner graphic) are available. A variant on these doors - outhouse doors - has been included as well, by internet-man That_Lamer, as has one with a small window in it. Basic glass panel and four-panel trap doors are included in dark, light and whitewashed wood where applicable to match existing vertically-aligned doors, as well as a few other options such as solid wood panels, and crate panelling for those special sneaky concealed doors you might be prone to using. Presses and Incubators can similarly be set to dark, light or whitewashed wood, and have their own sub-options as well.
Like with the other stone objects, the forge is of course available in both light and dark stone colours.
As with forges, a 'neutral' toned dispenser face is also available for those who want a dispenser with a little uniqueness to it, in basic and ornate styles. The colour of the slime in your jump pads automatically sets according to the slime you've chosen in customizer when using any of the solid slime or ornate wood frame options. It's just how these things work - 2 styles of slime application + 9 styles of plunger face + 5 colours of slime (plus some bonus ones) really adds up fast! A 'classic' style Netherrack can also be chosen, both with and without the traditional red splotches, as well as a deep red 'realistic' stone variant.
Should you wish it, you can also enter BEE HELL, with its delightful honeycomb netherrack and molten honey rivers. For all your frozen-nether adventures, are two twisted otherworld ice textures that show just how bizarre the Nether can be - flammable ice, and densly packed snow so intensely cold that it can float amoungst streams of magma without melting. In addition to various small, crumbling brick textures to match most styles of netherrack, compressed meat and guts bricks are options, as are giant honeycombs and honeycomb bricks, lava-mortared stone, brinstarium, war of the worlds-themed brinsarium, and obsidian bricks, red nether stone and blue brinstar large bricks, and icy bricks for both the snow and ice nether choices.
Note that the candle boxes will look odd if viewed from the bottom or top, so place them accordingly. If you don't mind the undersides of your portals looking a bit off, the soul sand skulls also make an appearance here, allowing for a truly twisted version of The End for you hearty souls. Of course, the crystal pedestal comes in all 13 flavours of bedrock, to match your selected bedrock option.
In addition, this update re-enables mod support for the Peaceful Pack and Beekeeping mods, updated by the fantastic internet superperson Caleb Manley!
We've also got a bit of a new look on the site, as part of our 20 million downloads celebration!
If the light olive grass wasn't your thing, there is now a darker olive grass, a minty pale green, a traditional light green, a stately 'normal' green grass, and a stalwart, boreal dark green grass. You can get these easier-on-the-eyes grasses in light and dark green grass tones, moss-colour, deep pine green, and pool table lime. You can also use Mirrodin-style hexagonal grass in normal, metal, biome and ice crystal forms, to strange things up a bit. The selection made will automatically propigate to the grass and snow styles and lengths you choose, for ease of use. High-contrast versions of iron ore are also available for those who had trouble seeing the old iron colours, as well as a coal alternate that more closely matches the other ore blocks, instead of looking like its own sort of block style. For those who want a less radioactive variant, starmetal is an option, represented by meteorites, fallen from deep within mine-space. More information on what each sign represents can be found in the resources section under the rest of the dye options.
A cedar bonsai, a robust miniature oak, a woody shrub, a tiny leafy shrub, a 'wild' oak and birch sapling, autumn birch saplings, darker birch saplings, a small palm tree, and various jungle saplings with just leaves, fruit, or cocoa pods, are also available as sapling options, to mix things up a bit.
On the other end of the spectrum, spring silvermarches leaves are available in silvery-grey and silver-brown, as well as cherry blossom petals in both white and pink. In a similar vein, four reinforced doors are options - two for each colour of wood - and can be chosen as both wood doors and as metal doors, as you wish. Presses can be given stone or metal tops, as you desire, and incubators can be set to differing on and off textures, or always on, if you want them to match the similar glowstone texture. Should those options not suit your fancy, a 'neutral' toned forge is also a choice, designed to match with either colour of stone.
Furthermore, there's two wood options, adapted for Painterly wood with permission from the original designs in SMP's Revival Pack. Mix and match them with the tree textures and plant options to imitate a wide variety of climates and biomes! You can also mix all 4 gems together to create powder useful for doubling quantities of certain types of items. For those using the modern oven, a matching fridge is included to round out your kitchen appliances, available in normal fridge style, as well as the infamous 'saxon's fridge', which is opened to reveal hellish life from another world, in mouldy green and gorey red. While you do, note that they come in light and 'wet' meat colours, mud colour, glowstone colour, and beehive honey golden brown. For those interested in BEE HELL, a proper, non-netherish honeycomb is also included, so, enjoy!

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