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After your new world forms your first order of business is to quickly locate some trees and begin beating upon them to harvest wood and other items like saplings and apples -- there is a 1 in 200 chance that you will find an apple in the branches and leaves that you harvest, and a much higher chance of getting a sapling from them (you will need the saplings later to plant more trees so you do not run out).
Now let's make a Stone Shovel -- place two sticks in the middle and bottom slots, and a piece of stone in the top slot and you will see that a picture of a Shovel appears. The next tool we need to make is a few Stone Axes -- to make these put Stone in the top left, and top middle slots, and sticks in the middle two down.
Finding the highest point near your Den is the way to go -- or you can construct a tower on which to place torches -- just be sure you light it up well so it is easy to find. Your goal should be to mine stacks of Coal, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, and Diamonds. Oak wood doors are generated on buildings in villages, forming the entrances to the majority of buildings. Wood doors can be opened and closed by players and villagers, and can be broken by zombies in Hard mode. When placed, a door will occupy the side of the block towards the placing player's back — if a player places a door in front of them, the door will occupy the side of the block closest to them (and open away from them); if a player places a door in their own space, the door will end up behind the player (and open through them).
The sound of opening and closing of a door can be heard up to 16 blocks away, like most mob sounds.
Villagers can open and close wood doors, but only do so with doors they consider part of their village (including player-placed doors within range). Some zombies can break wood doors in Hard mode, but only do so to reach targeted players or villagers.

All methods of activating a door can be applied to either the top or bottom parts of a door. An activated wood door can still be closed by a player or villager, and won't re-open until it receives a new activation signal (if a door has been closed "by hand", it still needs to be deactivated and then reactivated to open by redstone).
A door's type is defined by its ID name, and its orientation and status are stored in the block data of its top and bottom halves.
A door specifies its hinge side in the block data of its upper block, and its facing and opened status in the block data of its lower block.
Jeb tweeted an image showing that the crafting recipes for doors will be changed so that 3 doors are crafted at once.
Jungle and acacia door block textures no longer have inner faces in the holes in their models.
Shading on the block textures of acacia, birch, dark oak and jungle doors are changed, so that the shadow is in the upper left and the highlight is in the lower right.
In Pocket Edition, standing in the center of a door will mean that you can punch blocks on the other side of the door without any interference.
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Oak wood doors and iron doors generate naturally in strongholds, with the latter having a stone button to open. To place a door, use a door item while pointing at the top of the block it should be attached to. Lava can create fire in air blocks next to wood doors as if the wood doors were flammable, but the doors will not burn up (and can't be burned by other methods either, except throwing them into lava).

Although primarily used to block movement by mobs and players, a door can also be used to control the movement of boats (for example, a door placed in a two-wide water flow will stop a boat when perpendicular to the flow, but allow it to move again when parallel), items and minecarts (a door can stop a falling item or minecart, then allow it to drop again when the door moves), etc. The rest of a door's space can be moved through freely and provides a breathable space if placed underwater. When a door opens or closes, it immediately changes its orientation without affecting anything in the space it "passes through". Zombies have only a 5% chance to spawn with the ability to break doors, and will only attempt to break wood doors which are in their "closed" state, even if a door is placed so that its "open" state blocks access (for example, by facing sideways when placing a door so that it allows passage when closed and blocks passage when open). Villagers and zombies cannot affect an iron door except by accidentally stepping on a pressure plate.
A door also has a block state which is expected to replace the functionality of block data in a future version. Placing two pressure plates directly in front of doors and stepping on them will open them correctly. Or you can get super fancy and make use Redstone Dust to make redstone circuits to open your doors.Arrange your blocks as shown in the pictures below. A door occupies two block spaces and both halves normally act as a single barrier, but if a player is occupying the space a door moves to, the player can jump up to land on the bottom part of the door and then again to land on top of the door.
The one facing left was replaced with the iron door texture; doors now reverse the facing right texture for other directions.

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