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When wiring the first two boughs leave enough wire in the back to produce a loop ,  so the finished swag will have a hanger incorporated as shown in the picture. Wiring pine cones , work the wire directly in under each piece of the cone encompassing the complete pine cone and twist securing the wire to the pine cone. Note: After securing the pine cone to the wire make sure there is enough wire left to fasten the cone to the swag. Attach the pine cones directly to the stem of anyone of the boughs, staggering them through out the arrangement. Your entrance way is now ready to greet any Holiday Guests that may arrive through out the season.
Once you have the fluffing  all done you can either leave it as is or add other greenery to it for extra texture and interest.

I bought a plain evergreen garland and other Christmas greenery picks and cut them up into smaller pieces as seen in the picture below.
I hope you enjoyed learning how to fluff you Christmas wreath and if you have any comments feel free to leave them below.
Custom wreaths are a Fantastic way to go if you want something extra special for yourself or someone else! If you have a color swatch that you could send me for a specific room I will provide mailing information at the time. To get it to look it’s best you must FLUFF it!¬† I always like to add extra greenery to mine to give it a nice full look. You can do this as you go along or just wait until you’re done separating and then go back.

Most of it was evergreen from the garland but you can see where I have a red arrow pointing to the other added greenery.
They can be made to match your Home Decor, a particular Hobby or Interest that you want to capture in a wreath. Have some pointing towards the center, some pointing towards the outside of the wreath and of course some straight up.
Sometimes you don’t need much and other times you may want a real full look and professional look!

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