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When camping, strap a head lamp to a gallon jug of water to fill the entire tent with ambient light. Possibly the most important part of the build is figuring out how to hinge all the weight a bookcase will carry. It wasn’t about hiding a shotgun or anything for that matter, just a fun project to do. I found castors were a pain though, so I just let the bookcase slide on the carpet, which worked surprisingly well.
A lot of people let their hidden whatevers come into contact with the floor which leaves marks. Looks like a beautiful build; this is the style I plan on going with when I build my private library. I have a bookcase door in my house that was built by the contractors with all OTS parts, sorry I don’t have more specific info but it IS doable with commercial parts. I can’t take all the credit, me and my buddy (seen hooded in the video lol) did it at his house. I would have used small stool sized ball bearing turntable, availability biggest box store or online. You could reduce some of the hinging and balance problems by putting a turntable directly under the center of the bookcase. Does this meet the requirements for legally storing firearms or do you still need an actual gun safe behind the hidden door?
Apart from believing that civilians should be be allowed to own guns, let alone store them loaded in their home, I also don’t think the mechanism for opening will prevent the guns from being stolen, which is one of the biggest reasons not to let civilians own guns.
It is not uncommon for a burglar to ransack the place, trashing everything including the book-shelfs. Well, If you look at the argument that people need guns to protect their families and homes, then you need to ask the question : do guns really protect or just provide the illusion of protection? The odds that you will ever use your gun for protection is statistically smaller then it being stolen. In a society where guns are arbitrarily available and accepted, which is really a culture of violence, it is nearly impossible to root out the gun existing in illegality due to the sheer number and the difficulty in recognizing them.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. First thing I did was figure out how big and where a bookshelf would need to pivot in order to clear walls and neighboring shelves with minimum gaps. The next key insight, thanks Jim, was to build a steel frame rather than trying to hinge the wood shelves directly. The ceiling anchor was sized to span 3 floor joist and had a short arm out to avoid rocking (scrap steel). Into the installed frame I built the first shelf box for the swinging shelf and verified clearance. In one wall of my home office is a 5 feet tall 2 feet wide door to access the storage area and crawl space under the garage.

This wall was the perfect spot for floor to ceiling bookshelves, which I have done lots of, but it had this door in the middle of the wall. One day my father in law visited and we started drawing pictures of how book shelf hidden door could work, how to hinge, where to hinge, how to hide opening, etc.
Thanks for the information regarding attachment (apologize I had to send this as a new comment rather than as a reply to your response, as the website keeps telling me to type the two words even though I already did so and only recognized that when I posted this as a new comment). Such a great design, and thanks for going above-and-beyond and providing well-made diagrams. I started to go with the hinges, and actually was going to build concentric steel frames with the inner hinged to the outer, and hinges welded in place. I did have the advantage of having mine open into the bathroom, so I could easily cover the gap with trim. I had build t bookshelf door some years ago, to keep the bookshelf from sagging and to be sure it didn't bind when closed, I installed a rubber wheel on the floor pointing up. Wood Working Corner shares how to make a secret bookcase door to hide a safe room with detailed instructions and pictures.
Safe rooms can be a place to retreat to in case of a home invasion, ride out a natural disaster storm,  hide bolted down and reenforced safes, store extra food storage and prepping supplies. We can find furniture with two purposes, staircases that double as drawers, and many others.
Detailed instructions for pivot door installation at This is CarpentryHidden Bookcase Door – Hideout in your Panic Room – awesome! Not interested in modge podging the outside, but like the idea, especially having one for the car for trash bags! Otherwise the perp simply needs to wait for the person with the combo to show up and convince them to open it.
This isn’t at my house, but I can assure you the guy is more than responsible with his firearms. Some are illegally imported, some are straw purchases, a certain number are embezzled and sold by dirty gun shop owners and a certain amount is stolen out of legality.
So for every X guns legally bought, you put Y guns on the street which you have a very poor chance of protecting yourself against. I would expect sensible and honest people to give up the guns before the idiots who are more likely to do harm, but soon enough these will be located due to the mentality change and, like in Australia, crime will go down. After I am done it will still be messy but now it is finished AND it has the secret feature.
I have been through the measurements and am preparing a drawing to work from but am struggling with the top and bottom measurements.
Then again I have seen a grown man, drunk as all hang off a fridge door and nothing bad at all happened. The Safest safes are always concealed (and to actually get used by the owner, they need to be easily accessible).
That number, however isn’t nearly as high as legal guns being used for domestic violence and suicides.

Essentially everybody is stacking up the arsenal to protect themselves form them self, which only aggravates the problem. With guns being less acceptable and all guns being illegal, the removal process of those items out of society will be a reachable goal. This was made with visio, which lets you adjust the rotation point, so i could simulate the shelves opening to show clearance.The visio file is attached if can read it. Sorry to keep asking questions but I wonder whether you would mind me asking some more dimensions.
That’s mainly because it combines the creativity of two objects in one and the originality of using something already affecting the interior design of the room. By welding the brackets on in place of the wheels he has a sturdy way to mount both the frame and the bookcase. I notice that there are two trims at the top of the bookshelf, one hiding the ceiling anchor and one hiding the steelwork of the opening door, what are the vertical dimensions of these.
What is the distance from the bottom of the steelwork of the door to the top of the box section floor anchor. For anyone looking to do something similar, regular door hinges are strong enough (I did use the beefyer looking ones) just use 3 or 4 instead of 2.
What is the depth of the top facia which hides the ceiling anchor and what is the depth of the second section of facia below this? Make sure you have one color of paint in order to make the aspect of the two pieces of furniture look unitary. As you’d expect, just find the right hard-cover and tilt it toward you to open the hidden storage behind.
Do you have any additonal close ups of this, either additonal diagrams or photographs showing this? It was in a basement area, so needing to step up an inch onto the new floor in the secret closet was not a problem. I looked at bank vault doors when I made mine and realized that the door would have to have an angle on the opening side. From the outside, any guest will be unaware of the stuff you cleverly keep behind the books. Be careful when you open it though, so all of the carefully decorated shelves won’t fall off. I made my hidden book with a fence gate latch that poked through into the bookcase and then attached a hollowed out book to it. And if you are among the people who long for more space, than certainly this will make the perfect choice!

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