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Make a projection screen very quickly and very cheaply with TYVEK, a PVC pipe, rope, and plumbing pipe.
I started out thinking I'd do 16' x 9' then realized that was too large, so went with 9' x 7'. Because I cut the roll way long (16x9) and am only using (9x7) i stop the rest rolling off by clamping at the top with quick clamps.
I made mine out a white 12 gauge vinyl shower curtain, stretched over a light wooden frame.

I made a screen by mounting a large opaque windwoshade (homedepot) inside a 3 inch piece of PVC pipe with a slot cut the length of it with my table saw. Another option, better for a screen and still cheap: blackout cloth, available at most fabric stores. I imagien you could clamp to the rope in such a way that it wouldent let the pipe spin, geting rid of the wrinkleworst case is you just drill a hole in the pipe. I had the printed TYVEK, so not good for rear projection, but excellent image quality for front projection. I capped the ends put eye hooks in it and it's a pull down so it goes up to the ceiling when not in use.

These are also good for white backgrounds for photography where a high reflectance helps the background later be removed digitally.

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