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Speaking of ease and aesthetics, check out these easy-on-the-eyes raised beds from two of your own Ankeny Real Estate Service team members!
Once the soil was amended, I had a garden plot of good planting soil down to a depth of about a foot.  Deep enough for most edible plantings. So why did I feel the need to add multiple six inch deep raised beds on top of this foot deep garden soil base?
Because raised bed gardening provides me with more flexibility in my deep rooted fruit and vegetable crop choices.  They also allow me more flexibility in developing specific soil environments for some of my herbs.
The walls of a raised bed also protect against ground pests such as slugs and snails.  They also protect the soil from eroding away during heavy rains.
As I mentioned, raised beds allow you to easily create varying soil environments based on plant needs.  As examples, you can focus on creating acid soils for certain fruit crops, moist soils for particular forest herbs and dry,sandy soils for others. I built my own beds using untreated cedar wood and some basic metal braces I found at Home Depot.  Really easy to put together as long as you have a drill to use to get the connecting braces screwed in.

You can also use stones or cinder blocks to build out a raised bed.  But I would stay away from railroad ties as they are chemically treated.
Whether you are growing tomatoes on your patio or have a backyard full of herbs and produce, you are Farming Suburbia.
One day, as I sat on my front step thinking about this project, I noticed the raised panels on my neighbor’s garage door. When people think of raised beds gardens they immediately assume it will be made from wood. However, they can be made from other materials like bricks which are easy to find if you look around. In the past I have made raised garden beds from wood, which looked unsightly after a season or two and were expensive to construct.
My husband and I received free, slightly-used garage door panels and struts from our local garage door company.

Two struts were attached, one at the upper section and one on the lower section of each panel for strength. He cut each fence post to a length just above the panel height and added the finials.  After attaching the panels to the posts with the fencing hardware, we added pond liner to direct the drainage to the center of the bed. I cover the top of the beds with plastic for some crops such as tomatoes, cutting a hole to plant each tomato start.
Each season fertilizer is added to the soil and crops are rotated from the previous season. The materials used in our garden bed project should last for many years and the beds are an attractive addition to our garden.

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