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Whenever you pass by a house, what really stands out and catches your eye is the home’s front door.
One of the most important things is to find a classic door design that is made with high quality and durable material – you definitely don’t want to cheap out here!
Oak doors are also great for customization – you can sand them down and paint them whichever color you wish, or slather on a nice wood stain. The beauty of choosing a simple design is that it won’t overpower your home especially if you have already have a busy exterior like for example, a Victorian designed home. Go to your local hardware shop and choose a nice, bright color that will make your front door inviting and eye-catching. Pay attention to your door’s hardware like the doorknobs, mail slot, kick board, and any wrought iron door furnishings like a design in the glass.
If you are concerned about heat retention, oak serves as a really good insulator, which is great for chilly winters and hot summers.
This entry was posted in Entrance, Hallways and tagged better decorating bible blog, double doors, entrance, front door decor, how to dress up your front door, wrought iron door. Immediately I found some really awesome articles about historical meanings of different door colors, feng shui guidelines, and more awesome info.
I tried to consider too what I had seen done a lot recently (Reds, yellows), and what might look best with the house.
According to this article, a green front door can represent connection to nature (awesome), safety (love it), and prosperity (sold!). While we were in the midst of Ultimate Paintathon of 2012, we took about half an hour and knocked this bad boy out. Read about it, Make it, Do it.A lady learning how to do new things, making them happen, and sharing it all with you. November 23, 2012 by jacki 6 Comments How adorable is this snowman made out of grape vine wreaths!  This idea has been around for awhile, but he is so simple to make and fun to add your own personal touches too!  He can hang from your front door or hang him inside.  Even quicker, make him out of green wreaths.

The first and second wreaths are both 12″ in size, however I did look through all the wreaths to find one smaller than the other!! With a white pipe cleaner or wire make a hanger, under the hat on the wreath, this will give a hanger for a door hook or nail.  Wrap ribbon around the hat and add a holy pick. At this point I think it is easier to work on him hanging up, slide him on a door hang!  Add the bird to the top of the hat. String all 3 bells onto a red pipe cleaner, then wrap bells around scarf and tie onto wreath, keeping the scarf and bells in place. Now that it’s August, I decided to finally take down our Spring-ish looking wreaths from our front doors (we have double front doors). Once finished with the wrapping I decided in order to keep the letter in place on the wreath I needed something to anchor it. It’s difficult to see since we have double glass doors too but here is a picture with the two wreaths hanging. Oak doors are a good choice for a traditional look, and are easy to fix up when wear and tear starts to show through. I love the look of a candy apple red, or even a nice fuchsia door can look pretty without feeling too feminine.
I believe other people were too, a suspicion that was confirmed on Halloween last year as I sat home alone in my Princess Leia costume, waiting for trick-or-treaters and got hardly any. Trying to stay true to the homes mid-century ranch history, I knew I wanted something bright and funky. I took these photos mid-afternoon, so you can see how the door is really bright against the darker patio. Admittedly, I thought the ones I had hanging up would be alright all summer mainly because they were bright pretty flowers. It was tricky at first and I thought I would end of having to use my glue gun but I was able to position it to where it was secure and wouldn’t move or fall when the door was opened.
If your lawn has undergone a makeover but you just can’t seem to wrap it all together – it could just as well be that you don’t have the right set of doors!
You can add glass panelling, molding, and a wide range of hardware to give you a customized look that fits in perfectly with your home.

Depending on the style of your home, you can choose from various forms of brass, metal, and aluminium.
The patio is already pretty dark, so this door was not doing anything to help the ambiance.
Okay, it’s not like the front door forced me to let my inner Liz Lemon out, but it still is too creepy!
Cool, except I don’t want any Civil War re-enactors to come to my front door hoping for lodging and a place to stable their filly.
That is until Brian one day asked when I was going to take down the spring wreaths and do something different on the doors.
If you want to make your home look more open and spacious, a clean off-white color will add a minimalist feel and won’t close up your home.
I personally like the look of brushed brass – anything shiny looks a little cliche and doesn’t do it for me. The wreaths that are in the stores are usually either cheaply made and overpriced or horribly cheesy with no creativity. I will tell you that I glued my moss down first and tried to lay it sporadically throughout the wreaths. Other earthy colors like pale blue, maroon, taupe, or a nice wood stain create a warm, bohemian feel. This is coming from the man that is not only color blind but also could give two craps (excuse my language) about decorating in general. Every once in a while I will find a really nice wreath and then turn the price tag over to find $60 or more. This statement normally shuts him up really quick since by now everyone knows my dear husband is quite the cheap skate.

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