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Glass doors, as shown in Figure 1, on kitchen cabinets were very common years ago and like a lot of other things, the use of glass cabinet doors has made a dramatic comeback.
If you are considering updating your kitchen cabinets, then you may wish to consider replacing some or all of the kitchen cabinet doors with glass. The lap joint, can be strengthened by inserting dowels through the joint, as shown in Figure 9.
They can be inserted through the front, which will provide a decorative element to the cabinets, or they can be inserted through the back, in a blind hole so that they are not visible on the front face of the cabinet face-frame.
Secondarily, dowels or dowel and buttons plugs (Figure 10) can be used to cover blind screws, or used as decorative elements for any style of joinery.
Upper cabinet for a dollhouse kitchen featuring an opening 'glass' door with a Shaker style frame. I've shown the cabinet here with a simple bead board back, but you can leave the cabinet without a back to allow a wallpaper pattern to show through, or finish it with plain painted wood.
This cabinet is designed to match the upper plate rack cabinet for the dollhouse kitchen and uses the same materials and tools as the other cabinets in the series.

The most important part of making this set of kitchen cabinets is to cut and glue them so they are square and true. Glue one side to the top, allow it to dry, then glue the other side to make sure the glue joins are square.Tips for Finishing Your Cabinets - You can get a better final finish on your cabinets if you finish the interior sections before you glue in the back and the cabinet base.
Section of faux beadboard is set as the backing for an upper cabinet in a dolls house kitchen. If you are fitting a back into your miniature kitchen cabinet, test fit the back into the interior of the cabinet without the bottom edge in place and make sure the back fits square and true.
American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. The frame is made using butt joints (it is not common to produce doorframes using 45 degree angles in the manner of a picture frame).
If you need the cabinet for a two sided view, you can finish it with a second glass door on the back.The cabinets can easily be built by a beginner with basic hand tools.

Glue it into the cabinet, clamping or using a gluing jig to hold the top and sides securely against the back of the cabinet.
However, if you are at a reasonable level of woodwork joinery, they are easily made in a home workshop. The cabinet exterior can easily be painted or stained when the cabinet is fully asssembled. Adding a back will make the cabinet a bit stronger than if you leave it open, but an open back will show a wallpaper design from a wall if you wish. Like the other cabinets in the kitchen series they can be finished with a range of different style doors and paint schemes to suit your kitchen period and style.
If you are going to build a full kitchen, make sure you have enough wood to build and trim your full series of cabinets from the same materials.

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