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Sofa makeovers are very interesting and an easy thing to do, as you can adorn them with beautiful sofa throws. White sofas can be become dirty so easily and if you feel that it is very simple, you can add some more colors to it to bring on that look, which you feel is wonderful.
This outdoor sofa is just a simple pattern and t make it look more beautiful and grand, a lovely beige small carpet kind of rug with hanging thread border is just placed over it to add style to the existing looks and additionally many pillow throws of a contrasting red stripped model is placed on the sofa to add more looks. If you are capable of sewing your own materials, then you can try something different like this. This beautiful vintage peach satin sofa slipcover looks very pretty and the beautiful sewing of the entire cover adds so much charm to it. This is a very formal and a simple design sofa throw that is of coffee brown color that contrastingly matches the sofa and the walls of the room.
I am trying to stay positive and I’m going chase the chill away by adding some Spring color to my family room by doing something a bit unconventional, but authentically in my own style –which brings me to how I even happened upon my own style – my own way of doing things – a few words – I took a risk.
That all changed for me when I decided to just do it my way.  I learned that when I wanted something bad enough –in this case a pretty home that I had to look past risks and find opportunity. It was this unconventional way that I did things that landed me a DIY decorating book contract.
That leap and the belief that yes, I could make it happen set me on my course in life.  My home was like a lab – where I took risks – experimented!  It was a fun and exciting journey.
So to chase the winter blues away I went to my favorite $1 a yard fabric place – JoMar and splurged!
It is very soft, has a classic pattern, is in a favorite color, and looks good on both sides – so no lining is necessary – one less step to having new “pops” of spring color in my family room all because I am not afraid to do it my way.   Call it El-cheap-O, resourceful, whatever – it is the way I do things and I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Risk led me to a better way to authentically decorate for myself and others – a more creative way to do things – which is how I like to live.
October 26, 2013 By Jackie 11 Comments For most people, I think throw pillows are pretty easy to figure out, but what to do with throw blankets is baffling. I think we all know you can fold a blanket across the foot of the bed, but it looks a bit stuffy. Lay a folded blanket neatly across the end of a chaise, similar to how you would put a blanket across the end of the bed.

If you are so neat, you can’t even stand to have the blankets lingering about when not in use, try rolling them neatly and tucking them in a basket. I’ve tried Type A before, but I end up in Type B :) Cozy, casual, and usually draped (flung) wherever I left it the evening before!
Carissa, they are from HomeGoods and this time of year is perfect for finding great throw blankets! I knew I could make them look better with my easy or no sew way.  The key is having separately covered seat cushions over top of the tie on slipcover.
Trax, my cat  loves when I work with fabric.  You will see just  how much in a few of the following photos. I had to play a bit before I was happy with how the excess fabric on the front of the arms looked.  Once you are happy -tighten all the ties front and back.
There are various models and patterns that can give a new look to your old existing sofa sets, and all you need to do is just work on some creativity and latest patterns or try over the old antique styles. This lovely white sofa is decorated with a mild multiple colored rug that is sewed in the perfect size to fit the sofa, and the pillow throws are also matched accordingly. The sofa cushions are covered with beautiful blue and green colored cover and the lovely pleats of pink at the bottom of the sofa make it look cute and beautiful. The circular cushion pillow is designed in combination of beige and peach colors with lovely frills around it, and the other rectangular cushion is of beige color with lovely lace frills at the sides and cute roses attached on top of the pillow to make it more pretty.
Will it go out of style before I can even get it paid off?  or What if I hate it after I spend good money on it?  etc. My opportunity came when I threw the risks of picking and choosing conventional furnishings out the window and became resourceful – which I now know is one of my greatest strengths. The way I was decorating my home caught on and I was doing it for my family, friends, and neighbors – unconventionally and everyone was so happy and wanted to know how to do it for themselves. I stood out from the crowd, I was doing something different – unconventional that worked and that people wanted – I was making a difference in people’s homes that had teeny tiny budgets like I did – and it all started when I took that first major leap and risked – doing it my way! I have a bigger budget today, but still rely on my resources and doing things my way – unconventionally – it has more meaning to do it this way than for me to buy something off the rack  – that to me is taking a risk – not authentic enough anymore for me. If I was one of these people, I would never  have stumbled upon wonderful stuff like this upholstery fabric that was on the roll backwards and mixed in with the rows of dark brown fabrics.

To keep the corners from getting too thick when you sew a hem on each side, I first folded and pinned each corner down. After reading this book I can't wait to shop my own home and make more meaningful purchases." - Cori I. I also know how amazing it feels when decorating finally makes sense and your home reflects you.
Some come with a separate cover for the cushions, but most don’t or the cover goes over both bottom cushions and can look a bit odd. Find the 4 ties that will tie around each corner and loosely tie around the front arms and back corners. Just throw a bedspread, rug, or any other cover over your sofa to give them a new look and to protect the sofa from getting dirty and damaged. The cushion pillows are designed in various contrasting colors to make it look bright and colorful.
I have tried putting them into a basket like int your last picture, but although it looks tidy, I hated that I had to put them in and out all the time because I use them every night when I snuggle up on the couch.
I want to share what I've learned so you can create a home you love without years of trial and error. At this point you may be saying to yourself – how will this ever fit?  It is a little frustrating the first time you put one on.
I can’t afford to have custom ones made nor do I have the skill and patience to make them myself. Just keep arranging, tucking, and smoothing until you like what you see.  It does take some work.

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