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Honestly, when it comes to chins, you really want to maximize their housing as much as possible because they are extremely fast and energetic and are much happier when they have the room to race around.My chin, Bamboozle, lives in a wire cage that I inherited from her previous owner.
Critters-N-Morequality toys, fleece and wood products for your critter!New Items being added to the site daily! Chew sticks are a bit expensive to buy and, according to Scamp, just not as tasty as the fresh stuff so growing your own is a great way to keep a ready supply.
Grape – These grow like crazy which means loads of sticks, you can grow them in a pot against a wall, fence or over an arch.
Our hazel is almost big enough we might be able to prune it next winter and have another flavour of chew stick – I think you have to dry hazel first? As long as you avoid trees that have been sprayed with pesticide then apple sticks shouldn’t need sanitizing. They are best picked on a dry day if you plan store them instead of feeding fresh and hang them up or spread them out (don’t put them in plastic) so they dry through.
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All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Please don't unless you can find the cubes with the extra small wire spacing (Target used to carry them). There's plenty of advice here and in the Cages forum on building cages - my own advice would be to ensure that it's easy to move, not too heavy (or easy to take apart regularly), easy to break down for moving etc, stable, sturdy, safe, easy to clean thoroughly, that each level is at least a foot high, and that it has plenty of large doors and a flip top lid.
The coroplast for the base was more expensive than I anticipated ($20something) but it's very easy to work with and I haven't had problems with it. To protect her feet, I cover the floor with grass mats (which she ADORES shredding to pieces), wooden ledges, and slabs of marble (good for cooling down on hot days).
I’ve been clearing up in the garden cutting things back and pulling out weeds (why are they always the first thing up) and sowing loads of seeds. The down side is it will probably take a year or two for your tree to get established and produce more than a handful of twigs.
I cut them fresh when they start poking at people walking fast and there is still plenty left to turn woody in autumn. A stick on the floor is often considered just part of the landscape and given about as much attention as a human would give a twig on a woodland walk. Jab a kitchen roll tube with a handy pair of scissors, whilst being careful to avoid rabbit trying to jump on your lap.

Raspberry grows really fast so you should have some wood to harvest in autumn or next year.
I came back from the allotment today with fruit tree prunings & the stick-monster took a good chewing when I got home! Avoid anything that is obviously diseased, got bugs or covered in moss but that should leave plenty of nice looking sticks. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising.
Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
I would of course put a top on but that would be sooooo cool it they did imagine what you could build! If you are going to make levels using the cubes, they would have to be triple grided or you need to find some alternative.
Yes, it's a somewhat cheaper alternative and you get to design it yourself (my main motive) but I would advise just purchasing a martins.
They no longer make the kind with smaller bar spacing (just to save everybody the time and effort of searching for it. My older girls were all pretty big chewers, but I haven't had anybody chewing cable ties off. The cage sits inside the base, so the only time they can really get to it is when they're out of the cage. I just take everything out, spray, wipe, wash the toys, put fresh bedding in, add some new cardboard boxes, and it's done.
Another thing I’ve been doing is harvesting a supply of chew sticks for Scamp to eat in the hope that a ready supply of sticks to chew will mean less chewing of other things like walls, doors, and skirting boards. Partly, I think, because shop brought chew sticks are old dry wood and therefore less tasty and partly because a stick on the floor is just part of the decor.
Some sticks I pushed through one hole and out another, others just in one hole and I garnished the top with a few spares.
They won’t that keen on the twigs but I suspect that is because I used dried willow sticks of the pet shop variety. Blackberry is another one that’s easy to grow and rabbits can eat the leaves and wood from.

It’s no different to hay which is grow outside in a field, then packed up in a bag for your bunny to eat.
I run a site that promote UK rabbit rescues (which incidentally is how I ended up with Scamp) and a few other rabbit related projects. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. If someone could find a link or has more info on what it's made from, then I could comment more.
I have a cage for my 2 rats that can fit 4 so I am not looking to build one of these I'm just saying that they look cool and might like to build one in the futre thats all. It's gone.) but I bought coated hardware cloth and a zillion cable ties to cover the outside of the cage (and, the hardware cloth is really cheap, so when it starts getting worn it shouldn't be too bad to replace). I'd think that maybe the floor spacing might be a problem, but could you just cover that with those Magic Mat things or something else? However, I just planted some raspberry plants so hopefully when they grow out I will be able to try with fresh twigs. I think you mean this stuff which should be pretty safe (depending on what it's coated or painted with) but would likely get chewed to shreds.
They did find one corner where the hardware cloth wasn't as secure and managed to make an opening, but it's easy to repair. Also, would one chinchilla be all right by itself, or should they be kept in groups (like rats)? I'm definitely going to be doing more research before I get one (if I ever can get down to one rat cage), but I was just wondering right now if either of the cages I had would be all right.
Since they need a fair amount of height to really move the way they want to, this can get extremely messy. The chins will not devour the wood, chewing it won't release toxic phenol gas that will melt their lungs, etc. Chinchillas definitely form emotional attachments to each other -- after BamBam lost her lifemate, she grieved for months, stopped eating well or grooming herself, etc.
It's the one aspect of chin care that is non-negotiable, because temps over 75-80 degrees can kill chins.

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