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House building in Unturned 2 is complicated, the building blocks require a large amount of parts and resources.
Fortifications (Optional)Fortifications make it harder for players and zombies to enter your base.
Hooray for privacy!!!)Crate + 3 Scrap Metal = Metal LockerTo craft the Metal Locker, you'll also need the perk Craftsman level 2, which is found in the Skills tab. I will constantly update this guide whenever a new update comes out.All recipes in this guide have been proven to be correct, no craftsman level is required to create any of these unless said so. The only thing different is everything is crafted with Stone, and the Stone Pillar is still crafted with one board, and stone. If you need help on anything, feel free to add me and I'll share what I know with you, or go ahead and post in the comments. This can be done by claiming a Sleeping Bag or a Cot.Traps can be setup to prevent players or zombies from entering your base.

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