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Poolmaster Pool Cleaning Maintenance Poolside Towel Tree 52505The portability of this handy poolside tree keeps towels and swim accessories nearby and ready to use.
There are so many great things you can do with PVC pipe, from kids car washes to shoe organizers. There are all kinds of ways you can go about making a towel rack out of PVC from simple designs to large designs but we just wanted something simple that would hold our towels plus a few swimsuits. The slip side will go down into the tees and you will connect your towel bars to the other side. To be honest, trying to read the directions of me explaining it is probably more confusing than just using the pictures above and just eyeing it.
Yeah, the one on Etsy is super nice but I just would never spend that much for a towel rack.

To remove the words from the pipes forever, simple rubbing alcohol or plumbing pipe cleaner will do it. In life, we make friends by the qualities we exude, but we keep these friends by the Qualities we possess. Just search PVC on pinterest and you will find a boatload of ideas if you’re interested.
This would work in place of the tee and elbow with slip if you can find one in the sizing you need. What a simple (and useful DIY!) I can see it put to so many good uses even beyond hanging pool towels….
I would strongly suggest roughing it up with sandpaper prior to painting so the paint will adhere better.

We spent all of last year draping everything over our outdoor furniture but when I spotted this on pinterest it was the perfect fix. Of course you can go purchase this one on Etsy if you would like but we didn’t really need one that big nor did I want to spend $200+. I thought that it was going to be like regular pvc without the writing, but it is nothing like regular pvc.

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