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Many bloggers face a common problem: How do you make an article really informative, but at the same time really easy to read?
You can write on any topic, no matter how technical, and still sound highly intelligent and readable.
Which one would you rather read? Youa€™re probably not writing the next Harry Potter or producing a peer-reviewed journal article. This isn't to say you should riddle your writing with mistakes or overlook the importance of editing, but don't be afraid to leverage something simple like a slang word that you know your audience can relate to. Most high school students spend years preparing for college, especially when it comes to writing.
You may have written essays with a thesis statement before, but when you start writing college papers, everything depends on your thesis. Most college professors expect you to make an argument in your essays, which means that they expect you to make a claim that can be both challenged and proved. At some point in your writing career, you’ve probably written words, sentences, and paragraphs just to take up space. Remember that success as a writer is not just about impressing your professors, passing your CLEP, or making the grade.

Profiling the U S openly LGBT with mandatory minimum sentences which reflect video Game Research Says Real World Violence Link Is Junk Investigative news Matt Reynolds enrolled in Henderson Community Colleges nursing program to help people. In fact, the question that inspired this article was: How can I write smart articles, but keep them easy for people to read? In this article, I cite a really boring book published by the International Reading Association. Of course you want to make your article easy to understand, but you also want to be as accurate as possible.
Even if a reader cana€™t tell you the definition of a word, they can use context clues to understand its meaning.
No matter how perfect your sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary, you may still find that college-level writing is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and nothing like you’ve prepared for.
Obviously, standards are a bit higher at the college-level, but there’s more to it than that.
Your thesis will state your argument, which is based on the evidence that you’ll be setting forth in your paper. Not only do you want to convince readers to agree with you, but you also want to express why it matters. Perhaps you’ve even excelled at stringing words together so that they sound important and intelligent when really you were just trying to meet a minimum page requirement.

Improving your writing skills will help you in every facet of your life, no matter what profession you choose to pursue after college.
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The evidence you provide will encourage readers to consider your ideas, and then decide to agree or disagree with you based on your argument. These tactics may have garnered you an A in high school, but they won’t get you a great score on the CLEP College Composition exam, in class, or in the workplace.
I love spending my days homeschooling the last 4 of them and sharing (on my website and at home school conferences) how we do high school differently (or not at all) - by replacing it with college.
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This is a great way to show clarity in your writing, and it also ensures that your argument is supported by evidence, and supports your thesis statement.

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