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Ceilings have frequently been decorated with fresco painting, mosaic tiles and other surface treatments. While hard to execute (at least in place) a decorated ceiling has the advantage that it is largely protected from damage by fingers and dust. A large room with high ceilings can feel impersonal or unbalanced when furnishings, floor coverings and accessories visually occupy the bottom half of a room, leaving the top bare.
Consider experimenting with glazes on your ceiling, including metallic and pearlescent effects. Our specialty plasters can elevate your ceiling to an art form, adding texture, color and dimension. Make a small room or room with a low ceiling feel larger by keeping the color contrast between the walls and ceilings to a minimum.
Ceilings truly are a blank canvas for your creative expression, and as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about smudgy fingerprints or furniture nicks.
Decorating the house requires a concept of right and good in getting the perfect decoration both in terms of coloring, furniture, accessories and lighting. Coffered ceilings, in historic architecture, were created by arranging coffers (or framed boxes) in interesting configurations on a ceiling. Today we have the WOODGRID® Suspended Coffered Ceiling System which is both elegant and affordable. The WOODGRID® Coffered Ceiling is typically used in home libraries, studies, dens and offices. When it comes to decorative wood drop ceilings, we have been the experts for the last 25 years.
In the past, however, this was more than compensated for by the damage from smoke from candles or a fireplace.
Color, sheen, pattern, and texture on the ceiling can transform the entire look and feel of a room.

For example, a rich cocoa in a soft sheen, such as eggshell or pearl, will cozy up and balance a large open space.
See ideas you can try yourself or explore with your professional specialty finish contractor.
The pale yellow ceiling over wheat-colored walls in this room allows your eyes to gently travel upward without the stark demarcation created by a bright white ceiling (think of how the sky naturally lightens in an ombre effect as it approaches the sun). And painting your ceiling is a budget-friendly way to give any room in your home a new, inviting look. Wood Ceiling Ideas is a concept of decorating options that can be selected in the function room accessories to add beauty to the room with the installation of a ceiling of wood either solid wood or other wood species with a combination of colors to suit the theme of the room like brown wood fiber combined with a white color impression of the room to form a cheerful and bright.
The coffers were square, rectangular or octagonal and most often had deep recesses and were originally made out of stone.
As a wood drop ceiling system it is user-friendly and versatile for all applications including new construction or remodel, residential or commercial. Too often, little thought is given to a ceiling’s contribution to the overall room design, which is typically just coated in some ubiquitous white paint. So the next time you’re ready to refresh the look of a room and don’t know where to begin—look up! You can also get great ceiling color and design ideas for decorative paint finishes from our book, Paint Style. In Wood Ceiling Ideas arrangement is adapted to the shape of the room, especially at the level of the wall. Eventually wood coffered ceilings replaced stone structures because a lighter weight material was more desirable. It installs much like a metal grid system with main runners and cross tees, but it is all wood.
The drop ceiling concept allows you to have a stunning ceiling even in a basement where you might need access to ductwork etc.

For centuries, it was thought that wooden coffered ceilings originated in the Loire Valley Chateauz of the early Renaissance period. Over the years we have developed creative ways to work with lighting, venting, height changes, soffits, home theater components and other mechanicals that affect a ceiling.
Wood Ceiling Ideas will be felt throughout the interior of the premises together was at home when combined with the color selection also areas of natural elements such as soil or wood brown, white, gray either on walls, floors, furniture, decorative objects and light bulbs. However, in 2012, archaeologists discovered the concept of wood coffered ceilings in the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum, which was destroyed in 79 AD by volcanic eruptions along with Pompeii. We have styles and ideas for high ceilings or low basement ceilings as well as cathedral ceilings and standard height ceilings. In the 1800’s many famous American homes such as the Frick House in Pittsburgh, the Studebaker Mansion in Indiana, and the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina used elaborate ceiling treatments, like wood coffered ceilings to create architectural interest.
Therefore, the layout and coffer size can be optimized for the particular space, giving each ceiling a custom, well-planned look.
So bring us your ceiling design or ceiling ideas, and let us show you how to make them a reality. Wood Ceiling Ideas on ornamental objects can be decorated with a statue, urns, wall painting decoration, flower decoration on a table or a corner of the room, with a curtain window treatments, decorating carpets and other decorations uniquely shaped classic.
Wood Ceiling Ideas for lighting installation can be decorated with lights in the form of light that can come with chandeliers, table lamps or wall lamps paste a short but special room do not put a hanging lamp with a model would seem more narrow.

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