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Butterfly decoration with LED string lights Preparation of the materials What we need for this DIY is a wood board, some lights and something to shine. This projects should take no more than an hour or two after you get the parts together depending on your experience level.
I had someone come into the Lowes where I work wanting to make a lamp with USB outlets inside. I have always been fascinated my the beauty of real wood incorporated into products and in particular everyday carry tools. We needed better lighting for our workbench in our hobby room, oh well it did need a good cleaning too :P We didn't want to put up wall mounted lights, nor lights that hung from the ceiling either since the bench has wheels and quite often is moved around the room.
In this Instructable I use some bits of walnut and scraps of ply wood to make a lamp for my little sister.
For my first instructable, I want to share a quick and simple project that I recently made as part of a birthday present for my wife. You should know that a light box that can be used for a bunch of creative stuff, so let's get started!The video helps to understand the whole process. Instructables project:In making my light bulb oil project based on a photograph I saw on the internet. I made this lamp originally as a last minute(okay, last two days) christmas gift for my sister.

Zip ties!The single most important item in any person’s arsenal of stuff after that silver-sided miracle known as duct tape! This Instructable is to show you how to take apart a FREE Harbor Freight Flashlight and replace the LED's with UV LED's.FULL DISCLOSUREIf you have the LED's it is FREE!
So i was looking for a couple of lamps for my bedroom, i had in mind something industrial, hanging lamps would be the option.
Searching through the internet for shotgun shell lamp projects, I mostly found images of lamps shaped like a shotgun shells that did not use actual shotgun shells or Christmas lights with shotgun shells placed over the bulbs. Again another Dutch designed lamp according to the keep-it-simple-and stupid (KISS) principle. When I see a cool lamp, I like to think about how I can make it with what I can find around my house. I wanted to buy myself a bedside lamp and hunted high and low but because I'm so incredibly picky I couldn't find one I liked, so I made one myself. My first was the Literary Light-Up Flower, which I made to test out flower-making from paper glued to a wire frame.
I wanted a special but fast-to-build lamp and this is what i came up with with the materials i had on hand that day.
If not then it's potentially 11 Flashlights for 45¢ each.But it's all about the Build Anyway!

As part of my job I teach survival skills and woodland craft, both of which involve fire lighting. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Desk U Australia Credenza Coffee Cheap L Desk Sofas Sauder Catalogue Modern L Desks All Desk Legs Desks Big Supplier Inexpensive Desks Cool Legs Glass European Shop Desk Wood Desk Glass DeskJoin the discussion on this Desk U Australia Credenza Coffee Cheap L Desk Sofas Sauder Catalogue Modern L Desks All Desk Legs Desks Big Supplier Inexpensive Desks Cool Legs Glass European Shop Desk Wood Desk Glass Desk using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License.
So I went to the Internet to begin learning about dodecahedrons and if anybody has done this project before.2 or 3 people had, but their explanations and plans were less than helpful. I still have the plant, it's doing great, but I relieved it of the horrid bucket it was sitting in.
I have wanted to make a lamp for her for some time but the right peace of wood never came up. Yes , a lamp and I love that expression on your face :)So Hello My dear fellows, I'm back after a break with my another original lamp project.
The only differences are the dimensions of the wooden feet and size and angle of the lampshade.

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