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Part 1) The First place that you would naturally get power from, is DIRECTLY from the car battery. Part 2) The second place to get power for your LED's and Neons would be from a live 12v wire located under the dash area. But it is still highly advised to access your power supply from the car battery and NOT from under the dash. Remember also, with some later model cars and messing around with wires under the dash board could accidentally activate the air bags, so don't say we did'nt warn you!
As a rule, before doing *Any* electrical work on your vehicle, always disconnect the battery before starting (be aware that in later model cars, disconnecting the battery can disrupt the cars electronic systems).
For the interior, the best place to mount the tube is under the dash just above where the feet go, but high enough so as not to kick the tube or damage it.
In this set-up, you'll be running both the main power wire (with in-line fuse attached) and earth wire from your light kits directly to the car battery. 1) Attach it anywhere where there is bare steel under the dash is always a good earth connection, even if you find a screw under the dash that is already screwed into bare steel that is holding another wire in place as an earth, you can use this too as an earth location. If by chance something stops working on your car while you are doing this installation, just check the fuses in your car, as you may have blown one. And if your still un-comfortable with this installation - and feel that you cannot do it, then your going to need to contact a professional who can. Don't do it unless you are REAL familiar with the Challenger computer system - it is resistance driven and wiring using under-dash power source can cause everything from computer crashes to FIRES!!! 12V LED install in Cars can be done rather easily with the right product purchased from us! Normal little leds you can purchase from the internet or the store run at much less voltage than 12V, usually 2-4V.
Some people prefer to install interior car lights into their light as it looks very pretty and charming.
Next, by following manufacturera€™s instructions you can connect LED strip light to the a€?toggle switch " that controls your lights.
At last, you should complete the electrical circuit by connecting the ground wire from LED strip light to solid metal of the car chassis.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Each part focuses on a separate way of accessing the 12v power for your interior or exterior car lighting accessories. Do this by disconnecting the negative battery cable and laying it to one side so its not touching any metel parts. In this installation we'll be showing you how to install interior car lights using ONE neon tube as an example.
This Method is HIGHLY recommended for one or two car lighting accessories, and is the easiest way to do it, but after two or more light kits are installed this way, your car wiring system coming from the battery will start getting real messy.
This switch will be inserted into (in-line with) the main power wire that supplies the kit with 12Volt power.
If they appear dull, not real bright, or flicker on & off, then be sure to check that you have made GOOD earth and POWER connections.
But this should not happen because you are accessing 12volts of power directly from the car battery on it's own circuit. Then when your ready, have these instructions with you while your installing the LED or Neon interior car lights into your car. There are a growing number of car accessory installers that provide these kinds of services, just ring around at a few places to find out who will do this installation for you.
Whether you're brand new to the Dodge Challenger or a hardcore gear head, we welcome everyone. Wall decorating is also ones of home decoration aspects that for sure influence the beauty and the comfort of your house. Thus, for this reason you must attach special valued resistors to these leds to use in your car. Then you can find a convenient place in the interior of your car to install LED strip light.
Then use 12V power wire to connect a fuse less than 18 inches from the positive terminal on your car battery. The most simple way to do this is to attach the wire to bare steel under the dashboard with the electrical tape. However, we have many customers requesting how to install interior car lights when the ignition is turned on, so we decided to help you with this type of set-up anyway.

It's also wise to have your vehicles service manual handy for information about the specifics of the electrical system on your vehicle should you need it, but you should not.
What you'll need to do first is find where you want to mount the tube and keep its location in mind while doing the wiring part of the installation, so you can allow for the correct lengths of the wires.
So to install many accessories via the car battery, you going to need some kind of fuse protected distribution control panel that all your lights will plug into, and that you have easy access to.
This will allow you to switch the tube on & off independently from a direct power source. You may need to solder the fuse to the power wire for your lights, or the fuse may have already come complete in the kit, however, if you need to solder any wires together, be sure to use heat shrink to cover your soldered connection (put heat shrink on first BEFORE you solder wires together). If you do go drilling holes in the firewall to pass through wires, be sure to insert a rubber grommet to prevent the metal rubbing the wires bare. Fuses only cost about 50cents each and you get them from car accessory stores, just show them the one you have blown, and they will have one there to replace it. ChallengerLife is all about the love for the iconic Dodge Challenger, so sit back and enjoy the best site on the net dedicated to the 2008+ Dodge Challenger! One common way is wall painting in such color the room owner likes, and adding some accessories he wants. We take this this guess work and trouble of sitting there soldering resistors to these leds away. You can install LED strip light at the bottom of the dashboard to illuminate the floor for front passengers or install them underneath the front seats to light the floor for rear passengers.
One thing should be noted that LED strip light should install away from where they can easily be kicked, damaged or displaced. However, you can’t easily change the decoration the time you want since painting a wall is not just a quick thing to do. It will trouble you so when you’re living in an apartment a rent room where the owner never let you paint or change the wall paints of the room.
The problem’s getting worse when you’re bored with the wall color or even you don’t really like it.

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