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A prehung interior door is a door already hung in the frame and is a complete unit ready to be installed. The prehung door should not be opened or unsecured from it's bindings until it is ready to be installed. A prehung interior door is the easiest and quickest way to go for installation versus purchasing a slab door and mounting it into a door frame.
Some special tools (jigs) are available to purchase to keep everything lined up and straight so the slab door closes and works properly. This is not to say it can't be done because it can, however going with a factory prehung interior door is a much better option for the average diy'er who wants to install their own interior doors. If you are taking out hollow core doors and installing solid core blanks, be sure the frames(jambs) are screwed in. Becareful adding screws to existing jambs as the torque of screwing can easily tweek the jamb and your troubles will be just beginning. Lay the door down on the floor with the door opening upwards(so the door opens up towards you).

Go to this page hanging doors for some key points for measuring and general carpentry information for a do-it-yourselfer to understand proir to the installation.
After you have the door pretrimmed and understand some of the key points you are ready for installing this prehung interior door.
Moving or opening these prehung doors with the bindings unsecured can easily cause damage to the frame and or hinges. Knowing the process, a few tools and some shims and the average person can accomplish this with good results. A lot of times you can buy these doors pretrimmed on one side which makes the installation process easier. Normally the width of the opening is 2" bigger than the door give or take a little either way. If they don't come pretrimmed then I would trim one side myself before hanging these doors.
They are established by penetrating the section around them into the dividers next to your garage door.

Be extra careful unwrapping and moving these doors around as installing interior doors that are damaged is more difficult and leads to extra work. I have found with my experience that this is an easier method of installing interior doors for beginners to learn as opposed to hanging the door without the casing. Always be sure when installing interior doors that the rough opening on the hinge side is level or plumb. Just before sliding the door into the opening unattach the door from the jamb on the knob side if it is still attached.
Making sure again the door is plumb and pushed in tight, shoot a nail in across from the middle hinge.

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