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Submit Your Project When you have a house interior project and you want it to appear in this web, please do not shillyshally to let us know. As the Japanese culture is continuously developing among people all over the world, it is no wonder that people are looking forward to decorating their homes in a classic Japanese style. First of all, in order to get the Japanese garden you have always wanted, you must talk with a specialized designer.
Another accessory that is definitely a must have for every Japanese garden it is represented by the stone sculpted statues.
As direct importers from Asia, we can offer you the best Asian handicrafts at excellent prices, stocked in the US for immediate delivery.
Landscape DecorUsing this type of decor in your home will attract attention to your guests.
Whether we are talking about Japanese beds or Japanese gardens, we are talking about the same process that is developing in all over the world. Or, if you consider that you might do it yourself, then you must learn something about the Japanese garden furniture.

Every garden that is decorated in this style should have a table and some chairs made of bamboo. Figures like Buddha or Japanese fighters will suit every garden, as long as they are properly placed.
These benches are known for the fact that their back has an arched form, exactly like a rainbow. Although this is a Chinese antique replica, the women closely resemble the ancient Japanese, due to the close proximity of the Fujian Chinese province to Japan.
They are also the focal points of your landscape and can include bird baths, hanging baskets on poles by your deck or patio, bird feeders, squirrel feeders, clay pottery like vases to hold fresh flowers from your garden, etc. Usually, the price for such a set – a bamboo table with 4 bamboo chairs – is somewhere near $250, VAT included. The disadvantage of such a statue is the relatively high price: a stone sculpted statue of Buddha may reach even $600 or even more. Also, they are known for their length, as one such an Edo bench can reach up to 3 meters long.

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We say that it surely does, as it is mandatory for every Japanese stylized garden to have such a set of bamboo table and chairs.
Such an Edo bench, in the granite version can reach even $6000, while the wooden version is only $1800.
With a special design, this umbrella can reach even 3 meters if it is opened at its maximum wideness.

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